Monday, June 15, 2009

George Lopez

Stuffy noses and sore throats seem to be the theme at my house this week. So Jayce wakes up and begins his usual chatter- Mom, I was thinking about the potion and what is the missing ingredient and i think its blue and so when we go to the store can we buy the blue stuff to put in the potion---- then the voice begins to crackle-- only he calls it "CRUMBLE" -Mom is my voice going to crumble today -- well it sounds like it Jayce so why don't you let your voice rest for awhile--- does that mean that I get to ignore Kelcey, cuz if I cant talk then I can ignore Kelcey all day long whenever she talks I can just say nothing because I am ignoring her------- yes Jayce, that means you can ignore Kelcey all day long, now give your voice a rest, don't talk for awhile (i notice that I am sounding like I am PLEADING with the child-- PLEASE give your voice a rest Please!!)--------------------- Silence for a few seconds!
Mom, today I am George Lopez.------------ Who is George Lopez--------------- Hes the guy on the show--------------- What show---------------- the George Lopez Show-----------okay, why are you George Lopez------------------- because he can say whatever he wants, even his mom cant make him be quiet---------------
do you think me and dad can build a ladder today because I was thinking that I really need a ladder...................... blah, blah, blah------------- I really wish George Lopez's mom could make him be quiet!!!!


Becky Gray said...

I love Jayce!!!!! Thanks for sharing his stories :)

*ShaRisE* said...

oh my goodness that is the funniest thing i have ever heard! i love the kelcey deal haha! oh wow i just cant stop laughing!! hes a cutie!