Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One hundred eighty six dollars even!

That's the most money I have ever spent on one boot. I guess its good that I get to wear it for at least two more weeks- get my money's worth out of it! When the two weeks is up I can "continue wearing the boot for pain management". I don't think that will happen. I will not be jumping into my jogging shoes- nor will I be wearing my favorite black boots for awhile- instead I will be shopping for a lovely pair of cross-trainers (good sturdy granny shoes, with lots of support for my weak foot). I wonder how that will look with my Sunday Best??
To top off the day, the doc also told me I have a sweet case of "tennis elbow". I HATE tennis! I only play it when I am forced to play Wii with Jayce and he kicks my can every time! Doc says it happens when when you have a bad swing. That was kinda rude of him I think- to just assume that I have a bad swing. There is no cure for tennis elbow. I suppose there is a cure for the bad swing- anyway, I can get this stupid band to wear around my arm- its tight on the muscle and helps with the pain- or I can just deal with it! For now I will just deal with it- but if you see me in the future wearing a silly band on my arm, along with my nice sturdy granny shoes- you'll know that the tennis elbow finally got to me!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Spy Guy!

I am nearly 5 weeks into the foot fracture and I am getting along pretty well- the worst part of my day is going up and down the stairs- hauling laundry is the worst!!
Unfortunately I haven't even tried to go down into the Baylie area. After about two weeks i realized we were getting low on some dishes so I recruited a spy to go down.(Jayce LOVES to spy, but he is afraid of the basement so he would only walk down and peek around the corner) The report was grim- "IT LOOKS LIKE A JUNK ROOM DOWN THERE!" So I began bothering her about getting it picked up- it took about 2 1/2 weeks of me begging, but she finally did it and here are the results- a sink full of dishes! Lucky me!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't tell her!

I had to blog about Baylie and her Homecoming fun last week- but here's the deal- she HATES it when I blog about her. She has told me to never mention her name again on this blog- so don't tell her!! I really only have pictures- she is nearly impossible to get information out of these days (typical for a teenager!) I do know that they went to Boondocks and the Spaghetti Factory- the dance and then bowling. She was good and tired at the end of the day! Oh, and she rode in a very cool Limo! Technically she is 15 and not old enough to date- but we made an exception because of the "group"- they are good kids and all great friends!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A sad day-- with a happy ending!

Jayce is not loving Kindergarten lately. A few days back I kept him home because he had "marbles in the throat" (kind of like a frog in your throat -only harder!)
Then today when I picked him up he came out all sad. When I asked him what was wrong he said "I just really miss Baylie." Oh how sad. Especially since he and Baylie spend every second they are together fighting. SO I hugged him and we took the long slow walk to the car, me hobbling and "slowing him up" and him all sullen and sad. When we got to the car he said "Mom, I was just hoping you would say that I never had to go to school again in my life."

I visited with the teacher a few days later. Jayce has the "girls" doing his work for him occasionally, all he has to do is say "I am tired of this work" and some cute little gal will say "I'll help you Jayce so we can go play"- The little stinker! So we talk about a way to remedy this- he may spend some work time on the back table away from the cute girls, but he will do his work! And he seems a bit happier about school since then- his cute teacher is positive and notices all the good- and he is working so hard at school that he has to take a little "rest" when he gets home!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our summer

Temecula California. Baylie LOVES the ocean and even made some boogie boarding friends. Jayce really liked the sand best.

Antelope Island. Home to 500 Bison. Our favorite part was the ranch. The old house is just so simple and lovely. I want to live there when I grow up- by then they may have a 7-11 on the island- that would be perfect!

The Dinosaur Place in Ogden- We haven't been in years so we decided to take Jayce and Baylie. There is a lot to see. Jayce loved the outdoor dinos and trails.

St George- our annual Labor Day vacation- This year Kerryne and Bjay came. Ross and Bjay golfed and we swam, ate, played! Good fun!

The Fremont State park. Indian ruins- some hiking and a small museum and gift shop

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And now I know

I have always wondered what a broken bone would feel like- and now that I have two of my very own- I can gladly say "Now I know." I have no great advise for any one with broken bones- but its always good to share what we learn with others- RIGHT?

I have learned that hopping can be considered a form of transportation. Especially on those days when you just cant get along with your crutches. There's the single hop- that's when you hop once and then take a break before you hop again. (I started with this one) There's the double hop, that's when you hop twice without falling over-and then you take a break. (I have now mastered the double hop) and for those of you who are advanced hoppers- there is the ULTIMATE HOP- that's when you can hop everywhere you have to go. I strongly recommend a sports bra for this activity!