Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The good, the bad...

and the STINKY!

The good- Summer games in Cedar City. Love watching our girls play!
The bad- they lost every game:(
And the STINKY- Soccer socks and cleats and a girl that hasn't showered for a week. YUCK!

The good- Sunshine and play time in St George! Hikes and fun in the sun!
The bad- I dropped my Kindle into the pool. I was trying to be super woman- picking up the ten floats that it takes to keep Jayce alive in the water and the snack and the towels and the water and the sunscreen- and something had to go- too bad it was my Kindle:(
And the STINKY- Rolly-Polly soup. Trust me! The soup began on Monday. It was a bucket with some water and a few bugs. Add a few leaves and a handful of dirt, a rock, some sticks, a few more bugs, and there you have it. Let it baste in the hot St George sun for a week and.......... STINKY!

The good- Its always nice to come home!
The bad- I wasn't ready to be home- the piles of laundry- no fun at all,
The stinky- Cleaning the car after the trip- I don't mind scrubbing smashed bugs off the outside- but, I am a little peeved about the mess around someones booster seat. Apparently he decided to "Di-sect the sour patch candies to find out what the secret ingredient is and sometimes when you do that kind of experiment you have to soak them in fluids and it isn't a good idea to soak them in the same fluids so you have to use different kinds to see what the secret ingredient is."
That explains the nasty gunk in the bottom of the water bottle, and the slimy goo in the bottom of his fountain drink. Unfortunately you also have to gut the things and examine the gelatinous insides by smearing it all over the seat. Stinks that we still don't even know what the secret ingredient is.

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