Friday, June 25, 2010

New happenings......

For some reason my camera thinks its 2003 and totally the wrong month- whatever-

Jayce lost his first tooth! HURRAY!
He has been waiting for this day for all of his life and he is quite thrilled that it finally happened.
And Jayce Jr. broke his arm. (Jayce Jr is this little rubber lizard- only its a crocodile because that's what we want it to be- also, its pink but its a boy- and we are cool with that. He broke his arm because he was practicing his super powers without a spotter. Good thing that Jayce is almost a paramedic so he knew how to cast it and sling it and give him rest and meds for a few days.
I thought he was quite inventive with the cast and sling.

We have also had a bit of cell phone trouble at our house-
Bay likes her phone. When hers is not charged- she likes my phone. She swaps the Sim card out and leaves me with nothing. I am okay with that usually. A week ago she did the swap and went swimming. When she returned I found my phone in the counter with the back off and the battery out and this stupid white Tmoblie tag sitting next to it. I put my phone back together and threw that tag out- Really, why do we keep such stupid things?
So- turns out she dropped my phone in the water. It is not recovering even though it has been resting in rice for a week. And that stupid Tmobile tag- her Sim card - WHOOPS! Sorry Bay! I dumpster dove for awhile and couldn't find it- so she got a new Sim card and I got ............ well, nothing. So I am phone-less. Sorry if you've tried to reach me. We are working on getting a phone soon!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

We Love You!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The good, the bad...

and the STINKY!

The good- Summer games in Cedar City. Love watching our girls play!
The bad- they lost every game:(
And the STINKY- Soccer socks and cleats and a girl that hasn't showered for a week. YUCK!

The good- Sunshine and play time in St George! Hikes and fun in the sun!
The bad- I dropped my Kindle into the pool. I was trying to be super woman- picking up the ten floats that it takes to keep Jayce alive in the water and the snack and the towels and the water and the sunscreen- and something had to go- too bad it was my Kindle:(
And the STINKY- Rolly-Polly soup. Trust me! The soup began on Monday. It was a bucket with some water and a few bugs. Add a few leaves and a handful of dirt, a rock, some sticks, a few more bugs, and there you have it. Let it baste in the hot St George sun for a week and.......... STINKY!

The good- Its always nice to come home!
The bad- I wasn't ready to be home- the piles of laundry- no fun at all,
The stinky- Cleaning the car after the trip- I don't mind scrubbing smashed bugs off the outside- but, I am a little peeved about the mess around someones booster seat. Apparently he decided to "Di-sect the sour patch candies to find out what the secret ingredient is and sometimes when you do that kind of experiment you have to soak them in fluids and it isn't a good idea to soak them in the same fluids so you have to use different kinds to see what the secret ingredient is."
That explains the nasty gunk in the bottom of the water bottle, and the slimy goo in the bottom of his fountain drink. Unfortunately you also have to gut the things and examine the gelatinous insides by smearing it all over the seat. Stinks that we still don't even know what the secret ingredient is.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet "16"

Our Baylie Nakole is finally 16!
Happy Birthday!
She had only a few requests for her birthday-
1- Her Patriarchal Blessing
2- We be in St George on her birthday
3- an xbox360

So we took off for St George on Sunday after her blessing, which was beautiful, and arrived in St George after only a few thousand "are we there yets" from her favorite 6 year old.
We spent her birthday at the pool and later shopping with Grandma for her Sweet Sixteen ring (Grandma F buys her grand daughters a birthstone ring on their big 16) She got her xbox and 1 game and she was set for the day. We didn't see her face until it was WINGER's time, which her favorite food!

Happy Birthday Bay-
We love you because
*you are a PIG! and so proud of it!
*You are a good sister and friend- and a great daughter!
*You work hard to be a great student!
*We are now a soccer loving family- You love it, so we love it-

I don't want to embarrass my girl because I cant take the scowls and long silent glares, but I do have to say that this girl inspires me to be a better person. She ALWAYS has something positive to say about every person she knows. She does not gossip and will stand up for anyone that she feels is being put down.
As a mom, I know her heart- and she's a really amazing person. I am lucky to have her as a daughter.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Only a few days....

until summer break. I am a little sad to see the year come to an end. I like Kindergarten and I have even enjoyed high school with Bay. There is one thing I will not miss (probably because it will continue)and that's the ride home from school with Jayce- This was today
"Mom, I'm glad you made it here and not dad because last time he was getting me from school he was late and I was really afraid because I was thinking about the kittens that we used to have and mom I was thinking about playing hide and seek with them because I taught Poe how to play that game (let me give you a small break here to tell you that Poe was one of the kittens names..) and mom when Dusty dies will I get to go buy my own dog or will I have to have a kitten because I really like the kittens too
(another break to tell you that now I have him secured in his booster and we are ready for the drive home- I already have a headache:)And mom when we get home I was thinking that I won't touch the new game because when I do Bay gets really mad at me and then she wont play with me anymore and she plays real good so I don't want her to stop playing with me except that Bay doesn't really appreciate my sneaking skills on that game but I am really good at it but she just doesn't appreciate the skill but I don't care because she is still better than me and mom I think to get home you need to turn right on this road that is Winchester and mom don't hit that sign that is for the closed road because dad said that road is scheduled to open today and mom turn left when I tell you to turn and then go straight for awhile until I tell you to turn right again and mom turn now and go straight but mom I forgot to tell you that you have to go up a little then down a little and don't hit that car because that's Ellie's car and did you know that she is a Christensen and that she is in my class so I don't think you should hit her car and then turn right and go straight for a few feet and then mom turn right again and make sure that you put the garage door up mom because I don't think we should hit the door and then make sure you turn the car off because sometimes you have to remind Bay to stop the car when we get home and mom can I have a drink when we get in the house?

I am so glad that ride is over!