Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One hundred eighty six dollars even!

That's the most money I have ever spent on one boot. I guess its good that I get to wear it for at least two more weeks- get my money's worth out of it! When the two weeks is up I can "continue wearing the boot for pain management". I don't think that will happen. I will not be jumping into my jogging shoes- nor will I be wearing my favorite black boots for awhile- instead I will be shopping for a lovely pair of cross-trainers (good sturdy granny shoes, with lots of support for my weak foot). I wonder how that will look with my Sunday Best??
To top off the day, the doc also told me I have a sweet case of "tennis elbow". I HATE tennis! I only play it when I am forced to play Wii with Jayce and he kicks my can every time! Doc says it happens when when you have a bad swing. That was kinda rude of him I think- to just assume that I have a bad swing. There is no cure for tennis elbow. I suppose there is a cure for the bad swing- anyway, I can get this stupid band to wear around my arm- its tight on the muscle and helps with the pain- or I can just deal with it! For now I will just deal with it- but if you see me in the future wearing a silly band on my arm, along with my nice sturdy granny shoes- you'll know that the tennis elbow finally got to me!


Pauline said...

I have had tennis elbow twice once in each arm. I had a shot of steroids both times and it took care of it. And by the way I hadn't played tennis in years and it was before I took up racquet ball so go figure but I know the band you are talking about I where it when I play racquet ball because it really helps. I did where it before I got my shots as well it does really help. So just a little info but this is something that will help it I have done it. :)

Megan said...

i need your email address so i can send you a hilarious email about walmart and its weirdos :)