Thursday, February 23, 2012


About 8 weeks ago I began a series of anti-biotic to get rid of a sinus infection. That is what I was told- although the reason I went to the doctor to begin with was because I was experiencing a great deal of discomfort in my left eye. It watered constantly and my head hurt- a consistent, pounding headache in my left eye- if you could have a headache in your eye- and I can!
So due to my dry scratchy throat and watering eye- he treats a sinus infection. And the anti-biotic seemed to help- after two rounds and some serious eye drops- and about two weeks after the last meds- i have an even worse headache in my eye and my vision has changed drastically in that eye. After spending the day with some adorable cubs scouts out in the bright sun as it glared of the snow- my left eye was useless- I wanted someone to stab me in the eye to relieve the pain. so I went to the doctor again- and this time I learned that my eye hurts because it has many scratches throughout the cornea. Nice. Off to the eye doctor- who explains something I wish I had know 8 weeks earlier- it makes perfect sense now that I know-
Antihistamines were created to dry mucus and such- the eye drops that the first doctor gave me were meant to dry the watering eye- which helped but really dried my eye out- so when I put my contacts in- the dry eye would immediately absorb the moisture- making my lenses uncomfortable- but because I hate wearing glasses- I would suffer- which also meant that I was scratching at my dry contacts all day.
So now- 8 weeks later- I have at least one stage 4 scratch in the cornea and multiple others- not to mention crappy vision(It is sort of like looking through vaseline- nothing is clear) and did I mention that I hate wearing glasses- well- I get to wear them for at least 3 weeks- probably longer- as we work to heal this eye. I might even get to wear a patch! Fun stuff!
or not............