Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bens "lovely person" and BARF!

What a week!
I have thrown away more cupcakes than I care to mention- looking for that perfect recipe for the wedding! (I finally found it on Friday!)
When I have taken a break from baking, it has been only for those things that were really important- like going to the temple for the first time with Kelcey!
WOW! The sweet little ladies called her "Bens lovely person" and Ben was "the cute little groom!" It was a beautiful experience. I am so happy for Kelcey! And I think the sweet temple workers will never forget her- as she was not afraid to let them know what she was thinking! Several times I heard her say to the woman helping her "I am not gonna lie to you, this is all a little weird!" I love Bens "lovely person!"

The second time I ventured out was for the Bridal pictures. I made Kelcey put my wedding dress on just for the fun of it- and it was fun! And then we went to the temple grounds for some pictures with Ross's good friend Mike- he offered to do the pics for us- so we took him up on it! They turned out really well! And this is where the barf comes in-
Jayce and I are standing by a tree and he is examining the tree skin- he says "Mom remember when you told me that tree skin is called "barf"-
No Jayce its called "Bark"--
J- "No, I remember you said it was barf. Bark is what dogs do!"
Me- (to myself!)I am seriously going to scream! I have so much on my mind and I do not want to be having a conversation with a 5 year old about bark and barf!!!! okay- its okay! I can do this!
ME- "Jayce, Barf is throw up- bark is tree skin!"
J- "Mom, when I throw up I call it "Barking-Up"
I give up! I cant win!!


The Brown Family said...

Okay first things first... you cannot mention CUPCAKES in any more of your blogs until AFTER the 20th. GOT IT? Do you have any idea what that did to me? Any idea at all? My mouth is watering and now all I can think about is cupcakes. And I am wondering if it is at all possible to make a cupcake, sodium free, fat free, and sugar free. Hmmm....

It sounds like you have had a very exciting and busy week lady. I bet it was all wonderful. I can't wait to see you guys. I am sooo with you on the conversations with 5 year olds that you cannot win. I am losing my mind with Pajha lately. I think the terrible 5's have hit. I am convinced it exists.

Love you

Shauna said...

Barking-up! I'm laughing out loud here!