Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things that go bump in the night--

or, in this case- they eat small children and kick butt!

1) Baylie has lost her amazing appetite. Right now she is just eating like a normal person, and this seems to really bothering Jayce. He had a nightmare that Baylie ate all of his toys and she still was not full so she began eating him. She started with his feet-- Yuck! But he was visibly shaken by the whole thing- so I hope when Bay gets her appetite back, she craves normal food- not in the form of humans!

2) My sweet, precious sister is having some rough times! I am one of those family members that believes that if I worry and stress enough over everything- it will somehow make everything better.
Generally speaking, I do not handle stress very well. (I can't believe I just admitted that.) In particularly hard times I have been known to get a very stiff, sore neck which is always accompanied by a migraine and some serious vomiting. That's just the way I roll! But as I get older I have tried to worry less, laugh more- and sometimes it works.
Back to my sweet, precious sister. (Someone) is hurting her, badly! So I took matters into my own hands (or into my own dreams:) and I kicked (someones) butt! I hope he is in as much pain as I am in! Its been nearly a week since I had that stupid dream and I still have terrible back pain!