Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The FINAL week.......

So its Tuesday and Kelceys wedding is Saturday!
What a week!
To begin with Baylie is at Southern Utah State University for soccer camp all week- I would love to be in St George- just to be close in case she needs me- but because of the wedding I am here and I feel like I am a rotten mom. On the up side of this- Baylie is delighted to be at soccer camp with her great friends and doing what she LOVES!!!- She does not think I need to be any where near her and she has made it clear that she will survive for the week with out her mom! Her one word responses to every question I ask say it all!
ME: Bay, how are you?
ME: What have your days been like?
So, I think she will be just "wonderful!" without my mothering this week! And it helps that Aunt Pauline in St George is willing to help her out if she needs a mom!

Many of you, family and friends, have offered your assistance for the wedding- so here is my plea! (I truly dislike asking for help, and I really dislike inconveniencing anybody- so I will tell you what is happening and IF you feel that you would love to help, GREAT!, If not you can pretend you never saw this and no one will be the wiser!)
Friday afternoon (2:00 on) Cupcakes need to be frosted and decorated
chairs need bows tied on (110 of them!)
table and chairs to be set up
mulch spread through remaining yard
carport will be all gussied up
frogs will be placed in planters

And there's probably a million other things that I have not even considered that need to happen on Friday- so if you want to join in the fun we would love to have you!
We will be between our house and Ross's parents (just behind us)!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Baylie and MaKenzie have soiled our duct tape- DANG IT! We need it in case our shirts rip and so we can fix the holes in the walls.

From this statement you might instantly see that Jayce watches way too much spongebob-- and that I cant sew worth beans---- and that ross uses duct tape to repair the walls after he puts holes in them! Its all great information! Funny what you can learn from a child!

Monday, June 15, 2009

George Lopez

Stuffy noses and sore throats seem to be the theme at my house this week. So Jayce wakes up and begins his usual chatter- Mom, I was thinking about the potion and what is the missing ingredient and i think its blue and so when we go to the store can we buy the blue stuff to put in the potion---- then the voice begins to crackle-- only he calls it "CRUMBLE" -Mom is my voice going to crumble today -- well it sounds like it Jayce so why don't you let your voice rest for awhile--- does that mean that I get to ignore Kelcey, cuz if I cant talk then I can ignore Kelcey all day long whenever she talks I can just say nothing because I am ignoring her------- yes Jayce, that means you can ignore Kelcey all day long, now give your voice a rest, don't talk for awhile (i notice that I am sounding like I am PLEADING with the child-- PLEASE give your voice a rest Please!!)--------------------- Silence for a few seconds!
Mom, today I am George Lopez.------------ Who is George Lopez--------------- Hes the guy on the show--------------- What show---------------- the George Lopez Show-----------okay, why are you George Lopez------------------- because he can say whatever he wants, even his mom cant make him be quiet---------------
do you think me and dad can build a ladder today because I was thinking that I really need a ladder...................... blah, blah, blah------------- I really wish George Lopez's mom could make him be quiet!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bens "lovely person" and BARF!

What a week!
I have thrown away more cupcakes than I care to mention- looking for that perfect recipe for the wedding! (I finally found it on Friday!)
When I have taken a break from baking, it has been only for those things that were really important- like going to the temple for the first time with Kelcey!
WOW! The sweet little ladies called her "Bens lovely person" and Ben was "the cute little groom!" It was a beautiful experience. I am so happy for Kelcey! And I think the sweet temple workers will never forget her- as she was not afraid to let them know what she was thinking! Several times I heard her say to the woman helping her "I am not gonna lie to you, this is all a little weird!" I love Bens "lovely person!"

The second time I ventured out was for the Bridal pictures. I made Kelcey put my wedding dress on just for the fun of it- and it was fun! And then we went to the temple grounds for some pictures with Ross's good friend Mike- he offered to do the pics for us- so we took him up on it! They turned out really well! And this is where the barf comes in-
Jayce and I are standing by a tree and he is examining the tree skin- he says "Mom remember when you told me that tree skin is called "barf"-
No Jayce its called "Bark"--
J- "No, I remember you said it was barf. Bark is what dogs do!"
Me- (to myself!)I am seriously going to scream! I have so much on my mind and I do not want to be having a conversation with a 5 year old about bark and barf!!!! okay- its okay! I can do this!
ME- "Jayce, Barf is throw up- bark is tree skin!"
J- "Mom, when I throw up I call it "Barking-Up"
I give up! I cant win!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Science- and Duct tape

I am sorry if you get tired of hearing the Jayce stories. He honestly starts talking the second his eyes open in the morning and he stops when he falls asleep at night- so I rarely get a break- unless Ross is home- but sometimes there are moment that I know I need to write down or I will forget and today I have two of them.

Jayce- "Mom, Does Baylie get to study science in school?"
ME-Yes she does
J "AWESOME! Do you think that I can study science when I go to Kin-ter-garten?"
ME Well, I am sure you will learn a little about science every year while you go to school.
J "Well, I only want to study science, and maybe math- but usually I only like science"
Me- Okay, what will you study in science?
Jayce- Silence!
Mom- Are you okay buddy?
J "Yes, I am thinking!"
Nearly an hour later
J "Tree skin"
Me What? do you mean bark?
J- "Mom, Don't you know that dogs bark and trees have skin- like me, and maybe they shed, or maybe it bleeds, have you ever heard of tree blood, and do trees cry when they get cut or do they get a bruise or can they tell you not to hurt them or could they fall on you to make you stop or could they ask their tree friends to protect them------------------------ on and on and on and on and on and on!
Turns out trees are rather interesting from Jayces point of view!
Secretly I am so excited for Kin-ter-garten (this is how Jayce says it)
because its a 2 and a half hour break from the chatter! But I do feel a little bit bad for the teacher and the principle and the secretary and the janitor and the little people that will be listening to the constant chatter while he is at school!

At the grocery store he is rather friendly- I might have mention this before- a few times! He says to the clerk, "Hey What is that" and points to a place on the counter that has been covered with duct tape- She says- "Thats Duct tape dear, you will learn all about that some day- it fixes everything!"
Jayce says- "I already know all about duct tape- we use it to fix Baylie's mouth when she's mean and I think probably on Kelcey too- but mostly shes just getting married so we don't tape her up anymore- but its too hard for me to rip so I have to ask Baylie to rip it for me and then I can tape her mouth shut and ask her all the questions that she doesn't want to answer."
At this point I am moving toward the door- before the lady asks for my address and calls child protective services on me!
Just to clear things up- I have never used duct tape to shut my kids up-- But I am beginning to think there could be some wisdom in it- like, maybe taping Jayce's mouth shut when we go out in public!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baylie!

Baylie turns 15 today! Having a June 7 birthday has always been fun. She shares her birthday with her cousin Sharise-- and you've probably heard me say this before-She was actually due on May 31- so by the time June 7 came around I really didn't care if Shrise wanted to share her birthday or not- I just wanted to get the pregnancy over with and meet our little girl! Sharise has been totally awesome- she doesn't mind sharing her day! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARISE!)
Besides that, it has almost always been near the last day of school, or the exact last day of school on her birthday- and that always makes it fun.
This last week has felt like a "Celebrate Baylie" week. From awards, promotions, a dance, yearbook day, raging waters, lagoon--- she's been busy having fun with her great friends. For Promotion Night she let me curl her hair and put make-up on her- and paint her toe nails and finger nails and buy her a new dress AND heals! I was in heaven! She wasn't- but she sure looked cute! Don't worry- she had her soccer shorts on under the dress- the second she got in the car after, the dress was off and she was back to Baylie!
Have a Happy Birthday Bays! We Love You!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jayce really does have "DOTS!"

This time they are "Chicken Pox"- not so fun. When he began breaking out, I said to him "Jayce, I wonder what is going on here." He declared that he knew exactly what had happened- Oh really, I say- "Yes mom, I think I broke my laugh box- see (he tries to laugh and cant) Its broken all right!" After a few tickle sessions we discovered that the laugh box is just fine!
By Sunday Morning he was covered in the "dots!" Poor kid! The worst of it is that he is dying to play with his friends and cant. Last night he became very angry (this kid has a temper!) and was punching the sofa. I constantly try to teach him better ways to behave when he is angry- so I stop him and ask why he is angry- he said "I am not angry- I am just trying to kill the chicken that gave me these dots!"
Goofy boy!