Friday, July 31, 2009

Envy and a pain in the neck!

It's no secret that the "mom's" in our ward are the BEST EVER! They do fun and exciting things with their kids, and then they blog about it! So I was reading Racheal blog and Jayce came in to see the pictures of Jacob playing with this exciting goo- and he say's "Jacob's mom is probably a lot more exciting than you, cuz I never get to do that stuff." So now I am envying Racheal's spunk- she is too amazing- but I decide I can be cool too, maybe. So I march Jayce into the kitchen and we have our own goo making session- and I add red food coloring because Jayce is really into vampires and I am thinking blood- sounds like the cool mom thing to do!
I had fun in the goo-- Jayce had a problem- the smell of blood when you are a vampire gives you a pain in your neck- I did not know that- but it did, so I change the color to purple so he will stay and play, but the smell has already gotten into his nose, so he left me and the goo to take care of his pain in his neck (by playing with his cars). Now I have these disgusting looking hands from the food coloring and some awesome goo that I am not going to share!! Next time I want to be cool like Racheal- I am going to organize my closet!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I didn't do it..............

but I wish I had!

While I was in California recently, my sister and I had this strange experience that I just cant seem to shake. Let me tell you about it.

We were in her car at a typical California intersection, cars everywhere, most of them speeding or honking, probably both, and we look up and see a man crossing the road. He looks perfectly normal, he is older, maybe even my age, so 40 something, should have been well trained in the road crossing area at our age! But he had that blind man stick- and he obviously was not accustom to crossing the busy California intersections. He had made it half way and then came to a screeching stop. (Let me tell you, for my own justification, that he was not directly in front of us- he was off to the right side of the intersection from us)
The screeching stop that he came to was right in front of a car- and then he jumped back several feet almost into another car- and this continued for what seemed like forever- it may have only been a few seconds- but Kerryne and I were cheering him on and then screaming "STOP" and "OH NO!" It was a horrible feeling, watching this helpless man dodge cars- and I said to Kerryne "WHY doesn't someone stop and help him?"
Now I am wondering why I didn't jump out of the car and dash across the traffic to assist the blind man. I was not driving, the children were safe, nothing was holding me down- but I didn't do it!
Finally a man stopped his car right in the center of the intersection and jumps out and helps the man across the street, only to learn that the man wants to cross again, so he helps him again- now cars are honking at his parked car and yelling at the man who stopped to help the blind man.
It was the strangest scene- my brother-in-law thinks it was some set up- just to see how long it would take people to help someone in need, probably being filmed for the world to laugh about later. If so, I am the lady in the red Jeep, screaming and terrified for the blind man but unwilling to get my buns out and help him- yep, that's me!
Next time I am so jumping out and getting that blind man to safety! I AM! You just wait and see!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Medicated with a touch of "CPR"

You might notice that my summer job isn't going so well- I have not sold one snow cone. (Don't worry Rachel- your first on my list- and I believe you ordered 3, would you like them delivered?)

Jayce also noticed that my summer job is not happening and he gave me some advise- for free!- because he is my kid, ya know!

"Mom, I think you need to just be more medicated!! It cant be that hard to sell snow cones!"

Speaking of medicated, I finally got around to the 5 year check up with Dr J.
The big 5 year old is under tall and middle weight, which is obviously genetic- Dr. J cant help us with any of that. The stinkin rash that we fight constantly on his skin is once again infected- so we will do the antibiotic orally and cream- again! (He has eczema that becomes infected easily)
He also has amazing powers- like most 5 year olds, he can see through things such as fingers and arms. However, he could not see through the walls and pictures in the office, and that's because he lost his "CPR" ring. When he has his CPR ring on he has the spirit with him to help him see through walls and stuff!
When Dr J finally gets a chance to sneak a few words in, he lets me know that academically the kid is soaring- no problems there- and socially, well he obviously likes to talk, and talk, and talk!
Then Dr J says "Would you be offended if I suggested that you get to know the principal really well?" I say- "Nope- its already on my list of things to do!!- I am all over that, she will be my best friend! In fact, I think I will just drop Jayce off at school, head straight to the nearest convenience store for a few chocolate bars and diet cokes and head right back to the school where Jayce will greet me from the little bench outside the principals door- The principal and I will enjoy our chocolate and diet coke while he chats our ears off explaining his latest scuffle- The bell will ring- saving the principal from hours and hours of chatter- and Jayce and I will come home!"
I just need to budget in the diet coke and chocolate bars- this could become costly!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The pictures are here!

I have them before Kelcey- so she has not seen them- but I couldn't resist posting a few of them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wet ears

Jayce does not enjoy having his hair combed- well, its really that he does not like to have his ears wet, and when I comb his hair I get his ears wet- he can occasionally get out of it by saying that he will just wear a hat- so on a recent trip to St George, the fight began when i got his ears wet and he said PLEASE JUST LET ME WEAR A HAT TODAY! So I had to remind him that he did not bring a hat and Grandpa's hats are too big. He gets a sly little grin on his face and says "Do I have clean underwear??"
Yes you do, and then I ask the question that had to be asked- even though I am certain I do not wish to hear the answer-
"I could use them as my hat!"

I don't think so buddy---

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Favorite arm and a baby on the porch!

The setting- our very small car, during one of our many travels to St George last week- (we went down Monday- came back Wednesday, went down again Friday, traveled to Circleville- 2 1/2 hours away) on Saturday, returned to St George Sat evening, drove back to Circleville on Sunday, back to St. George Sunday night and then home on Monday! TOO MUCH CAR TIME!!

JAYCE: Baylie, I am thinking about karate chopping you!
BAYLIE: Well, Jayce, I think I will karate chop you back then.
JAYCE: NO Baylie, MOM Baylie is going to karate chop me!
MOM: Baylie said she would karate chop you if you karate chop her-
JAYCE: WHY!! Why is Baylie so mean and why would she Karate chop me?

so, I patiently start at the beginning- remember Jayce that you said you were thinking about Karate chopping Baylie?



JAYCE: Baylie it is just cuz in my mind a karate chop could remove my arm so if you do it then I wont have an arm.

so she does it! And he cries for about an hour because he has lost his favorite arm!

At home Jayce enjoys looking at his baby photo album. He pulled it out this morning and said "Mom, are you sure that I belong to you and dad, cuz it looks like you just found me on the porch!"

Why does it look like that Jayce?

Because the first picture that you have I am all wrapped up and dad is holding a note- maybe that's from the people who left me on the porch.

No, Jayce. the note is from the nurse who weighed you and wrote your weight and height on this note and then we took a picture!

So the lady is a nurse?

What Lady?

The one who left me on the porch!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The dreams of a mother!

In the process of planning and executing the wedding of our darling Kelcey, I allowed myself to dream! I dream of the morning when I would enter my family room, which I had scrubbed and tidied before I went to bed the previous evening, and it would still be tidy! The reality while Kelcey was here was that the family room became her bedroom every night. She has her own bedroom, complete with bed, pillows, and even her own attached bathroom, but for some reason it was not enough- so she would make a bed of the sofa, a bathroom counter of the coffee table, and a laundry room of the floor! IF she did not have to leave for work by 8:30 AM, then the family room could even resemble a war zone in the morning- with the remote to the TV clasped tightly in her hand, she would lay on the couch and scream at any person (usually Jayce) who wanted to watch something other than CSI-

So, every morning, while I cleaned up her bedding and her clothes and her hair pins and her food and cups from whatever meals she had consumed, I would selfishly dream of the morning after the wedding when this would no longer be part of my day!

I had not even considered that Baylie might take up right where Kelcey left off!

She did! And my little dream is shattered!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Badges and Brides!

Last week was a big one for this family. Jordan was promoted-receiving his official badge! Happy to have finally finished boot camp, he is now a "real Firefighter" He began his first 48 hour shift today! The promotion ceremony was awesome! Jordan is what they call a "legacy firefighter" because his dad works for the department as well! There were 3 legacy firefighters hired this time around- and the higher ups on the dept. were excited about this new group! Congratulations Jordan!

And the wedding!!!
I am still working on accessing the official pictures- but pictures cant really tell the whole story! The sealing was beautiful! I hope they remember the wonderful things that were said to them! I cried and smiled and cried and smiled- there was just too much happiness to contain!
It was a beautiful day! The weather could not have been better! The company was amazing- all of our friends and family gathering at the reception! Just an amazing day!
There were only a few snags along the way-First one on Friday when my sisters and Melissa came to help frost cupcakes. Kerryne set a tray of freshly frosted cakes on a chair and then turned right around and sat on them!
The next snag- Bay had been at soccer camp for the entire week. ALL of her soccer shorts were stinky and sweaty- so for the first time ever she had to wear a dress without soccer shorts underneath. She even survived!
And because the week had been so busy- I am not certain that Jayce received the meals each day that he deserved- he may have had Popsicle's for breakfast and cereal for lunch and dinner- well- lets just say I was not the greatest mom for a few days!- We were getting little to no rest and it was wearing on all of us- so by Saturday he was really ready for the whole thing to be over with. We came home from the luncheon and had a few hours for him to relax- when it was time to get ready for the reception he cried and asked "HOW MANY TIMES DOES KELCEY HAVE TO GET MARRIED TODAY??"

And what a small world it is! Turns out that our daughter-in-law Whitney Grandpa Earl is the brother to BEN's Grandma Alice! CRAZY!! So Whitney was able to visit with some of her own family at the reception!

This day would not have happened without my family! So THANK YOU Ron and Verlaine for the use of your yard and home. Thank You Mike and Sue and Leslie for your help in the yard and with the shower. Thank You Shontell and Kerryne for your talents (Carport) and help with food, beverage and SMILES!!!(I always feel extra silly when my sisters are around!) Thank You Whitney for making that yummy slush and for filling in all the blanks for me!! Thank You Chad for carrying my camera around for hours- getting the best pictures for me!
I am sure I have missed a million people- THANK YOU ALL!!