Friday, September 17, 2010

Some people have a way of making even ME look smart....

A few weeks ago I went into Baylie's school to give them more money- I feel like that school needs regular access to my bank account- there is always something else to pay for. This particular purchase was a soccer team jacket that will not arrive until after the soccer season is over. The financial office was closed so they couldn't run my debit card so i had to write a check and leave it in the office with the receptionist.
The check looked something like this:

Ross Fowlks
Shelli Fowlks
our address
My cell # (Hand written- quite large- couldn't miss it!)

the amount

For: Soccer Jacket- Baylie Fowlks Student #-----

All signed and set and ready to go.

So, here is how my conversation went with the lady- who we will call "L"

"L" What is the payment for?
me- to purchase a soccer jacket
"L" Who is the jacket for?
me- Baylie Fowlks- I put her student ID # on the check
"L" Okay. let me get some information from you. Its for soccer and her name is Jacket Baylie- maybe that should be Jackie Baylie- let me just change that so I can read it-
me- No her name is Baylie and its for a soccer jacket-
"L" (very puzzled, takes a long look at the check "so you meant for it to say soccer jacket- Baylie Fowlks?'
me - yes
"L" okay, i will need her last name
me its on the check and my husband and my name are the same
"L" so what is it?
"L" How do you spell that?
me- F O W L K S
"L" I wont remember that so we better write it down. can you spell it again?
me- Its written on the check and printed there-
"L" Spell it again, please.
me "F O W L K S
L prints this right next to my name on the check and the says "Oh its right here isnt it? " amd takes a red pen and circle the printed Fowlks.
"L" and your phone #?
me I wrote it on there for you
"L" Just give it to me again in case there is a problem-
me- I give it too her gain and she writes it next to where I wrote it.
"L" okay Thank You I think that is all we need- but I will call you if there are any questions.

Seriously, I felt for her- she was having a moment and I had to witness it. I think i have had a few of them myself!


Des said...

It always comes down to spelling the name FOWLKS doesn't it? That is too funny...

Ben and Kelcey Andrus! said...

Oh my. she makes me look like a genius! That is awesome!

The Olson Gang! said...

thanks for using "L" instead of "S"... that would have been VERY obvious.... I'm very sorry.... I was filling in for someone - I was new to the school and having a very hard day... besides, most of the time I know how to spell your name....I apologize. :)

Anonymous said...

hahahaha i think i know which lady your talking about. she wasnt having a moment.. shes like that all the time. Ive had a few similar experiences with her haha.