Friday, June 25, 2010

New happenings......

For some reason my camera thinks its 2003 and totally the wrong month- whatever-

Jayce lost his first tooth! HURRAY!
He has been waiting for this day for all of his life and he is quite thrilled that it finally happened.
And Jayce Jr. broke his arm. (Jayce Jr is this little rubber lizard- only its a crocodile because that's what we want it to be- also, its pink but its a boy- and we are cool with that. He broke his arm because he was practicing his super powers without a spotter. Good thing that Jayce is almost a paramedic so he knew how to cast it and sling it and give him rest and meds for a few days.
I thought he was quite inventive with the cast and sling.

We have also had a bit of cell phone trouble at our house-
Bay likes her phone. When hers is not charged- she likes my phone. She swaps the Sim card out and leaves me with nothing. I am okay with that usually. A week ago she did the swap and went swimming. When she returned I found my phone in the counter with the back off and the battery out and this stupid white Tmoblie tag sitting next to it. I put my phone back together and threw that tag out- Really, why do we keep such stupid things?
So- turns out she dropped my phone in the water. It is not recovering even though it has been resting in rice for a week. And that stupid Tmobile tag- her Sim card - WHOOPS! Sorry Bay! I dumpster dove for awhile and couldn't find it- so she got a new Sim card and I got ............ well, nothing. So I am phone-less. Sorry if you've tried to reach me. We are working on getting a phone soon!

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The Brown Family said...

I love Jayce and all his nutty stories, he cracks me up! :) That really stinks about your phone... what a bummer... get a new phone will ya??? HURRY UP! Missing you! Love you all... by the way... LOVE the video of Ross snoring... I DIED DIED laughing... Bjay was like "what's so funny? he is just snoring"... ha ha ha... he doesn't get it... he he he

I need to get a video of Bjay puffing ;)