Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sweet "16"

Our Baylie Nakole is finally 16!
Happy Birthday!
She had only a few requests for her birthday-
1- Her Patriarchal Blessing
2- We be in St George on her birthday
3- an xbox360

So we took off for St George on Sunday after her blessing, which was beautiful, and arrived in St George after only a few thousand "are we there yets" from her favorite 6 year old.
We spent her birthday at the pool and later shopping with Grandma for her Sweet Sixteen ring (Grandma F buys her grand daughters a birthstone ring on their big 16) She got her xbox and 1 game and she was set for the day. We didn't see her face until it was WINGER's time, which her favorite food!

Happy Birthday Bay-
We love you because
*you are a PIG! and so proud of it!
*You are a good sister and friend- and a great daughter!
*You work hard to be a great student!
*We are now a soccer loving family- You love it, so we love it-

I don't want to embarrass my girl because I cant take the scowls and long silent glares, but I do have to say that this girl inspires me to be a better person. She ALWAYS has something positive to say about every person she knows. She does not gossip and will stand up for anyone that she feels is being put down.
As a mom, I know her heart- and she's a really amazing person. I am lucky to have her as a daughter.


The Olson Gang! said...

HEY!!! WE love this BAY gal too!!! She is amazing! She is a quick wit and so much fun to be around.... there is just one thing I'm feeling very sad about Bay.... What happened to your 4th request??? I thought it was that ME (your favorite AUNT) was to be with you for your SWEET 16 BIRTHDAY.... ??? What is a birthday with out the CARPENTERS??? I'm sure it was just not complete! oh well... I suppose 16 and a few months will have to do.... :) LOVE YOU BAYLIE!!! Glad your day was SUPER wonderful! What a almost PERFECT wish list.... :) I'd have been there - had you WISHED harder LOL!!!


Des said...

She is pretty amazing and I can't believe she is 16. Love ya Baylie!

The Brown Family said...

Whoooo hoooooo... everyone STAY OFF THE ROADS!!!!!!!!! ha ha ha! Hope your birthday was splendid Bay! Sounds like you had the perfect day with food, sun and fun! Wish we could all be so lucky :) Loves!!!!