Sunday, November 14, 2010

Boys and Girls.....

Lets not say mean things to our friends at school, it can really hurt their feelings."

That is how this conversation began- with the cutest little 4 year old's in preschool last week.

One boy instantly said "I know it hurts people just like the mean people that hurt Jesus"
Another boy says "I know, because they didn't even know he was good."
and from there- the sweetest conversation about Jesus between 8 little boys and one girl went something like this:
"They put thorns on his head and it really, really hurt him, and they didn't even say sorry!"
"And they made him drink yucky stuff that probably gave him a tummy ache."

"Well, I never knew Jesus"

"I do because I saw the pictures and they even hurt his hands with big nails."
"And even his feet got the nails, because they didn't even know to be nice to him."
"So probably we should be nice."
"Cuz we don't want thorns on our heads"
"And I don't want nails on my hands."
"And not even my feet! That would hurt!"

They all nodded their little heads in agreement and went right back to work!
What sweet little testimonies!

Now, just so I don't get in trouble- in preschool we always try to stop the discussion of religion with sweet reminders that this is school and lets talk about that with our friends later- but this little conversation started so suddenly and these kids could not be deterred from completing it- and I was happy to have been a fly on the wall at that moment!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Being grateful.....

Today- I am grateful for my husband.
1) He makes me laugh! We took Jayce to see Megamind (Very cute show) and right in the middle of the movie I hear this loud snorting snore- and I thought "No WAY! That can not be my husband!"
It was!

2) He has described to me in very vivid detail the may ways that a woman could be murdered or even seriously injured by a wire hanger. He refuses to believe the "family Heirloom" story- he refuses to listen to my reasoning. So I guess I will have to listen to his- so I promise that next time this man wants a ride, I will have him place the family heirloom in the very back of the car so it is out of his hands.