Wednesday, April 21, 2010

A little scare..........

(This will make more sense if you read the "Everything you need to know" post first!)
Maybe it was more like a huge scare today.
We are turning off the TV and spending more time outside.
Jayce came running into the house screaming to high heaven. I panicked thinking he has seriously injured himself. It took a few minutes to calm him down. Finally just sobbing instead of screaming, he shows me his finger and tells me what happened.
"This yellow goo just dropped out of the sky and landed on my finger."
(Miraculously, the goo landed right on the tip of his right pointer finger)
"What is it?" He asks.
Well, I say, it looks like honey doesn't it? But it smells a lot like tree sap.
I taste a little- tastes like tree sap too!
Still crying- "You mean its not yellow moss?"
No, this is from the inside of the tree.
"You mean like tree blood?"
Yes, like tree blood.
"MAN- I really thought I was going crazy mom."

In this case I can't decide if the TV is more dangerous than the imagination-
He rest's on the couch for a few minutes to recover and asks "What happens when a person tastes tree blood? "
A trick question- I am not going there today buddy- not listening--lalalalalala

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Everything you need to know.....

about blue moss.
You already know that Jayce has a knack for talking- especially in the car. What you don't know is that Baylie is a driver- YIKES! so our conversations in the car lately have been "Baylie's trying to kill me!"- repeated over and over and over! Poor kid.
But today for a few minutes Jayce and I had the car to ourselves long enough to run to the grocery store and this is when I learned everything I will ever need to know about blue moss.
"Mom, have you ever tried to touch blue moss?"
Nope- I have never heard of blue moss.
(This was a trick question, I realized too late. I will now become very educated about blue moss)
"Blue moss is very dangerous. You should never touch it OR touch anything that has touched it. Do you know why? Because blue moss causes hallucinations in most people and animals. You have to be really careful mom, because even if that blue car came from blue moss and you touched the car you could begin hallucinating. I am never touching a blue car again."
I squeeze in a quick- Jayce, do you even know what hallucination means?
"What do you think, mom?"
Another trick- I don't want to fail, but seriously, I cant be having this conversation with a 6 year old-
I say- "I'm asking you, buddy. What do you think it means?"
"How can I explain this?" he says. "Its like having an imagination, only more frightening because when you are imagining you control you mind but when you hallucinate your not in control and then weird things can happen, like you might think that you are talking to a zebra, and then the zebra really talk's back to you and it could really freak you out. "
"This is what blue moss does to people."
How do you know this? I ask-
(Have I missed something? Was there like a blue moss report on the news?)
"Well, I saw it on TV- and it was really interesting- but did you know about the yellow moss? It just makes you crazy- like if you are nice it usually makes you mean....."
When he takes a breath I ask if there are other mosses that I need to know about-
He says "We could consult Phineas and Ferb- that's who told me about the blue and yellow moss. Well actually not them but their grandma because they were doing an experiment and they didn't know about the blue moss.........................."
Wow. Time to turn the TV off!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Survival and Heart-breakers!

I did survive the plane trip to Cali.
You know that because it was weeks ago and I am still here- it just took me a few weeks to get around to the telling of the trip.
I did not pee my pants on the plane, but I discovered that it's the coming down that terrifies me- I was as cool as a cucumber going up and staying up- and only freaked a little coming down! If you hear anything different than that then its a lie! (Mom, you can and should remain silent!)
As for California-
It was great!
Kerryne placed first in her class for Fitness and then First again in the overall!
YEAH! It was fun to be there cheering her on! Way to go baby sister!
Cali was warm and relaxing- but I was anxious to home with my kids, enjoying spring break and Birthdays.

Kelcey turned 20 on the 26th of March and Jordan is now 23.
I just love these two! If I had to chose my favorite thing about Kelcey it would be that I always know exactly what she is thinking- she is very open. One trait that I really admire! And she is my dearest friend!
With Jordan- it is his tender heart. He's a big bad fireman and I am certain that he wishes to be known as just that- but I am his mom and I know that he has a very caring. loving heart! He loves his family- and we all love him!
At dinner last night with the whole family, Jordan and Kelcey were talking about the good old days- when they were all young and they liked each other one minute and then hated each other the next.............Kelcey finally admits that Jordan was a good big brother- reluctantly, but she says it....and then silence....we are all waiting to here the BUT--- And Jayce pipes in and says, "yes, Jordan, you are a good big brother!" we chuckle and the Jayce adds "I wish I were born when you all were born."

How heart breaking. I struggle with this always. I would not have chosen to NOT have him- I would never have chosen to keep him from coming- I don't know why it took so many years to get this little boy here- I can only imagine that this is when he needed to be here- and we are so grateful- yet it hurts my heart when he says things like this- or when he asks "when is our baby coming?" Everyone in our ward seems to be adding to their families and he notices- and wonders why he isn't getting a little sibling of his own- he is pacified with being an uncle- none of his friends are uncles yet- so that's pretty cool!