Friday, December 10, 2010

The CHAOS that clutters my mind....

I began a temporary "Seasonal" job in late November, just to help out with Christmas. Its not so bad- just busy. I miss my gym time every day. I miss having the luxury of eating when I am hungry or having a nice cold Diet Coke when I am thirsty. I miss having a clean house- although I must say that Ross is helping out a lot (could have something to do with the melt down I had the other day)- whatever the reason, I am grateful for his help.
To be completely honest- my mind is constantly cluttered with thoughts of "what I missed today because I was working" Like taking Jayce to piano lessons- the first week we left that job to dad he totally forgot about it- the boys went to the office instead. And then there is picking him up from school- sweet Baylies Futsal games- making dinner every night, kissing them goodnight when they are still awake, long talks with someone that I love, bath time, movie night, homework.
I am missing out on all of it.
Will they someday hate me and live miserable lives because I left piano up to dad, or because dad picks them up from school (I get to drop them off, but still, shouldn't I get to pick them up too?) And I live for futsal, soccer, all of that! Will she forgive me for missing a game? Will she feel like I was never there for her? And dinner wise- sure, Ross may be a better cook than I am but still, shouldn't I be here to supervise? I love homework time! I love our little talks. I love being with my family! Will they forgive me for missing 3 PTA meetings in a row? Not to mention Community Council Meetings- and Power Hour- Oh the list goes on and on and on!
Well, I am glad I got all of that off my chest! I feel a little better. Now- if I can just get through tomorrow! Sweet Kelcey is having a baby soon and the Fowlks/ward baby shower is all planned to happen at my place- problem is- I wont be here! Have to work of course! Thankfully Whitney and Amy and Kelcey's mother-in-law are stepping in to pull it off. Still, it stinks! I should be here! BOOOO HOOOOOO!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Boys and Girls.....

Lets not say mean things to our friends at school, it can really hurt their feelings."

That is how this conversation began- with the cutest little 4 year old's in preschool last week.

One boy instantly said "I know it hurts people just like the mean people that hurt Jesus"
Another boy says "I know, because they didn't even know he was good."
and from there- the sweetest conversation about Jesus between 8 little boys and one girl went something like this:
"They put thorns on his head and it really, really hurt him, and they didn't even say sorry!"
"And they made him drink yucky stuff that probably gave him a tummy ache."

"Well, I never knew Jesus"

"I do because I saw the pictures and they even hurt his hands with big nails."
"And even his feet got the nails, because they didn't even know to be nice to him."
"So probably we should be nice."
"Cuz we don't want thorns on our heads"
"And I don't want nails on my hands."
"And not even my feet! That would hurt!"

They all nodded their little heads in agreement and went right back to work!
What sweet little testimonies!

Now, just so I don't get in trouble- in preschool we always try to stop the discussion of religion with sweet reminders that this is school and lets talk about that with our friends later- but this little conversation started so suddenly and these kids could not be deterred from completing it- and I was happy to have been a fly on the wall at that moment!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Being grateful.....

Today- I am grateful for my husband.
1) He makes me laugh! We took Jayce to see Megamind (Very cute show) and right in the middle of the movie I hear this loud snorting snore- and I thought "No WAY! That can not be my husband!"
It was!

2) He has described to me in very vivid detail the may ways that a woman could be murdered or even seriously injured by a wire hanger. He refuses to believe the "family Heirloom" story- he refuses to listen to my reasoning. So I guess I will have to listen to his- so I promise that next time this man wants a ride, I will have him place the family heirloom in the very back of the car so it is out of his hands.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Homeless people,

For some reason you are drawn to me- or maybe I am drawn to you.
I offered to buy you lunch at Golden Coral, where a few friends and I were dining, and you turned me down but gladly took $5 to take yourself to Burger King (or took the nearest liquor store). Either way, I am glad to have lifted your spirits. No pun intended.
Just today you were brave enough to approach me while I was sitting in my car at the gas station. You asked if I could take you to your "seester's house in Meeedvale, Utah.) Since I was already in Midvale and the address you had written down was just down the street, I agreed, knowing full well that my phone was somewhere in my car, the battery dead, and I had no way to fight off a full grown man of Mexican descent, who smelled really bad and was holding a metal hanger in his hand. By way of conversation I asked about the hanger. You explained with teary eyes and I have no idea what you said. So for my own peace of mind I decided that the hanger came all the way from Mexico with you- a treasured family heirloom, and you are anxious to give it to your seester, whom you will be greeting in just a few moments. That's my story.
The look on your face when we pulled up to your sisters home and she opened the door was priceless! I will never forget that smile! I am glad to have helped you today!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pay backs and Temptations

The lesson of the week- Pay backs are AWESOME!
Last year in Kindergarten there was a little person that could be rude and a little mean. Fast forward to first grade- as I was picking Jayce up on Tuesday I was approached by several of his class mates. Apparently someone had thrown up in class, and they were anxious to tell every one they could tell. Jayce didn't say anything about it so when I asked him he grinned form ear-to-ear and said "Yep- pay backs are AWESOME!" Someone threw up on that mean little persons desk and chair. The conversation continued as I tried to explain to Jayce that he too can be rude and a little mean sometimes, and he wouldn't have appreciated this type of pay back...... somehow it went from that to how AWESOME it would be to have someone throw a pie in his face as a pay back.............. I think I am giving up on this one for today!

And temptations. Baylie is 16- she should be facing all sorts of temptations, but I fear that it is her mother that is being tempted! There was that day a few weeks ago that i was tempted to punch her right in the face! I put myself in time-out, I read from the good book, I prayed, and I hummed my favorite tune. I was still tempted to punch her right in the face! It took a few days- but I have overcome this temptation for now- only to be faced with another. Baylie has suddenly become superstitious. She has not washed her game jersey or her game socks- they must remain smelly and sweaty throughout the season. This obviously brings good luck to her and the poor girls that have to smell her. She really stinks! Her soccer bag is unbearably smelly! Her socks stand up on their own! I have been tempted daily to throw that smelly mess into the wash! I have never wanted to do laundry so badly! There is only one more game and then the stink can go away!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Some people have a way of making even ME look smart....

A few weeks ago I went into Baylie's school to give them more money- I feel like that school needs regular access to my bank account- there is always something else to pay for. This particular purchase was a soccer team jacket that will not arrive until after the soccer season is over. The financial office was closed so they couldn't run my debit card so i had to write a check and leave it in the office with the receptionist.
The check looked something like this:

Ross Fowlks
Shelli Fowlks
our address
My cell # (Hand written- quite large- couldn't miss it!)

the amount

For: Soccer Jacket- Baylie Fowlks Student #-----

All signed and set and ready to go.

So, here is how my conversation went with the lady- who we will call "L"

"L" What is the payment for?
me- to purchase a soccer jacket
"L" Who is the jacket for?
me- Baylie Fowlks- I put her student ID # on the check
"L" Okay. let me get some information from you. Its for soccer and her name is Jacket Baylie- maybe that should be Jackie Baylie- let me just change that so I can read it-
me- No her name is Baylie and its for a soccer jacket-
"L" (very puzzled, takes a long look at the check "so you meant for it to say soccer jacket- Baylie Fowlks?'
me - yes
"L" okay, i will need her last name
me its on the check and my husband and my name are the same
"L" so what is it?
"L" How do you spell that?
me- F O W L K S
"L" I wont remember that so we better write it down. can you spell it again?
me- Its written on the check and printed there-
"L" Spell it again, please.
me "F O W L K S
L prints this right next to my name on the check and the says "Oh its right here isnt it? " amd takes a red pen and circle the printed Fowlks.
"L" and your phone #?
me I wrote it on there for you
"L" Just give it to me again in case there is a problem-
me- I give it too her gain and she writes it next to where I wrote it.
"L" okay Thank You I think that is all we need- but I will call you if there are any questions.

Seriously, I felt for her- she was having a moment and I had to witness it. I think i have had a few of them myself!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


The invitation to Homecoming came a little after 10 PM one night- Baylie had already gone to bed so we had to wake her up. She stepped onto the front porch and music began playing. Suddenly a good sized group of male dancers (visualize Spartonians)- come running into the circle and then they performed a really great dance for her. It was too dark so the pictures didn't turn out, but it was really very impressive! At the end of the dance the boys ripped of their shirts and then ran back to wherever they came from, leaving Bay with a note inviting her to the dance, from Tyson.
She thought she was dreaming- so she shrugged her shoulders and went back to bed. Later that night she convinced herself that it had to have been a dream and, with all those shirtless boys, not a bad dream at all. Silly Girl!

So the prep for the dance is shear torture- she hates to shop- she prefers to wear soccer shorts and slippers and T-shirts- in fact, I meant to check before she left, but I am pretty positive that she has her soccer shorts on under her dress and I am guessing the heels came off as soon as she was out of my eye sight. Kelcey dolled up her hair and insisted on make-up! So, she was looking pretty cute- and Tyson is a very nice young man-and a soccer player as well- a little something in common!

Monday, September 6, 2010

A new job-- plus

Jayce has a new job. Turns out he has a talent for begging for money. The neighbors cute kids set up a little toy sale after school each day- and he is their door to door guy. He literally goes to every door in our circle and invites them to come to the toy sale EVERY DAY! Because its his job- one day he came home with a pocket full of money and when I asked what he sold this was his reply. "Well, Aunt Suzie gave me money for absolutely nothing, and her friend bought the magnet that I had in my pocket."
It pays to live by family I guess. Thanks Aunt Suzie and her friend! He wonders if Uncle Mike has more money than a dollar on him- I guess we will have to see. (Mike- if I were you, I wouldn't answer the door!)

And there is more funny news- He also believes he is a Leprechaun! The reason- he has funny shaped ears AND he loves gold- so it must be so! While driving to our recent family vacation- he spotted "A HERD OF GOLD!" To me it appeared to be a hillside of very dry brush- but that's because I am not a Leprechaun!

I have HOMECOMING news also- but I think I will wait for pictures!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

So its time to BRAG!

School started! It was a happy, sad, happy, sad thing! Jayce let me know that he doesn't need me following him around on the play ground before school- he has friends to talk to and I am in his way- plus he is old enough to be without his mom for awhile!
And then there is Bay- I am amazed with her schedule- AP classes, and some fun mixed in- like photography2 and Zoo-ology- Just for fun! She is again on the High school Soccer team- season starts today. The girls did some serious butt kicking in the preseason games! I feel so LUCKY to be the mom of a student that loves school and that has great friends! I am looking forward to her Junior year!

Monday, August 16, 2010


This is Jayce's new favorite pass time- making traps!
He is very good at it too, and we have proof. (sorry, no pictures- the camera lady could not stop laughing and had to be removed from the scene)
The scene- Jayce screaming, Ross and I dashing outside to see what happened.
Jayce with blood running down his face- all over his shirt front- a big bloody mess from his nose.
We asked what happened-
He walked smack into one of his own traps! A stick swung out and hit him right in the nose- just like he had hoped would happen- only he wasn't planning on being the one to spring the trap- Good lesson learned for the little man.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Happy Birthday Paisley!

Happy First Birthday!
We Love Paisley's Kisses-
and her Horsey neigh (It's the cutest!)
And her boogie feet!
She is seriously CUTE!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Game OVER!

Lost every one of my remaining lives when I stepped into the hot lava pot!
I never want to have 25 lives again!
I am happy to be free of them and moving on to much more important things-

like saving homeless ants!

Saturday, July 31, 2010

His world.....

or MINE?!?!

My world is "smashing the childhood out of him."
I always wonder where he gets this stuff from- I certainly don't want to be a childhood smasher. So we are jumping into his world for a day- HERE WE GO!

I have a flashing red number over my head- telling the world that today I have 25 lives. Wait, make that 24- I lost one because he had to explain the red flashing number to me, these thing aren't free!
It is noisy and energetic and full of imagination. Every second of life has something exciting to pretend or explore. Doesn't matter where we are- life is an adventure!
I lost my next life at the pool- because I was sweating like a pig so I got into the water (which I rarely ever do) and I didn't know that water would take a life. 23 left!
Only I have a problem with this because he is in the pool and he still has a flashing red 6 over his head- so I want to know why he keeps a life and I lose one- doesn't seem fair. After a long, long explanation from him on the subject I learn that it is age related- I started out with 25 lives because that is how old I am- and I drop the lives quicker than he does because I am old and I should already know the rules.
Sounds okay I guess! Except I want more lives because I am really 40 something-
"Not gonna happen" -
So, I am a little embarrassed to be walking around with a flashing red "23" over my head- Oh, wait. Its a 22 now- I lost a life because I scared him!
It was totally worth it- Made him scream like a little girl!
Part of me wants to get rid of these lives as quickly as I can- but the other part is a little afraid of what we will be doing next in his world---

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Please don't be envious of my

Jayce has been begging me for months to make him a super Hero costume.
It probably wont happen anytime soon so he took matters into his own hands and designed a costume- all I had to do is sew it together!
He was very impressed with my skills but opted to make his own mask-
This is an amazing outfit- made completely out of construction paper and stapled right on for a perfect fit!
He decided to add a pocket- to hold the fingernail clippers that he has been carrying around for days- except for today, when he was asked to leave them home. He put them in the fridge for safe keeping! "Nobody will look for them in there." I think he's probably right about that- because when I found the clippers in the fridge I wasn't actually looking for the clippers.
And because I am SO AMAZING at sewing costumes, Jayce has designed a set of mechanical arms that can attach to his back-pack. I will be sewing them next- NOT!

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bird sitting and JACOB!

We had the privilege of bird-sitting for the Butters.
Amigo and Obi are adorable parrots. Amigo is sweet and loves to snuggle and be held. Obi is a mean bugger- but he says the funniest things- Like "OUCH, Don't bite me!" as he is trying to take a bite out of you. Then he baits you- puts his little foot up like he wants to be held and says in this sweet bird voice-"Come here, come here." Of course he doesn't want to be held, he just want to bite you! Fun stuff!

Yes- its all about TEAM JACOB at our house!
Well- for me anyway!
I have seen the movies twice- LOVED it in a weird, shallow, immature way!
That screaming when Jacob appears with nothing but his shorts on- that might of been me!

Friday, June 25, 2010

New happenings......

For some reason my camera thinks its 2003 and totally the wrong month- whatever-

Jayce lost his first tooth! HURRAY!
He has been waiting for this day for all of his life and he is quite thrilled that it finally happened.
And Jayce Jr. broke his arm. (Jayce Jr is this little rubber lizard- only its a crocodile because that's what we want it to be- also, its pink but its a boy- and we are cool with that. He broke his arm because he was practicing his super powers without a spotter. Good thing that Jayce is almost a paramedic so he knew how to cast it and sling it and give him rest and meds for a few days.
I thought he was quite inventive with the cast and sling.

We have also had a bit of cell phone trouble at our house-
Bay likes her phone. When hers is not charged- she likes my phone. She swaps the Sim card out and leaves me with nothing. I am okay with that usually. A week ago she did the swap and went swimming. When she returned I found my phone in the counter with the back off and the battery out and this stupid white Tmoblie tag sitting next to it. I put my phone back together and threw that tag out- Really, why do we keep such stupid things?
So- turns out she dropped my phone in the water. It is not recovering even though it has been resting in rice for a week. And that stupid Tmobile tag- her Sim card - WHOOPS! Sorry Bay! I dumpster dove for awhile and couldn't find it- so she got a new Sim card and I got ............ well, nothing. So I am phone-less. Sorry if you've tried to reach me. We are working on getting a phone soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We Love You!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The good, the bad...

and the STINKY!

The good- Summer games in Cedar City. Love watching our girls play!
The bad- they lost every game:(
And the STINKY- Soccer socks and cleats and a girl that hasn't showered for a week. YUCK!

The good- Sunshine and play time in St George! Hikes and fun in the sun!
The bad- I dropped my Kindle into the pool. I was trying to be super woman- picking up the ten floats that it takes to keep Jayce alive in the water and the snack and the towels and the water and the sunscreen- and something had to go- too bad it was my Kindle:(
And the STINKY- Rolly-Polly soup. Trust me! The soup began on Monday. It was a bucket with some water and a few bugs. Add a few leaves and a handful of dirt, a rock, some sticks, a few more bugs, and there you have it. Let it baste in the hot St George sun for a week and.......... STINKY!

The good- Its always nice to come home!
The bad- I wasn't ready to be home- the piles of laundry- no fun at all,
The stinky- Cleaning the car after the trip- I don't mind scrubbing smashed bugs off the outside- but, I am a little peeved about the mess around someones booster seat. Apparently he decided to "Di-sect the sour patch candies to find out what the secret ingredient is and sometimes when you do that kind of experiment you have to soak them in fluids and it isn't a good idea to soak them in the same fluids so you have to use different kinds to see what the secret ingredient is."
That explains the nasty gunk in the bottom of the water bottle, and the slimy goo in the bottom of his fountain drink. Unfortunately you also have to gut the things and examine the gelatinous insides by smearing it all over the seat. Stinks that we still don't even know what the secret ingredient is.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet "16"

Our Baylie Nakole is finally 16!
Happy Birthday!
She had only a few requests for her birthday-
1- Her Patriarchal Blessing
2- We be in St George on her birthday
3- an xbox360

So we took off for St George on Sunday after her blessing, which was beautiful, and arrived in St George after only a few thousand "are we there yets" from her favorite 6 year old.
We spent her birthday at the pool and later shopping with Grandma for her Sweet Sixteen ring (Grandma F buys her grand daughters a birthstone ring on their big 16) She got her xbox and 1 game and she was set for the day. We didn't see her face until it was WINGER's time, which her favorite food!

Happy Birthday Bay-
We love you because
*you are a PIG! and so proud of it!
*You are a good sister and friend- and a great daughter!
*You work hard to be a great student!
*We are now a soccer loving family- You love it, so we love it-

I don't want to embarrass my girl because I cant take the scowls and long silent glares, but I do have to say that this girl inspires me to be a better person. She ALWAYS has something positive to say about every person she knows. She does not gossip and will stand up for anyone that she feels is being put down.
As a mom, I know her heart- and she's a really amazing person. I am lucky to have her as a daughter.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Only a few days....

until summer break. I am a little sad to see the year come to an end. I like Kindergarten and I have even enjoyed high school with Bay. There is one thing I will not miss (probably because it will continue)and that's the ride home from school with Jayce- This was today
"Mom, I'm glad you made it here and not dad because last time he was getting me from school he was late and I was really afraid because I was thinking about the kittens that we used to have and mom I was thinking about playing hide and seek with them because I taught Poe how to play that game (let me give you a small break here to tell you that Poe was one of the kittens names..) and mom when Dusty dies will I get to go buy my own dog or will I have to have a kitten because I really like the kittens too
(another break to tell you that now I have him secured in his booster and we are ready for the drive home- I already have a headache:)And mom when we get home I was thinking that I won't touch the new game because when I do Bay gets really mad at me and then she wont play with me anymore and she plays real good so I don't want her to stop playing with me except that Bay doesn't really appreciate my sneaking skills on that game but I am really good at it but she just doesn't appreciate the skill but I don't care because she is still better than me and mom I think to get home you need to turn right on this road that is Winchester and mom don't hit that sign that is for the closed road because dad said that road is scheduled to open today and mom turn left when I tell you to turn and then go straight for awhile until I tell you to turn right again and mom turn now and go straight but mom I forgot to tell you that you have to go up a little then down a little and don't hit that car because that's Ellie's car and did you know that she is a Christensen and that she is in my class so I don't think you should hit her car and then turn right and go straight for a few feet and then mom turn right again and make sure that you put the garage door up mom because I don't think we should hit the door and then make sure you turn the car off because sometimes you have to remind Bay to stop the car when we get home and mom can I have a drink when we get in the house?

I am so glad that ride is over!

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Portfolio......

Well, not mine, but my Jayce's Portfolio.
Every Kindergartner needs one.
I wont share the entire contents with you- most of it is normal Jayce stuff- you know, Robots and space ships and aliens and potions-
The self portrait of himself at 100 years old shows him with a very long neck and a small ball of hair on top of a very blue head- "that's because I'm dead"
He is "thankful for invention's"
and his best advice is "Always wear a parachute when jumping out of an airplane."
The best is the idiom's (I have had random staff ladies stop me in the hall and ask "Are you Jayce's mom?" And then they have told me about some of the things he has said when asked to complete the idiom..... so I was prepared)
Actions speak louder than a frog.
A penny saved is a penny in your pocket.
Birds of a feather do nothing.
Great minds think everything.
Stuck between a rock and a shoe.
All that glitters is not big.
GOO is thicker than water.
And my favorite..... Never Stab the hand that feeds you!

And for your Thanksgiving preparations- This is Jayce's take on HOW TO COOK A TURKEY!
You get the food from the farm. You need Ham, pickles, crayon and a grasshopper.
Stuff the ham with grasshoppers then melt the crayon on top. Cook for 10 seconds. Serve with chicken, crab, roast beef and a salad.

Interesting that there is no TURKEY involved:)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Tree blood...............

I know you have been dying to know what tree blood does to you if you are not a real tree vampire. (Again, if this makes no sense- you need to read the previous two posts.)
You begin to have a scratchy sore throat. Then the ears begin to hurt and finally the sinus's fill with snot. The antibiotic that the doc puts you on for the double ear infection, strep throat and sinus infection does a number on the insides of you so you don't dare get too far from the john- When you finally feel better you get the scratchy, no voice disease and the chills.
I have learned my lesson. No more tree blood tasting for me!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little scare..........

(This will make more sense if you read the "Everything you need to know" post first!)
Maybe it was more like a huge scare today.
We are turning off the TV and spending more time outside.
Jayce came running into the house screaming to high heaven. I panicked thinking he has seriously injured himself. It took a few minutes to calm him down. Finally just sobbing instead of screaming, he shows me his finger and tells me what happened.
"This yellow goo just dropped out of the sky and landed on my finger."
(Miraculously, the goo landed right on the tip of his right pointer finger)
"What is it?" He asks.
Well, I say, it looks like honey doesn't it? But it smells a lot like tree sap.
I taste a little- tastes like tree sap too!
Still crying- "You mean its not yellow moss?"
No, this is from the inside of the tree.
"You mean like tree blood?"
Yes, like tree blood.
"MAN- I really thought I was going crazy mom."

In this case I can't decide if the TV is more dangerous than the imagination-
He rest's on the couch for a few minutes to recover and asks "What happens when a person tastes tree blood? "
A trick question- I am not going there today buddy- not listening--lalalalalala

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Everything you need to know.....

about blue moss.
You already know that Jayce has a knack for talking- especially in the car. What you don't know is that Baylie is a driver- YIKES! so our conversations in the car lately have been "Baylie's trying to kill me!"- repeated over and over and over! Poor kid.
But today for a few minutes Jayce and I had the car to ourselves long enough to run to the grocery store and this is when I learned everything I will ever need to know about blue moss.
"Mom, have you ever tried to touch blue moss?"
Nope- I have never heard of blue moss.
(This was a trick question, I realized too late. I will now become very educated about blue moss)
"Blue moss is very dangerous. You should never touch it OR touch anything that has touched it. Do you know why? Because blue moss causes hallucinations in most people and animals. You have to be really careful mom, because even if that blue car came from blue moss and you touched the car you could begin hallucinating. I am never touching a blue car again."
I squeeze in a quick- Jayce, do you even know what hallucination means?
"What do you think, mom?"
Another trick- I don't want to fail, but seriously, I cant be having this conversation with a 6 year old-
I say- "I'm asking you, buddy. What do you think it means?"
"How can I explain this?" he says. "Its like having an imagination, only more frightening because when you are imagining you control you mind but when you hallucinate your not in control and then weird things can happen, like you might think that you are talking to a zebra, and then the zebra really talk's back to you and it could really freak you out. "
"This is what blue moss does to people."
How do you know this? I ask-
(Have I missed something? Was there like a blue moss report on the news?)
"Well, I saw it on TV- and it was really interesting- but did you know about the yellow moss? It just makes you crazy- like if you are nice it usually makes you mean....."
When he takes a breath I ask if there are other mosses that I need to know about-
He says "We could consult Phineas and Ferb- that's who told me about the blue and yellow moss. Well actually not them but their grandma because they were doing an experiment and they didn't know about the blue moss.........................."
Wow. Time to turn the TV off!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Survival and Heart-breakers!

I did survive the plane trip to Cali.
You know that because it was weeks ago and I am still here- it just took me a few weeks to get around to the telling of the trip.
I did not pee my pants on the plane, but I discovered that it's the coming down that terrifies me- I was as cool as a cucumber going up and staying up- and only freaked a little coming down! If you hear anything different than that then its a lie! (Mom, you can and should remain silent!)
As for California-
It was great!
Kerryne placed first in her class for Fitness and then First again in the overall!
YEAH! It was fun to be there cheering her on! Way to go baby sister!
Cali was warm and relaxing- but I was anxious to home with my kids, enjoying spring break and Birthdays.

Kelcey turned 20 on the 26th of March and Jordan is now 23.
I just love these two! If I had to chose my favorite thing about Kelcey it would be that I always know exactly what she is thinking- she is very open. One trait that I really admire! And she is my dearest friend!
With Jordan- it is his tender heart. He's a big bad fireman and I am certain that he wishes to be known as just that- but I am his mom and I know that he has a very caring. loving heart! He loves his family- and we all love him!
At dinner last night with the whole family, Jordan and Kelcey were talking about the good old days- when they were all young and they liked each other one minute and then hated each other the next.............Kelcey finally admits that Jordan was a good big brother- reluctantly, but she says it....and then silence....we are all waiting to here the BUT--- And Jayce pipes in and says, "yes, Jordan, you are a good big brother!" we chuckle and the Jayce adds "I wish I were born when you all were born."

How heart breaking. I struggle with this always. I would not have chosen to NOT have him- I would never have chosen to keep him from coming- I don't know why it took so many years to get this little boy here- I can only imagine that this is when he needed to be here- and we are so grateful- yet it hurts my heart when he says things like this- or when he asks "when is our baby coming?" Everyone in our ward seems to be adding to their families and he notices- and wonders why he isn't getting a little sibling of his own- he is pacified with being an uncle- none of his friends are uncles yet- so that's pretty cool!

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Should I stay?

OR should I go?
Next week I have plane tickets to fly to Temecula to see my sisters competition.
She is a body builder- she rocks- and I really want to see her compete.

I am NOT the person that you would want to sit next to on the plane- but I am trying to be cool about it. I have no hives yet, but I can feel them just waiting to burst out of me. (This is the way my body deals with the stress and worry that I am concealing SO WELL! HA!)

And then my little man, totally out of the blue, asks me this question.
"Mom, can dads become widows?"
I ask- Do you know what a widow is?
"Yes mom, its a woman who's husband has died. But I just wondered if that can happen to men too."
Of course it can. He has a cute little friend from preschool who's mother died while giving birth to her 5th child- it happens- so I explain all this- and he's satisfied!

But me- I am turning into a crazy lady!
Should I stay .......or should I go????????
Yikes! At least my mom will be with me! Although I am pretty sure she will not be sitting next to me on the plane- like I said, NOBODY wants that seat!
Pray for me!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

GIRLS RULE!............

and drool!
Jayce just loves Paisley. I think this is so funny- she just screams and pinches his face so hard!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Made in China......

We see these little stickers on almost everything we buy. Is everything made in China??
Sure seems like it and I was dumb enough to say so in front of my boy- He fixed my thinking by "reminding" me that HE was NOT made in China- He was made in heaven.
Really? I asked. "Yes mom. I was really made in Heaven! And the thing is that when you get born to earth then Heavenly Father has to bring you here. He has earthly camouflage that keeps Him from being seen when he delivers us. That's all I can remember about being born- except that its a good thing he has the Holy Ghost to help Him, because its a really difficult job to do alone."
I love these conversations! Its the best part of being a mom- these sweet conversations with the little ones!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The stinkin college fund.............

This post isn't so much about college as it is High School.
I am not an authority on high school- I am only a mom to four kids, two of which have been high school-ers and one currently in high school- and the other- well, we have 10 years to save for him :)
So I would think that after the first one we would have learned that we need a "high school fund" along with the college savings. We have no excuses that are worthwhile. Maybe just keeping up with life is a good enough reason to "forget" how expensive high school can be. And then again each child is so different- let me tell you!
Our oldest cost us a fortune in speeding tickets and insurance. He was proud of himself if he had a D- in any class at any time.(So no GOOD GRADE discount for the Fowlks Family!) It was all we could do to keep the reigns on this kid. I am proud of how he turned out! You've probably heard me say it before- but having a grand-daughter was the greatest reason for letting him live through those terrible teens! But a close second is seeing him working and enjoying a great career, and he has a perfect wife!
The second teen was different in the path she took- and her driving skills were, HMMM, not better, but different as well. She was the wrecking queen. We finally found a car that she could wreck without doing much damage to the vehicles involved- one of those nice granny boat cars! Her expense was the cosmetology courses- Ross calls that his $10,000 hair cut! But again we are proud of her (First of all for finally finishing!) and secondly for sticking to a career that she loves, and she has a perfect hubby! (I hope I am getting some mother in law points:)
So our Baylie enters high school and it is entirely different than the past two.
She is not driving yet- so there's that to look forward to- but she is so education minded- AP classes and STRESSED about getting all the classes that she needs for college. She told me she wants 6 more years of High School so she can complete all the courses that she wants to take- many will give her college credits- and they COST! She has by far been our most expensive student and I have no doubt that she will be heading straight to college when high school ends- which brings me back to that stinkin college fund! YIKES!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthday Boy!

He's 45 now! He insisted on 45 candles (or was that Jayce and Jordan?) Well, I do remember Jayce saying that he hoped the house would burn down because of all the candles so we can go live in the apartments with Jonathon- Sounds fun- kinda?!?
So the big guy got some new runners and the entire "Indiana Jones" collection! Jayce felt certain "That dad will really enjoy those movies!" Jayce sure likes them- He has been playing Indiana Jones for the past two days, he even had me crochet a long string to keep in his pocket so he can pull it out like a whip. He was impressed with my crocheting too:) I wonder if Ross pretends like he's Indiana Jones when no one is looking?? Happy Birthday OLD MAN! We love you!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Have you heard?

Baylie was playing soccer in Mesquite NV last weekend. It was warm and sunny during the day so our Jayce decides to "suntan". This picture is of him catching some rays on his six-pack. When one of the dads asked why he had his shirt pulled up he said "Thats what Baylie does when she suntans."

Speaking of Baylie- Have you heard??? She had a mouse in her make-up bag.
She isnt one to really freak out so she quietly pulled me aside- and she calmly tells me that she has a mouse in her make-up bag. Its dead. Her toothbrush was in the bag and she just brushed her teeth.
So I sneak into the bathroom and take a peek- and sure enough there is this tiny little mouse in the corner of her bag and its little dead eye-ball is staring at me. So of course I turn the matter over to Ross- he loves stuff like this, I think!
He looks in and empties out the bag, carefully, so as not to disturb the little thing and the takes it to the garage and bangs the bag over the trash can. The mouse does not budge. He tries again and still it does not fall out of the bag. SO he goes out into the sun where he can get a good look before he sticks his hand and pulls it out-- and this is what he found! FUNNY- that's a cotton ball with a black eye-ball and a rubber band for a tail!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

This weeks favorites......

Jayce has an "arch nemesis" - I don't love that he has someone in his little world that he dis-likes, and realistically I think he likes her but he doesn't like it when she gets on his "best friend" Ella's nerves- so he calls her his arch nemesis. I never hear the name- just "Mom, my arch nemesis was really bossy today." "My arch nemesis was on the slide so we had to play on the grass." "We were running until our arch nemesis came over, then we stopped." Remember when we were in Kindergarten and we just said "I don't like you"- and left it at that. Did we even know this word "arch nemesis?"

And the fun doesn't stop there- today after we picked up Baylie from school he says, "AHH, now that felt good." What felt good- "I just gave myself a wedgie in the back. I think I will do it in the front too." Then we hear "OUCH- That didn't feel so good. But its okay." Then he was silent for the rest of the ride. Bay and I try hard to not react too much to his weirdness- we don't want to encourage it- so neither of us said anything- I take that back- I did ask Bay if she enjoys giving herself wedgies also- but other than that- silence. When he got out of the car he spent a few minutes in the garage rearranging the unders and he hasn't done it again so I hoped he learned a valuable lesson today!

And Baylie- well this week alone we have forked out $145.00 to register her for the High school La Cross team. Does she even know how to play La Cross?? I have no idea. But I do know that she better LOVE it. Because after the registration fees came the "stick" and "goggle" purchase- another $145 bucks for the cheap-ohs. They threw the mouth guard and ball in for free- which was really nice because I could not have paid a dollar for the ball and 1.99 for the mouth guard. Seriously.

And then there's the lego's up his nose- well- I will save that one for later cuz I have to run back to the school to get my favorite La Cross player!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Heavenly Father,
Thank You for the human species. Thank You for robots. Thank You for the planets. Thank You for the universe. Thank You for the aliens on Pluto. Please bless them with more than one eye so they can see better. Thank You for evolution. Thank You for letting us be apes when we get old. Thank You for Baylie's appetite coming back so she can eat everything in the house with me.

Heavenly Father,
Please help me raise this child well! I love him. Thank You for bringing him to this planet. Please don't let me turn into an ape when I get old. Please help us to be able to afford Baylies eating habits.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

My favorite....

Life seems so busy suddenly. I feel like I am running in too many different directions and I really dislike feeling rushed through each day. It's not that there is a lot going on- sometimes the rush is just me wanting to get everything finished, put in its place, picked up, wiped off, folded, ironed, dusted-
So I have made a deal with myself. I am going to have "My favorite" moments at least once a week. and it will not be - "My favorite moment this week was when I got the ink stain off Ross's shirt" or something lame like that- because, although that is exciting, it is not really something that I need to remember, or something that makes me particularly happy- The moments will be worthwhile---

So this week, my favorite moments are these:
1) When I woke up Thursday with the sore throat that hasn't gone away for months and Jayce said "Mom, you smell like disease." It made me cry because I felt like disease and then I spend the day in bed. I felt better Friday!

2)Baylie hasn't been feeling well. I took her to the Doctor 2 weeks ago and they said its a virus. It could last 10 to 14 days. She just was not getting better- I thought she was being lazy and she needed to just get up and get busy and then she would feel better- so to prove my point I decided to take her to the Doctor again and have them tell her that she should be feeling better- They said "She has pneumonia." I feel stupid. Sometimes I need to feel stupid!

3) Ross, Jayce and I were returning from shopping on Saturday and as we pull into the circle we see Mike, Ross's brother, out getting his mail. Ross said "Hey, should I hit him?" (I am pretty sure he was joking) And Jayce says "Don't you dare run over my favorite uncle. I talk to him every day. He is the only best friend uncle I have."
I don't think he talks to him every day- but it just made me feel so very grateful for the family that I am surrounded by.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Raising a Super hero................

Jayce and I took a look at his baby book today.
At 2:21 PM on November 26, 2003, I had a new little boy to raise.
By 10:00 that evening, I had a very sick little baby, and it was very possible that he would not live through the night.
This is when the first IV was placed in his little foot and he spent the night under the "lights", fighting off jaundice. The jaundice we could handle. Its treatable. It was the questionable blood counts that were frightening. My pediatrician is in Texas for the Thanksgiving break, so the "on-call" pediatrician recommends feedings every 2 hours with supplements. So like clock work I walk to the nursery every two hours and feed my baby the bottle that they have warmed to the perfect temperature and added the supplements for me- I can hold him while he eats then its back in the baker for my boy.
On Friday, the day I hoped to take him home, we learn that he is not maintaining a normal blood-sugar level, and the bili continues to rise. Saturday, the same. No improvement. Sunday, same story, with no hope for answers any time soon.
Monday, our pediatrician returns. Bless him! He takes a stab in the dark and orders x-rays on the babies chest and belly. The spots he finds in the intestinal track are not normal, so he consults with an Intestinal Specialist and gets the baby on the medication that will treat the infection that is lingering in his little body. 48 hours without feedings, 48 hours of IV's and needles and foul smelling medications.
He begins to improve and we are able to leave the hospital with our child 9 days after his birth- first stop- Primary Childrens Hospital. Quick out patient surgery for a pic line so he can continue the meds at home. He gets his first cherry Popsicle. That's what they give 9 day old babies after surgery- wakes them up. Then the home nurse visits and instructs a frantic mom. Another blessing, to have a paramedic for a husband, because I could not get myself to administer the meds. A trip to the hospital every day for the next 7 days to have blood drawn from his already sore heels. What an adventure. A look at this book always reminds me how blessed we are. I am so thankful for miracles!
Jayce, however, does not think this is a miracle- this was "a SUPER HERO intervention". The original IV was to replace the people blood with Super Hero fluid. Sometimes the fluid makes a baby body tired and then the doctors think they are sick. Also, the Super Hero isn't used to baby food so the nurses sneak the stuff in so that moms don't realize that they are really feeding the baby super hero potions. The super hero will die if the mom doesn't let the nurses do it, so they sneak. The lights that our super hero lay under for countless hours are not really lights at all- they are magnetic bone re-placers, taking the bone from the tiny body and replacing it with a "magnetic structure" and it takes time! The x-rays ordered by the doctor- not x-rays at all. That's when they put the x-ray vision into his brain. The only really strange thing is that they normally don't give "super hero" babies to moms that have wrinkles- this is quite puzzling to him.

So when his "magnetic structure" slams into the wall, because of the magnetic pull (hey, it happens!) I can calmly look away. This is normal "super hero" behavior. He cant help it. He has to learn to live with it.
When his laser eyes see things that don't exist in my world- I just shrug my shoulders and smile.
There's a lot I don't know about Super Hero's. What I do know is this- When I walk into the room and my little man is kneeling down, head bowed, asking his Heavenly Father to help him to be strong- That's when I know for sure I am raising a Super Hero!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dreams really do come true!

While I was jogging on the treadmill yesterday, Ross grabbed Jayces little electric toy guitar (kinda like a ukulele) and strummed away while singing a lovely love song.

If I use my imagination, this could kinda be like jogging on the beach, out in the sun, with my sweetie singing sweet tunes of love-


No, not really. But I am glad we got the ukulele and singing part out of the way- a few minutes of that was enough for me. Now, all we need is some sunshine!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A girl can dream..............

Just chill for a few seconds.........wait for the music to start-

Is it playing?

Now imagine yourself lying on a private beach, nothing but sunshine for days and days,
no job, no house to clean, no fighting kids.

AHHHH! That's just the kind of break I am in need of!

So, for my upcoming anniversary- 24 years with my sweetie- this is my dream, my little fantasy- Ross is playing the ukulele and singing sweet tunes about love- I am eating fresh coconut and soaking up the sun- AHHHHHHHHHH!

A girl can dream!

The reality is that IF we are lucky we will drive to St George where Ross will spend most of his time hitting balls at the golf course and I will be listening to Bay and Jayce fighting over some stupid game or movie-


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

I love the beginning of a "New Year"- the fresh start feel is awesome- but really, I just LOVE having the kids home and the "nothing-to-do" feeling. The kids are content-
Ross has had two full weeks home- with his phone attached to his ear- but physically present for the holiday's.

Our Christmas Family Tradition is to open Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve- everyone changes into their jammies and we decorate cookies for Santa and then watch a movie together. On Christmas morning we have breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa Fowlks and open gifts- I am embarrassed to admit that Grandma and Grandpa woke us up at 8:30 Christmas morning-- we enjoyed our Christmas Eve celebrations so much that we went to bed WAY late and the kids were in no hurray to get up! I love these traditions, but I can see that this will change over the years to come- two of our children have their own families now and will want to form their own traditions. It is exciting and sad all at the same time to see your family grow and change- I have really, really great kids! They have chosen really, really great spouses. AND I have the CUTEST grand baby in the entire world!- We have many blessings, but all that really matters is the love we have for our families!

So- from my family to yours- we hope your year is filled with love and happiness!