Monday, August 31, 2009

Good News---- and more good news!

The first day of Kindergarten was a success! Ross and I took the boy over- he immediately found Cian on the playground- and the rest is history. When the bell rang he was in the door, backpack hung and sitting down on the rug in class before we even got inside. He had no interest in saying goodbye. When Ross went by the school to see that he was comfortable getting on the bus, Jayce completely ignored Ross. He strutted to the bus and took his place beside Zoe. Zoe and Jayce have a history together. Zoe was born two days after Jayce in the same hospital. Jayce had an intestinal infection, which cause some Bili ribbon problems so while the antibiotics sorted his system out he lay under the lights in the nursery for hours upon hours for about 9 days. Zoe had a blood related problem and so she also lay under the lights in the nursery for hours and hours for 7 days. We left the hospital on the same day. They began this journey together- it was only appropriate that they share their first bus ride from kindergarten together.

The foot news is also good. I am required to keep weight off of until Thursday- then I can be all over the place with crutches - placing weight on it even and I can lose the crutches within a few days after that! Then its just me and the lovely black boot for 5 more weeks- when we will re-xray and move back into real life!
One funny moment from the Orthopedic experience- He asked if I had changed my diet recently (I am sure there is some medical reason for this question) and so I said "Yes, I gave up Diet Coke a few weeks ago." To which he laughs and laughs and laughs, and then goes to get his secretary so she can hear-- Apparently she refuses to give up her soda, and now she has a really great reason to NOT give it up- she could fall and break her foot- and I have a really great reason to take it back up- so I tried today, but it just gave me a stomach ache, I actually think I am going to be just fine without it!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's not all it's cracked up to be!!!

Seriously, I was not made to be a bed ridden person. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just chill for a day- but, usually my fantasy involves a nice peaceful swimming pool with lots of sunshine and an endless supply of Diet Coke on the rocks and chocolate!

The reality STINKS!

Since my graceful spill on Thursday, Ross has been awesome and is doing all he can to make me comfortable- unfortunately I am not making it so easy on him- I can only hop or crawl- basically from bed to the toilet or shower and back- then I am worn out. Hopping up or down the stairs at our house is a great workout- and I just don't have the energy for it! SO, I talked Ross into getting me some crutches. I knew I could find a way to keep the weight off my foot for five days! Unfortunately I am a little awkward on the crutches and there's some fear (and I hate to admit it but its justified) that I may end up with more broken bones if I continue to pretend like I can use crutches.

For now- here is what we know. I have a fractured bone in my foot.The break is controversial- according to the emergency doc- so it all depends on the Orthopedic surgeon as to how we go about treating the break. One specialist may say "Surgery and 6 weeks recoevery"- the next may say "hard cast and 6 weeks recovery" and the next may say "its all looking great- go jogging in the morning and you'll never have another problem!!" (okay, I might have made that one up!)
So I see the Specialist Monday-- While Ross is living my life and following the cute kindergarten Bus everywhere it goes and seeing that Jayce gets off - ITS HIS FIRST DAY!! I will be sitting in a "specialists office" learning the fate of the next 6 weeks of my foots life. I will let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"You won't believe this!!"

This is a true story. The character is real and living in my house.

"MOM, you won't believe this. I was playing.......... well of course I was playing......and I was playing with my, I was playing with my shield.....and I was playing with my shield that I use for my knight suit............the one that has the knight on the front and its a shield.......well I was playing with my shield that I use for my knights suit only I wasn't playing knight.......but I was playing with my shield.... and I was thinking about throwing it.....and I was playing with the shield and thinking I would just throw it into the air.............and I was thinking about throwing it into the air................. and I thought if I could throw it into the air it would be so cool...........and I thought I should throw it into the air................... and then I threw it............ I was playing with my shield and I threw it into the air..... and then when I threw it............. When I threw it I thought it would come down............ and so I threw it and I thought it was coming down by my head............. and then I thought that it would be like a huge rock..I thought it could look even like a huge rock falling down........and I am standing under it and it is like a huge rock falling down...........and its coming straight down..........and its coming down and I am like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH and then.....................I was playing with my shield and I threw it up in the air and I pretended like it was a huge rock falling down and it hit me in the face!

That took forever- FOREVER!- to get to the end- all the dots like this.......... are pauses..........while he thinks. The suspense was killing me!

I think he wanted some sympathy for the knock he took on the noggin, but by the time he got around to getting the whole story out, the hit on the head was so far in the past that it no longer concerned him!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today is a good day

for a mid-life crisis!

Except that I will not allow myself to feel that I have lived half of my life yet- maybe when I am fifty- but not now- no way- no how- cant happen---- BUT My oldest boy has a baby of his own, my oldest daughter has her own home, my baby girl is going to high school and preparing to DRIVE, and my baby boy is going to Kindergarten -on the bus if he has it his way- It feels like a good day for that mid-life whatever- This is a very strange place in life!

I LOVE our grand baby! She is perfect! And it is so exciting to watch Jordan become a really great adult- with a really great spouse! Kelcey is amazing! She and Ben just purchased and moved into a home! I am so happy for them- yet I miss her, I really really miss her!! And my little Baylie is becoming a beautiful young woman! Man-oh-man, 10th grade!!! Part of me thinks YIKES!! but most of me just wonders where the heck the years go- and then I remember that I am starting the school thing ALL OVER AGAIN!! Kindergarten. FUN! OH BOY! What was I thinking?
To top off the week, I am COMMITTED to a diet that required me to lose the Diet Coke and obviously chocolate is out of the question- and I have gained one pound -GRRR! so I am bit less cheerful than I would like to be- and just to save you the trouble of telling me that I don't need to diet- let me fill you in on a little FACT- at 9 months pregnant with Jordan, Kelcey and Baylie I weighed about 5 pounds more than I do right now- and I am NOT 9 months prego so I think I could use to lose some of the LBS I am packing around!

Even if it requires me to give up the diet coke that I love.

Even if I am a big grouchy bear for a few weeks, or months.

Even if I dream of peanut butter and chocolate every night.

Its time! And maybe I will even start jogging again- who knows!

Friday, August 21, 2009

You are as RUDE as a car

Having a 15 year old and a 5 year old with nothing in between does not necessarily mean that there will be no fighting.
Baylie and Jayce argue plenty- and its hard to tell who wins. Generally we just end up laughing because Jayce thinks he is going to outsmart Baylie and usually wont stop talking until she admits defeat.
The most recent argument was about how RUDE Baylie is.
Jyace "Baylie, you are as rude as a car" ( I am thinking that he must have been thinking size- like if rude was going to be BIG then a car would describe how BIG her RUDENESS is)
Baylie "Oh really Jayce. Thats funny"
Jayce "OH YEAH- well you are as RUDE as a house" (Still I am thinking the point is that she is pretty BIG in the RUDENESS!)
Baylie "Funny Jayce"
Jayce is steaming a bit now- he prefers a reaction- and is not getting it! "Well YOU are as RUDE as a meteor" (Gotta be BIG RUDENESS)
Baylie "Well Jayce I am actually okay with that because meteors vary in size- some can be as small as my fist, did you know that?"
Jayce "Baylie I wish you would just stop talking to me!!" Followed by some very frightening grunts, like he is the Incredible Hulk or something and if he grunts she will just admit that he is right and leave it at that- she wont- she cant- so the BIG RUDENESS FIGHT GOES ON AND ON AND ON AND ON!!
At this point I think I am becoming the woman that I never thought I would become! I have always LOVED having the kids home through the summer- LOVE IT! But its not so fun right now- I think I am actually looking forward to having them in school!

CCA Christensen

Just a quick trip down heritage lane, to celebrate the Christensen side of me!

Carl Christian Anton Christensen (known to his friends and family as CCA, pronounced SeeSeeAHH) is best known as a LDS artist. He was discovered in his home land of Denmark where he lived in an orphanage. Sad, but true. His mother was a single struggling mother who one day decided to follow her faith and head to where the Mormons were gathering. Not having the financial ability to take her son along- she left him in an orphanage and then joined the saints. She eventually settled in Ephraim UT. In the meantime a wealthy lady in Denmark had asked the children in the orphanage to draw Christmas cards for her. She loved CCA's paintings and offered to pay for him to have some painting and drawing classes.

When CCA was old enough to leave the orphanage he headed for Utah to be with his mother. He crossed the plains on a train, but was so impressed with the stories of the saints and their handcarts and oxen that he decided to paint the stories and travel around with "murals" teaching the youth of the church about the early struggles of the saints. These murals are now owned by BYU. They are exhibited a few times a year. The family also donated many of his paintings to the church, and they can be seen throughout the temples,and copies are in our picture packets, and in the church libraries.

CCA had a son named Charles John, who is my Great Grandfather, and Charles John had a son Carrol Cyrus Anton Christensen, who is my Grandfather, and Carrol had a son- Timothy Guy, who is my father.

How cool it is that a wealthy lady saw talent in a young "orphaned" boy. Its awesome that he had the desire to find his mother as a young man. Even better that he had the ability to share his mothers experience as a pioneer with the world!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here she is!

6 LBS 7 OZ
18 1/2" long
Born on her Great Grandma Fowlks's Birthday
August 10, 2009 at 5:47 PM

Just a note- having a baby in August made it a SURE bet that she would be born on someones birthday, as both Ross and I have many family members with August birthdays- so we are thrilled she came on Grandma greats day- but need to shout out a Happy Birthday to grandpa great, Leslie, Kerryne, Amberlee, Grandma Duke, my brother Chad (THERE ARE SEVERAL Chads- SO I HAVE TO SPECIFY!)-- I think that's everyone- but in my current state of mind I probably missed a few!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is going to be


Update on the kids-
Jordan and Whitney are at the hospital right now- working on having our first Grandbaby! (she will be here today!)

Kelcey and Ben are pacing, as they wait to receive the keys to the home they just purchased. (They will get them today!)

Baylie made the High School Soccer team and has seven AM practices each day- including Saturday! and the team dinner tonight- after she spends the day boating with her friend Kenzie and her fam- shes super excited about both! (and her ride should be soon!)

Jayce is the first ever 5 year old uncle that he has ever met- And he knows alot about babies- "Do you know why Whitney has to be in the hospital to have the baby? Its because sometimes having a baby can make you feel a little crampy."
He has also been working on getting the Fo-hawk to stand up with no help from adults so Kel brought him the coolest hair wax- That pretty much made his day! (and his fo-hawk) and now he's ready to go meet Paisley- NOW!!!

It had made me think about how blessed I am to have this very busy family- each of our children have so much going on- great things- I dont know why we have to do it all in one day- BUT- its all good!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

P P Poker Face P P Poker face

This is REALLY worth watching- But promise me that you'll watch for at least 1 minute! It takes him a good 30 seconds to forget that I am recording him- and thats when he finally starts rockin out! Its a long song, maybe 4 minutes, so I wont commit you to the full 4 minutes, but do at least one- its worth a good laugh!
As a side note- I don't listen to this kind of music, this comes from having a teenage sister- I am still stuck back on the girls name- seriously WHAT KIND OF PARENT WOULD NAME THEIR CHILD LADY GAGA???!?