Tuesday, January 3, 2012

8 is GREAT!

Jayce's baptism was wonderful!
I am a bit embarrassed that it has taken me so long to blog about it- I have excuses- the best one being that the computer and I haven't been working well together- it will not upload his pictures from his baptism- and I hoped that we could work it out. For now, just imagine him in his new church suit with his own brand new set of scriptures and new "missionary" shoes. HANDSOME! Baptism's are amazing!

And a quick catch up- (all about the GRAND BABIES!)
Little Miss Chloie (who will soon be 1) is finally teething. She's pretty unhappy about it- but still just as sweet as ever. She really is the best little girl! And she is also walking! Fun times!

Paisley, who is 2 and a half, LOVED Christmas and every time I see her she reminds me that "Santa brought me presents." I also love her "HO HO HO, BERRRRRY CHRISTMAS" which I have on video- but again, the computer and I cant get along!

Jordan and Whitney's babies are .........................
This might just be the best mothers curse EVER!
My Jordan has little to NO patience with girl DRAMA.
I always told him he needed to get a grip on it or he would end up with a house full of girls- and who was right??? Actually I think of it more as a mothers blessing! Hopefully he will see it that way too!

I hope you had wonderful times throughout the Holidays!