Wednesday, December 23, 2009

BACON for Breakfast

Baylie slept on the family room couch last night. Today is the first day of Christmas vacation, which means Jayce is up bright an early and ready to party!
He asks Ross if we can make Bacon for breakfast- and as we begin he has this sneaky little grin on his face and says-
"I am going to hook a string on the bacon and dangle it in front of Baylies nose! That's the best way to get her off the couch! Trust me!"

The frightening truth is that this is a pretty good idea- and it just might work!
Bay does love her food. Ask Jayce what he wants to be when he grows up and he'll say he wants to be "a pig, just like Baylie."

Friday, December 18, 2009

"I'm smarter than you think I am!"

This is how my days are going lately-
"Hey mom, I just wrote 'today'- see."
I look and it says "towday"
So- being the idiot that I am, I tell him that his word says towday- not today.
"Mom, don't you think I know how to spell tow? Its T-O-E. Gosh, I'm smarter than you think I am!" and he storms out of the room.

A few minutes later he returns and asks "5 plus 5 is ten, right?"
Yep, I say- "Well then how come when I add 8 and 2 it makes ten?"
I think to myself that I may have an opportunity here to show my little man my mean math skills! I take out 10 candy's from the dish and show him how many different numbers we can add that equal 10. He's slightly impressed- I can tell because he keeps saying "cool dude" over and over! He asks if this works with all the numbers-
Yep, I say- and he's off!
He pokes his head in a few minutes later and says "Mom, sometimes your smarter than you look!"
Score one for me!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

"Hey, I'm six now!"

Ive heard this over and over again for a few weeks.
"Hey I'm six now and I don't need to take a bath (or a shower)."
"Mom, I'm six now so you don't need to hug me so much."
"I'm six so I don't want your help."
You get the idea-
I'm so happy, because I'm 43 and I'm tired:)
Here's a few pictures from the birthday party. His actual birthday was on Thanksgiving day so we took a Pinata to Shontells and had some party fun with the little ones.

Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Trees............

Tonight I am decorating the Christmas Tree and I was struck with memories of Christmas Tree's past- and sometimes I just need to tell someone. Looks like your the someone that I get to tell- don't you feel special?
Several years ago a friend came to the door. It was Christmas time. We chatted on the porch, and she turned to leave, stopped suddenly, and said "Wait! I cant leave here without seeing your tree. I have been telling my kids that I need to see Shelli's tree for weeks now." I thought- "Really, why? There's nothing great about my tree" But I showed her and she left disappointed and unimpressed.
Who am I kidding- I was disappointed and unimpressed myself! Ever since Ross and I have been married we have made our ornaments. The years when we were dirt poor (which has been most of the years) the kids and I have been creative and made dough ornaments. We framed pictures of the kids with Santa and hung them on the tree. We stuck hooks in Christmas cards and hung them on the tree. I was a little embarrassed about the tree- So I made up my mind that very year that I was going to hit the after Christmas Sales and the following year I would have a tree that was fantastic! It would be all snowmen- white, light blues, silvers- just gorgeous!
The following Christmas I had two trees- MY TREE in the front room- to impress anyone who visited- and then the family tree in the family room with all the homemade ornaments. Was anyone impressed???
This year, we've decided to let Kelcey and Ben take the small tree- MY TREE- and we'll just put out the family tree.
Every ornament I hang that was made by one of my sweet kids is just a beautiful treasure-
WHY did I think I needed a beautiful "Snowman" themed tree when I had this amazing tree full of memories?
I love my family tree! Its OUR TREE! and it is beautiful!
Next time someone wants to see my tree I will proudly show them OUR TREE! But be prepared to spend hours hearing about each special ornament!
I'll be honest with you- I may feel a little envious of those perfectly decorated, color coordinated trees in other peoples homes- but nothing compares to the love and memories that are hanging on OUR TREE!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

A few things....

That I want to remember from the month of November.

First up- Baylie. I did not get into any trouble last time I blogged about her- so "pats on the back" to all of you for keeping it under your hats!
She recently went to dance #2 at MHS. The strange thing is that I have had 2 high schoolers before her and experienced 0(ZERO) dances. Shes been and Murray High for a whole 3 months and we now have 2 dances under our belts. This last one got me a little worried- she was really liking on this young man and I personally am not ready for boyfriends- but luckily she is totally her mothers daughter and by the end of the dance day (with activities ALL day) she was sick of him and needed a break! My advise to her is to wait to date until shes about to graduate from high school- meet someone, send him on a mission (giving you a few years to be a loner) and then settle down! It worked for me!

Next- Jayce. We will soon be celebrating his 6th birthday- its Thanksgiving day- but I just need to write down a few funny things that he has recently said.
1) We attended our nephews wedding and reception in St George this month and while pulling up to the church house for the reception he said "GEEZ, Do we always have to clean the church buildings?" Guess we have done that a few too many times!

2)"Mom, Will I ever be as old as Jordan?- He's like 50 right?" No Jayce hes only 22.
"Well, he is bigger than dad so I thought he was really old."

3) "Get this NAIL-HEAD off of me!" I am stupid, because I thought a nail head was the head of a nail- but NO- its the part of your finger nail that you would clip off- good to know!

4)"I am so glad that its winter cuz I am sick of wearing short sleeves on my legs!"

5) "When are you and dad going to sell our boring house?" This was after spending the night at Kelcey and Ben's. I had no idea that he would enjoy it so much. Now he wants to move in with them because they have more WII games than we have!

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Lets say its because I'm BUSY!

My kids think I have A.D.D- and on occasion I actually give them reason to believe this. On Wednesday we were "puppy sitting" for Kelcey. I walked into the kitchen and started the dish water- then wondered where the puppy was- found her out front with Ross- chatted with him and then spotted Lori and chatted with her for awhile- by the time I made it back to the dish water, it was all over the kitchen! Nice! Sad thing is Ross walked through the kitchen several times but he cant hear worth beans so he didn't notice the water was running. We make quite a pair.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

My first ROCKSTAR video

I couldn't resist posting this- Jayce's first Rock star video. I don't know the song- he claims to have made it up himself- who knows! But its funny!

Princess Paisley, Cheif Fowlks and the undershorts man!

Another big week for the Fowlks Family!
Halloween was great fun with the Olson gang. Thanks for having us!
Paisley Belle was blessed on Sunday morning. Check out her beautiful dress on the J & W Fowlks Blog (I failed to get pic's) I donated my wedding dress to them to make a blessing gown out of. It is a beautiful dress and I am so grateful to have a very talented Daughter-in-law. What a great way to pass the dress along! (Thanks for the idea Becky)
Then Ross was promoted to Battalion Chief- big day- long process- and so glad it finally happened! Congrats Chief Fowlks!
And then, theres the under shorts mask- creative kid! Hes a little strange- but creative.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Remember this??

The funnest tag ever! The winners were Becky Gray, Lori Metcalf and Shontell Olson.
And I am happy to tell you that I am finished with their "special something's"- I will deliver today or Sunday- or maybe Monday- but soon, so watch those blogs so you can see what they got! This was really fun for me- and I may do it again after the holidays! (Becky, Lori and Shontell- I will adjust size, remake or re-string beads if needed- just let me know!)

Here's the info if your curious and want to do the funnest tag ever yourself!

Here's how it works: The first five people to leave me a comment get something made by me just for them. It can be anything I want, I get to choose. It can be silly or serious, edible or not, but don't plan on anything alive. There are a few rules involved (aren't there always?):

1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2- What I create will be just for you.
3- It will be done sometime this year (Don't expect grand things if it takes a long time. I'm just lazy!).
4- You have no clue what it's going to be. (The choice is mine! --insert evil laugh here--)
5- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange and/or silly.

The catch is that you must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog. The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they've posted on their blog win a hand made, super creative, possibly lovely whatever in the heck I decide! Be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

When I was 5.......

Jayce will turn 6 next month- so we have been asking him what his favorite part of being 5 has been. If you know Jayce well then you know that he remembers EVERYTHING! And I mean everything- even things that happened when he was very young- he can describe events in detail- or places- or people. Ross has this same amazing ability, to remember things from very early in his life- me, I have no memories! Just the ones I am making today- and they will be gone tomorrow!
This is what states was his favorite part of being 5.

"When I was 5 we lived in a hotel, and I got to see and use my very first bar of soap."

I sure hope he doesn't tell this story when hes an old man- I can see him telling his Grand kids "When I was 5 we lived in a hotel....."

The truth is this. When he was 5 we went on our first trip without our trailer- so we stayed in a hotel. He was terribly unhappy about the whole thing and he cried for almost an entire hour after we first arrived at the hotel. It was at the Excalibur in Vegas- on our way to California. As we tried to calm him down I ran a bath- and yes- it was there that he was introduced to his first bar of soap. And he was FASCINATED! I guess in this day of liquid soaps and body wash I had never had bar soap around- so that began his collection of bar soaps. He now has his own drawer in the bathroom where he keeps all the little bars of soap that he collected from that trip- and Ross brings them home for him when he travels!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Today I just feel different.....

This is the first thing Jayce said when he opened his eyes today- then as the day went on he continued to try to explain this feeling to me- THEN he asked if he could have his own BLOG so he could tell his friends about it. That's a NO on the having your own blog at age 5- so I am telling his story.

Jayce: When mom puts sunscreen on me it "smells" like the zoo, or the pool, or the beach.

Smart mom- she knows when to use the sunscreen!

Well, today when I woke up I just felt different-(these are some of the things Jayce said throughout the day)
It "smells" like it should be Halloween.
It "smells" like Pajha and Peyton should be here.
It "smells" like I should go to aunt Shontells to see my whole family, because that's where we all go to eat.
It "smells" like uncle Cameron came home-- where is he?

I think what he is saying is that it FEELS like FALL! And last year at this time Pajha and Peyton and Kerryne came to stay with us for a few months- and we miss them terribly! Cameron was also living here and we miss him more than I can say! And Thanksgiving is at Shontells- thats where he LOVES to go- to see Bry and Rissi and Grandpa nad Grandma Duke and all the gang!
Yep- I would say it FEELS like FALL!!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

ATTENTION WalMart shoppers:

ATTN: WalMart Shoppers- Shelli will be purchasing Mason Jars from the "Seasonal" Isle today. If you would like her to see your scars from your ankle/foot surgery, please form an orderly line to her right. If you would like to tell her about your spouse, child, aunt, uncle, brother, sister, grandchild, niece, nephew or neighbor that has broken his/her foot, form a line on her left. If you would like to discuss your grandmothers home canning skills, stand directly in front of her cart. Hold her cart with a firm grip while you explain to her the preferred storage possibilities of the canned goods. Remind her that you should never store food in an area that may be inhabited by black widow spiders. Tell her about the mating ritual of those spiders. And since you are on the subject, why not tell her (in detail) about the mating rituals of an even more deadly spider that resides in Australia. Thank You for Shopping at WalMart, and have a great day!

Every time I enter this store I feel surrounded by weirdos! But seriously, this dude with the grandma that cans and the spider mating stories was by far the creepiest!!!

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

One hundred eighty six dollars even!

That's the most money I have ever spent on one boot. I guess its good that I get to wear it for at least two more weeks- get my money's worth out of it! When the two weeks is up I can "continue wearing the boot for pain management". I don't think that will happen. I will not be jumping into my jogging shoes- nor will I be wearing my favorite black boots for awhile- instead I will be shopping for a lovely pair of cross-trainers (good sturdy granny shoes, with lots of support for my weak foot). I wonder how that will look with my Sunday Best??
To top off the day, the doc also told me I have a sweet case of "tennis elbow". I HATE tennis! I only play it when I am forced to play Wii with Jayce and he kicks my can every time! Doc says it happens when when you have a bad swing. That was kinda rude of him I think- to just assume that I have a bad swing. There is no cure for tennis elbow. I suppose there is a cure for the bad swing- anyway, I can get this stupid band to wear around my arm- its tight on the muscle and helps with the pain- or I can just deal with it! For now I will just deal with it- but if you see me in the future wearing a silly band on my arm, along with my nice sturdy granny shoes- you'll know that the tennis elbow finally got to me!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Spy Guy!

I am nearly 5 weeks into the foot fracture and I am getting along pretty well- the worst part of my day is going up and down the stairs- hauling laundry is the worst!!
Unfortunately I haven't even tried to go down into the Baylie area. After about two weeks i realized we were getting low on some dishes so I recruited a spy to go down.(Jayce LOVES to spy, but he is afraid of the basement so he would only walk down and peek around the corner) The report was grim- "IT LOOKS LIKE A JUNK ROOM DOWN THERE!" So I began bothering her about getting it picked up- it took about 2 1/2 weeks of me begging, but she finally did it and here are the results- a sink full of dishes! Lucky me!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Don't tell her!

I had to blog about Baylie and her Homecoming fun last week- but here's the deal- she HATES it when I blog about her. She has told me to never mention her name again on this blog- so don't tell her!! I really only have pictures- she is nearly impossible to get information out of these days (typical for a teenager!) I do know that they went to Boondocks and the Spaghetti Factory- the dance and then bowling. She was good and tired at the end of the day! Oh, and she rode in a very cool Limo! Technically she is 15 and not old enough to date- but we made an exception because of the "group"- they are good kids and all great friends!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

A sad day-- with a happy ending!

Jayce is not loving Kindergarten lately. A few days back I kept him home because he had "marbles in the throat" (kind of like a frog in your throat -only harder!)
Then today when I picked him up he came out all sad. When I asked him what was wrong he said "I just really miss Baylie." Oh how sad. Especially since he and Baylie spend every second they are together fighting. SO I hugged him and we took the long slow walk to the car, me hobbling and "slowing him up" and him all sullen and sad. When we got to the car he said "Mom, I was just hoping you would say that I never had to go to school again in my life."

I visited with the teacher a few days later. Jayce has the "girls" doing his work for him occasionally, all he has to do is say "I am tired of this work" and some cute little gal will say "I'll help you Jayce so we can go play"- The little stinker! So we talk about a way to remedy this- he may spend some work time on the back table away from the cute girls, but he will do his work! And he seems a bit happier about school since then- his cute teacher is positive and notices all the good- and he is working so hard at school that he has to take a little "rest" when he gets home!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Our summer

Temecula California. Baylie LOVES the ocean and even made some boogie boarding friends. Jayce really liked the sand best.

Antelope Island. Home to 500 Bison. Our favorite part was the ranch. The old house is just so simple and lovely. I want to live there when I grow up- by then they may have a 7-11 on the island- that would be perfect!

The Dinosaur Place in Ogden- We haven't been in years so we decided to take Jayce and Baylie. There is a lot to see. Jayce loved the outdoor dinos and trails.

St George- our annual Labor Day vacation- This year Kerryne and Bjay came. Ross and Bjay golfed and we swam, ate, played! Good fun!

The Fremont State park. Indian ruins- some hiking and a small museum and gift shop

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

And now I know

I have always wondered what a broken bone would feel like- and now that I have two of my very own- I can gladly say "Now I know." I have no great advise for any one with broken bones- but its always good to share what we learn with others- RIGHT?

I have learned that hopping can be considered a form of transportation. Especially on those days when you just cant get along with your crutches. There's the single hop- that's when you hop once and then take a break before you hop again. (I started with this one) There's the double hop, that's when you hop twice without falling over-and then you take a break. (I have now mastered the double hop) and for those of you who are advanced hoppers- there is the ULTIMATE HOP- that's when you can hop everywhere you have to go. I strongly recommend a sports bra for this activity!

Monday, August 31, 2009

Good News---- and more good news!

The first day of Kindergarten was a success! Ross and I took the boy over- he immediately found Cian on the playground- and the rest is history. When the bell rang he was in the door, backpack hung and sitting down on the rug in class before we even got inside. He had no interest in saying goodbye. When Ross went by the school to see that he was comfortable getting on the bus, Jayce completely ignored Ross. He strutted to the bus and took his place beside Zoe. Zoe and Jayce have a history together. Zoe was born two days after Jayce in the same hospital. Jayce had an intestinal infection, which cause some Bili ribbon problems so while the antibiotics sorted his system out he lay under the lights in the nursery for hours upon hours for about 9 days. Zoe had a blood related problem and so she also lay under the lights in the nursery for hours and hours for 7 days. We left the hospital on the same day. They began this journey together- it was only appropriate that they share their first bus ride from kindergarten together.

The foot news is also good. I am required to keep weight off of until Thursday- then I can be all over the place with crutches - placing weight on it even and I can lose the crutches within a few days after that! Then its just me and the lovely black boot for 5 more weeks- when we will re-xray and move back into real life!
One funny moment from the Orthopedic experience- He asked if I had changed my diet recently (I am sure there is some medical reason for this question) and so I said "Yes, I gave up Diet Coke a few weeks ago." To which he laughs and laughs and laughs, and then goes to get his secretary so she can hear-- Apparently she refuses to give up her soda, and now she has a really great reason to NOT give it up- she could fall and break her foot- and I have a really great reason to take it back up- so I tried today, but it just gave me a stomach ache, I actually think I am going to be just fine without it!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It's not all it's cracked up to be!!!

Seriously, I was not made to be a bed ridden person. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just chill for a day- but, usually my fantasy involves a nice peaceful swimming pool with lots of sunshine and an endless supply of Diet Coke on the rocks and chocolate!

The reality STINKS!

Since my graceful spill on Thursday, Ross has been awesome and is doing all he can to make me comfortable- unfortunately I am not making it so easy on him- I can only hop or crawl- basically from bed to the toilet or shower and back- then I am worn out. Hopping up or down the stairs at our house is a great workout- and I just don't have the energy for it! SO, I talked Ross into getting me some crutches. I knew I could find a way to keep the weight off my foot for five days! Unfortunately I am a little awkward on the crutches and there's some fear (and I hate to admit it but its justified) that I may end up with more broken bones if I continue to pretend like I can use crutches.

For now- here is what we know. I have a fractured bone in my foot.The break is controversial- according to the emergency doc- so it all depends on the Orthopedic surgeon as to how we go about treating the break. One specialist may say "Surgery and 6 weeks recoevery"- the next may say "hard cast and 6 weeks recovery" and the next may say "its all looking great- go jogging in the morning and you'll never have another problem!!" (okay, I might have made that one up!)
So I see the Specialist Monday-- While Ross is living my life and following the cute kindergarten Bus everywhere it goes and seeing that Jayce gets off - ITS HIS FIRST DAY!! I will be sitting in a "specialists office" learning the fate of the next 6 weeks of my foots life. I will let you know how it goes!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

"You won't believe this!!"

This is a true story. The character is real and living in my house.

"MOM, you won't believe this. I was playing.......... well of course I was playing......and I was playing with my, I was playing with my shield.....and I was playing with my shield that I use for my knight suit............the one that has the knight on the front and its a shield.......well I was playing with my shield that I use for my knights suit only I wasn't playing knight.......but I was playing with my shield.... and I was thinking about throwing it.....and I was playing with the shield and thinking I would just throw it into the air.............and I was thinking about throwing it into the air................. and I thought if I could throw it into the air it would be so cool...........and I thought I should throw it into the air................... and then I threw it............ I was playing with my shield and I threw it into the air..... and then when I threw it............. When I threw it I thought it would come down............ and so I threw it and I thought it was coming down by my head............. and then I thought that it would be like a huge rock..I thought it could look even like a huge rock falling down........and I am standing under it and it is like a huge rock falling down...........and its coming straight down..........and its coming down and I am like AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH and then.....................I was playing with my shield and I threw it up in the air and I pretended like it was a huge rock falling down and it hit me in the face!

That took forever- FOREVER!- to get to the end- all the dots like this.......... are pauses..........while he thinks. The suspense was killing me!

I think he wanted some sympathy for the knock he took on the noggin, but by the time he got around to getting the whole story out, the hit on the head was so far in the past that it no longer concerned him!

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Today is a good day

for a mid-life crisis!

Except that I will not allow myself to feel that I have lived half of my life yet- maybe when I am fifty- but not now- no way- no how- cant happen---- BUT My oldest boy has a baby of his own, my oldest daughter has her own home, my baby girl is going to high school and preparing to DRIVE, and my baby boy is going to Kindergarten -on the bus if he has it his way- It feels like a good day for that mid-life whatever- This is a very strange place in life!

I LOVE our grand baby! She is perfect! And it is so exciting to watch Jordan become a really great adult- with a really great spouse! Kelcey is amazing! She and Ben just purchased and moved into a home! I am so happy for them- yet I miss her, I really really miss her!! And my little Baylie is becoming a beautiful young woman! Man-oh-man, 10th grade!!! Part of me thinks YIKES!! but most of me just wonders where the heck the years go- and then I remember that I am starting the school thing ALL OVER AGAIN!! Kindergarten. FUN! OH BOY! What was I thinking?
To top off the week, I am COMMITTED to a diet that required me to lose the Diet Coke and obviously chocolate is out of the question- and I have gained one pound -GRRR! so I am bit less cheerful than I would like to be- and just to save you the trouble of telling me that I don't need to diet- let me fill you in on a little FACT- at 9 months pregnant with Jordan, Kelcey and Baylie I weighed about 5 pounds more than I do right now- and I am NOT 9 months prego so I think I could use to lose some of the LBS I am packing around!

Even if it requires me to give up the diet coke that I love.

Even if I am a big grouchy bear for a few weeks, or months.

Even if I dream of peanut butter and chocolate every night.

Its time! And maybe I will even start jogging again- who knows!

Friday, August 21, 2009

You are as RUDE as a car

Having a 15 year old and a 5 year old with nothing in between does not necessarily mean that there will be no fighting.
Baylie and Jayce argue plenty- and its hard to tell who wins. Generally we just end up laughing because Jayce thinks he is going to outsmart Baylie and usually wont stop talking until she admits defeat.
The most recent argument was about how RUDE Baylie is.
Jyace "Baylie, you are as rude as a car" ( I am thinking that he must have been thinking size- like if rude was going to be BIG then a car would describe how BIG her RUDENESS is)
Baylie "Oh really Jayce. Thats funny"
Jayce "OH YEAH- well you are as RUDE as a house" (Still I am thinking the point is that she is pretty BIG in the RUDENESS!)
Baylie "Funny Jayce"
Jayce is steaming a bit now- he prefers a reaction- and is not getting it! "Well YOU are as RUDE as a meteor" (Gotta be BIG RUDENESS)
Baylie "Well Jayce I am actually okay with that because meteors vary in size- some can be as small as my fist, did you know that?"
Jayce "Baylie I wish you would just stop talking to me!!" Followed by some very frightening grunts, like he is the Incredible Hulk or something and if he grunts she will just admit that he is right and leave it at that- she wont- she cant- so the BIG RUDENESS FIGHT GOES ON AND ON AND ON AND ON!!
At this point I think I am becoming the woman that I never thought I would become! I have always LOVED having the kids home through the summer- LOVE IT! But its not so fun right now- I think I am actually looking forward to having them in school!

CCA Christensen

Just a quick trip down heritage lane, to celebrate the Christensen side of me!

Carl Christian Anton Christensen (known to his friends and family as CCA, pronounced SeeSeeAHH) is best known as a LDS artist. He was discovered in his home land of Denmark where he lived in an orphanage. Sad, but true. His mother was a single struggling mother who one day decided to follow her faith and head to where the Mormons were gathering. Not having the financial ability to take her son along- she left him in an orphanage and then joined the saints. She eventually settled in Ephraim UT. In the meantime a wealthy lady in Denmark had asked the children in the orphanage to draw Christmas cards for her. She loved CCA's paintings and offered to pay for him to have some painting and drawing classes.

When CCA was old enough to leave the orphanage he headed for Utah to be with his mother. He crossed the plains on a train, but was so impressed with the stories of the saints and their handcarts and oxen that he decided to paint the stories and travel around with "murals" teaching the youth of the church about the early struggles of the saints. These murals are now owned by BYU. They are exhibited a few times a year. The family also donated many of his paintings to the church, and they can be seen throughout the temples,and copies are in our picture packets, and in the church libraries.

CCA had a son named Charles John, who is my Great Grandfather, and Charles John had a son Carrol Cyrus Anton Christensen, who is my Grandfather, and Carrol had a son- Timothy Guy, who is my father.

How cool it is that a wealthy lady saw talent in a young "orphaned" boy. Its awesome that he had the desire to find his mother as a young man. Even better that he had the ability to share his mothers experience as a pioneer with the world!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Here she is!

6 LBS 7 OZ
18 1/2" long
Born on her Great Grandma Fowlks's Birthday
August 10, 2009 at 5:47 PM

Just a note- having a baby in August made it a SURE bet that she would be born on someones birthday, as both Ross and I have many family members with August birthdays- so we are thrilled she came on Grandma greats day- but need to shout out a Happy Birthday to grandpa great, Leslie, Kerryne, Amberlee, Grandma Duke, my brother Chad (THERE ARE SEVERAL Chads- SO I HAVE TO SPECIFY!)-- I think that's everyone- but in my current state of mind I probably missed a few!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Today is going to be


Update on the kids-
Jordan and Whitney are at the hospital right now- working on having our first Grandbaby! (she will be here today!)

Kelcey and Ben are pacing, as they wait to receive the keys to the home they just purchased. (They will get them today!)

Baylie made the High School Soccer team and has seven AM practices each day- including Saturday! and the team dinner tonight- after she spends the day boating with her friend Kenzie and her fam- shes super excited about both! (and her ride should be soon!)

Jayce is the first ever 5 year old uncle that he has ever met- And he knows alot about babies- "Do you know why Whitney has to be in the hospital to have the baby? Its because sometimes having a baby can make you feel a little crampy."
He has also been working on getting the Fo-hawk to stand up with no help from adults so Kel brought him the coolest hair wax- That pretty much made his day! (and his fo-hawk) and now he's ready to go meet Paisley- NOW!!!

It had made me think about how blessed I am to have this very busy family- each of our children have so much going on- great things- I dont know why we have to do it all in one day- BUT- its all good!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

P P Poker Face P P Poker face

This is REALLY worth watching- But promise me that you'll watch for at least 1 minute! It takes him a good 30 seconds to forget that I am recording him- and thats when he finally starts rockin out! Its a long song, maybe 4 minutes, so I wont commit you to the full 4 minutes, but do at least one- its worth a good laugh!
As a side note- I don't listen to this kind of music, this comes from having a teenage sister- I am still stuck back on the girls name- seriously WHAT KIND OF PARENT WOULD NAME THEIR CHILD LADY GAGA???!?

Friday, July 31, 2009

Envy and a pain in the neck!

It's no secret that the "mom's" in our ward are the BEST EVER! They do fun and exciting things with their kids, and then they blog about it! So I was reading Racheal blog and Jayce came in to see the pictures of Jacob playing with this exciting goo- and he say's "Jacob's mom is probably a lot more exciting than you, cuz I never get to do that stuff." So now I am envying Racheal's spunk- she is too amazing- but I decide I can be cool too, maybe. So I march Jayce into the kitchen and we have our own goo making session- and I add red food coloring because Jayce is really into vampires and I am thinking blood- sounds like the cool mom thing to do!
I had fun in the goo-- Jayce had a problem- the smell of blood when you are a vampire gives you a pain in your neck- I did not know that- but it did, so I change the color to purple so he will stay and play, but the smell has already gotten into his nose, so he left me and the goo to take care of his pain in his neck (by playing with his cars). Now I have these disgusting looking hands from the food coloring and some awesome goo that I am not going to share!! Next time I want to be cool like Racheal- I am going to organize my closet!

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I didn't do it..............

but I wish I had!

While I was in California recently, my sister and I had this strange experience that I just cant seem to shake. Let me tell you about it.

We were in her car at a typical California intersection, cars everywhere, most of them speeding or honking, probably both, and we look up and see a man crossing the road. He looks perfectly normal, he is older, maybe even my age, so 40 something, should have been well trained in the road crossing area at our age! But he had that blind man stick- and he obviously was not accustom to crossing the busy California intersections. He had made it half way and then came to a screeching stop. (Let me tell you, for my own justification, that he was not directly in front of us- he was off to the right side of the intersection from us)
The screeching stop that he came to was right in front of a car- and then he jumped back several feet almost into another car- and this continued for what seemed like forever- it may have only been a few seconds- but Kerryne and I were cheering him on and then screaming "STOP" and "OH NO!" It was a horrible feeling, watching this helpless man dodge cars- and I said to Kerryne "WHY doesn't someone stop and help him?"
Now I am wondering why I didn't jump out of the car and dash across the traffic to assist the blind man. I was not driving, the children were safe, nothing was holding me down- but I didn't do it!
Finally a man stopped his car right in the center of the intersection and jumps out and helps the man across the street, only to learn that the man wants to cross again, so he helps him again- now cars are honking at his parked car and yelling at the man who stopped to help the blind man.
It was the strangest scene- my brother-in-law thinks it was some set up- just to see how long it would take people to help someone in need, probably being filmed for the world to laugh about later. If so, I am the lady in the red Jeep, screaming and terrified for the blind man but unwilling to get my buns out and help him- yep, that's me!
Next time I am so jumping out and getting that blind man to safety! I AM! You just wait and see!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Medicated with a touch of "CPR"

You might notice that my summer job isn't going so well- I have not sold one snow cone. (Don't worry Rachel- your first on my list- and I believe you ordered 3, would you like them delivered?)

Jayce also noticed that my summer job is not happening and he gave me some advise- for free!- because he is my kid, ya know!

"Mom, I think you need to just be more medicated!! It cant be that hard to sell snow cones!"

Speaking of medicated, I finally got around to the 5 year check up with Dr J.
The big 5 year old is under tall and middle weight, which is obviously genetic- Dr. J cant help us with any of that. The stinkin rash that we fight constantly on his skin is once again infected- so we will do the antibiotic orally and cream- again! (He has eczema that becomes infected easily)
He also has amazing powers- like most 5 year olds, he can see through things such as fingers and arms. However, he could not see through the walls and pictures in the office, and that's because he lost his "CPR" ring. When he has his CPR ring on he has the spirit with him to help him see through walls and stuff!
When Dr J finally gets a chance to sneak a few words in, he lets me know that academically the kid is soaring- no problems there- and socially, well he obviously likes to talk, and talk, and talk!
Then Dr J says "Would you be offended if I suggested that you get to know the principal really well?" I say- "Nope- its already on my list of things to do!!- I am all over that, she will be my best friend! In fact, I think I will just drop Jayce off at school, head straight to the nearest convenience store for a few chocolate bars and diet cokes and head right back to the school where Jayce will greet me from the little bench outside the principals door- The principal and I will enjoy our chocolate and diet coke while he chats our ears off explaining his latest scuffle- The bell will ring- saving the principal from hours and hours of chatter- and Jayce and I will come home!"
I just need to budget in the diet coke and chocolate bars- this could become costly!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The pictures are here!

I have them before Kelcey- so she has not seen them- but I couldn't resist posting a few of them.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Wet ears

Jayce does not enjoy having his hair combed- well, its really that he does not like to have his ears wet, and when I comb his hair I get his ears wet- he can occasionally get out of it by saying that he will just wear a hat- so on a recent trip to St George, the fight began when i got his ears wet and he said PLEASE JUST LET ME WEAR A HAT TODAY! So I had to remind him that he did not bring a hat and Grandpa's hats are too big. He gets a sly little grin on his face and says "Do I have clean underwear??"
Yes you do, and then I ask the question that had to be asked- even though I am certain I do not wish to hear the answer-
"I could use them as my hat!"

I don't think so buddy---

Thursday, July 9, 2009

My Favorite arm and a baby on the porch!

The setting- our very small car, during one of our many travels to St George last week- (we went down Monday- came back Wednesday, went down again Friday, traveled to Circleville- 2 1/2 hours away) on Saturday, returned to St George Sat evening, drove back to Circleville on Sunday, back to St. George Sunday night and then home on Monday! TOO MUCH CAR TIME!!

JAYCE: Baylie, I am thinking about karate chopping you!
BAYLIE: Well, Jayce, I think I will karate chop you back then.
JAYCE: NO Baylie, MOM Baylie is going to karate chop me!
MOM: Baylie said she would karate chop you if you karate chop her-
JAYCE: WHY!! Why is Baylie so mean and why would she Karate chop me?

so, I patiently start at the beginning- remember Jayce that you said you were thinking about Karate chopping Baylie?



JAYCE: Baylie it is just cuz in my mind a karate chop could remove my arm so if you do it then I wont have an arm.

so she does it! And he cries for about an hour because he has lost his favorite arm!

At home Jayce enjoys looking at his baby photo album. He pulled it out this morning and said "Mom, are you sure that I belong to you and dad, cuz it looks like you just found me on the porch!"

Why does it look like that Jayce?

Because the first picture that you have I am all wrapped up and dad is holding a note- maybe that's from the people who left me on the porch.

No, Jayce. the note is from the nurse who weighed you and wrote your weight and height on this note and then we took a picture!

So the lady is a nurse?

What Lady?

The one who left me on the porch!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The dreams of a mother!

In the process of planning and executing the wedding of our darling Kelcey, I allowed myself to dream! I dream of the morning when I would enter my family room, which I had scrubbed and tidied before I went to bed the previous evening, and it would still be tidy! The reality while Kelcey was here was that the family room became her bedroom every night. She has her own bedroom, complete with bed, pillows, and even her own attached bathroom, but for some reason it was not enough- so she would make a bed of the sofa, a bathroom counter of the coffee table, and a laundry room of the floor! IF she did not have to leave for work by 8:30 AM, then the family room could even resemble a war zone in the morning- with the remote to the TV clasped tightly in her hand, she would lay on the couch and scream at any person (usually Jayce) who wanted to watch something other than CSI-

So, every morning, while I cleaned up her bedding and her clothes and her hair pins and her food and cups from whatever meals she had consumed, I would selfishly dream of the morning after the wedding when this would no longer be part of my day!

I had not even considered that Baylie might take up right where Kelcey left off!

She did! And my little dream is shattered!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Badges and Brides!

Last week was a big one for this family. Jordan was promoted-receiving his official badge! Happy to have finally finished boot camp, he is now a "real Firefighter" He began his first 48 hour shift today! The promotion ceremony was awesome! Jordan is what they call a "legacy firefighter" because his dad works for the department as well! There were 3 legacy firefighters hired this time around- and the higher ups on the dept. were excited about this new group! Congratulations Jordan!

And the wedding!!!
I am still working on accessing the official pictures- but pictures cant really tell the whole story! The sealing was beautiful! I hope they remember the wonderful things that were said to them! I cried and smiled and cried and smiled- there was just too much happiness to contain!
It was a beautiful day! The weather could not have been better! The company was amazing- all of our friends and family gathering at the reception! Just an amazing day!
There were only a few snags along the way-First one on Friday when my sisters and Melissa came to help frost cupcakes. Kerryne set a tray of freshly frosted cakes on a chair and then turned right around and sat on them!
The next snag- Bay had been at soccer camp for the entire week. ALL of her soccer shorts were stinky and sweaty- so for the first time ever she had to wear a dress without soccer shorts underneath. She even survived!
And because the week had been so busy- I am not certain that Jayce received the meals each day that he deserved- he may have had Popsicle's for breakfast and cereal for lunch and dinner- well- lets just say I was not the greatest mom for a few days!- We were getting little to no rest and it was wearing on all of us- so by Saturday he was really ready for the whole thing to be over with. We came home from the luncheon and had a few hours for him to relax- when it was time to get ready for the reception he cried and asked "HOW MANY TIMES DOES KELCEY HAVE TO GET MARRIED TODAY??"

And what a small world it is! Turns out that our daughter-in-law Whitney Grandpa Earl is the brother to BEN's Grandma Alice! CRAZY!! So Whitney was able to visit with some of her own family at the reception!

This day would not have happened without my family! So THANK YOU Ron and Verlaine for the use of your yard and home. Thank You Mike and Sue and Leslie for your help in the yard and with the shower. Thank You Shontell and Kerryne for your talents (Carport) and help with food, beverage and SMILES!!!(I always feel extra silly when my sisters are around!) Thank You Whitney for making that yummy slush and for filling in all the blanks for me!! Thank You Chad for carrying my camera around for hours- getting the best pictures for me!
I am sure I have missed a million people- THANK YOU ALL!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The FINAL week.......

So its Tuesday and Kelceys wedding is Saturday!
What a week!
To begin with Baylie is at Southern Utah State University for soccer camp all week- I would love to be in St George- just to be close in case she needs me- but because of the wedding I am here and I feel like I am a rotten mom. On the up side of this- Baylie is delighted to be at soccer camp with her great friends and doing what she LOVES!!!- She does not think I need to be any where near her and she has made it clear that she will survive for the week with out her mom! Her one word responses to every question I ask say it all!
ME: Bay, how are you?
ME: What have your days been like?
So, I think she will be just "wonderful!" without my mothering this week! And it helps that Aunt Pauline in St George is willing to help her out if she needs a mom!

Many of you, family and friends, have offered your assistance for the wedding- so here is my plea! (I truly dislike asking for help, and I really dislike inconveniencing anybody- so I will tell you what is happening and IF you feel that you would love to help, GREAT!, If not you can pretend you never saw this and no one will be the wiser!)
Friday afternoon (2:00 on) Cupcakes need to be frosted and decorated
chairs need bows tied on (110 of them!)
table and chairs to be set up
mulch spread through remaining yard
carport will be all gussied up
frogs will be placed in planters

And there's probably a million other things that I have not even considered that need to happen on Friday- so if you want to join in the fun we would love to have you!
We will be between our house and Ross's parents (just behind us)!

Thursday, June 18, 2009


Baylie and MaKenzie have soiled our duct tape- DANG IT! We need it in case our shirts rip and so we can fix the holes in the walls.

From this statement you might instantly see that Jayce watches way too much spongebob-- and that I cant sew worth beans---- and that ross uses duct tape to repair the walls after he puts holes in them! Its all great information! Funny what you can learn from a child!

Monday, June 15, 2009

George Lopez

Stuffy noses and sore throats seem to be the theme at my house this week. So Jayce wakes up and begins his usual chatter- Mom, I was thinking about the potion and what is the missing ingredient and i think its blue and so when we go to the store can we buy the blue stuff to put in the potion---- then the voice begins to crackle-- only he calls it "CRUMBLE" -Mom is my voice going to crumble today -- well it sounds like it Jayce so why don't you let your voice rest for awhile--- does that mean that I get to ignore Kelcey, cuz if I cant talk then I can ignore Kelcey all day long whenever she talks I can just say nothing because I am ignoring her------- yes Jayce, that means you can ignore Kelcey all day long, now give your voice a rest, don't talk for awhile (i notice that I am sounding like I am PLEADING with the child-- PLEASE give your voice a rest Please!!)--------------------- Silence for a few seconds!
Mom, today I am George Lopez.------------ Who is George Lopez--------------- Hes the guy on the show--------------- What show---------------- the George Lopez Show-----------okay, why are you George Lopez------------------- because he can say whatever he wants, even his mom cant make him be quiet---------------
do you think me and dad can build a ladder today because I was thinking that I really need a ladder...................... blah, blah, blah------------- I really wish George Lopez's mom could make him be quiet!!!!

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Bens "lovely person" and BARF!

What a week!
I have thrown away more cupcakes than I care to mention- looking for that perfect recipe for the wedding! (I finally found it on Friday!)
When I have taken a break from baking, it has been only for those things that were really important- like going to the temple for the first time with Kelcey!
WOW! The sweet little ladies called her "Bens lovely person" and Ben was "the cute little groom!" It was a beautiful experience. I am so happy for Kelcey! And I think the sweet temple workers will never forget her- as she was not afraid to let them know what she was thinking! Several times I heard her say to the woman helping her "I am not gonna lie to you, this is all a little weird!" I love Bens "lovely person!"

The second time I ventured out was for the Bridal pictures. I made Kelcey put my wedding dress on just for the fun of it- and it was fun! And then we went to the temple grounds for some pictures with Ross's good friend Mike- he offered to do the pics for us- so we took him up on it! They turned out really well! And this is where the barf comes in-
Jayce and I are standing by a tree and he is examining the tree skin- he says "Mom remember when you told me that tree skin is called "barf"-
No Jayce its called "Bark"--
J- "No, I remember you said it was barf. Bark is what dogs do!"
Me- (to myself!)I am seriously going to scream! I have so much on my mind and I do not want to be having a conversation with a 5 year old about bark and barf!!!! okay- its okay! I can do this!
ME- "Jayce, Barf is throw up- bark is tree skin!"
J- "Mom, when I throw up I call it "Barking-Up"
I give up! I cant win!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Science- and Duct tape

I am sorry if you get tired of hearing the Jayce stories. He honestly starts talking the second his eyes open in the morning and he stops when he falls asleep at night- so I rarely get a break- unless Ross is home- but sometimes there are moment that I know I need to write down or I will forget and today I have two of them.

Jayce- "Mom, Does Baylie get to study science in school?"
ME-Yes she does
J "AWESOME! Do you think that I can study science when I go to Kin-ter-garten?"
ME Well, I am sure you will learn a little about science every year while you go to school.
J "Well, I only want to study science, and maybe math- but usually I only like science"
Me- Okay, what will you study in science?
Jayce- Silence!
Mom- Are you okay buddy?
J "Yes, I am thinking!"
Nearly an hour later
J "Tree skin"
Me What? do you mean bark?
J- "Mom, Don't you know that dogs bark and trees have skin- like me, and maybe they shed, or maybe it bleeds, have you ever heard of tree blood, and do trees cry when they get cut or do they get a bruise or can they tell you not to hurt them or could they fall on you to make you stop or could they ask their tree friends to protect them------------------------ on and on and on and on and on and on!
Turns out trees are rather interesting from Jayces point of view!
Secretly I am so excited for Kin-ter-garten (this is how Jayce says it)
because its a 2 and a half hour break from the chatter! But I do feel a little bit bad for the teacher and the principle and the secretary and the janitor and the little people that will be listening to the constant chatter while he is at school!

At the grocery store he is rather friendly- I might have mention this before- a few times! He says to the clerk, "Hey What is that" and points to a place on the counter that has been covered with duct tape- She says- "Thats Duct tape dear, you will learn all about that some day- it fixes everything!"
Jayce says- "I already know all about duct tape- we use it to fix Baylie's mouth when she's mean and I think probably on Kelcey too- but mostly shes just getting married so we don't tape her up anymore- but its too hard for me to rip so I have to ask Baylie to rip it for me and then I can tape her mouth shut and ask her all the questions that she doesn't want to answer."
At this point I am moving toward the door- before the lady asks for my address and calls child protective services on me!
Just to clear things up- I have never used duct tape to shut my kids up-- But I am beginning to think there could be some wisdom in it- like, maybe taping Jayce's mouth shut when we go out in public!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Happy, Happy Birthday Baylie!

Baylie turns 15 today! Having a June 7 birthday has always been fun. She shares her birthday with her cousin Sharise-- and you've probably heard me say this before-She was actually due on May 31- so by the time June 7 came around I really didn't care if Shrise wanted to share her birthday or not- I just wanted to get the pregnancy over with and meet our little girl! Sharise has been totally awesome- she doesn't mind sharing her day! (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHARISE!)
Besides that, it has almost always been near the last day of school, or the exact last day of school on her birthday- and that always makes it fun.
This last week has felt like a "Celebrate Baylie" week. From awards, promotions, a dance, yearbook day, raging waters, lagoon--- she's been busy having fun with her great friends. For Promotion Night she let me curl her hair and put make-up on her- and paint her toe nails and finger nails and buy her a new dress AND heals! I was in heaven! She wasn't- but she sure looked cute! Don't worry- she had her soccer shorts on under the dress- the second she got in the car after, the dress was off and she was back to Baylie!
Have a Happy Birthday Bays! We Love You!

Monday, June 1, 2009

Jayce really does have "DOTS!"

This time they are "Chicken Pox"- not so fun. When he began breaking out, I said to him "Jayce, I wonder what is going on here." He declared that he knew exactly what had happened- Oh really, I say- "Yes mom, I think I broke my laugh box- see (he tries to laugh and cant) Its broken all right!" After a few tickle sessions we discovered that the laugh box is just fine!
By Sunday Morning he was covered in the "dots!" Poor kid! The worst of it is that he is dying to play with his friends and cant. Last night he became very angry (this kid has a temper!) and was punching the sofa. I constantly try to teach him better ways to behave when he is angry- so I stop him and ask why he is angry- he said "I am not angry- I am just trying to kill the chicken that gave me these dots!"
Goofy boy!

Friday, May 29, 2009


Baylie received the "Clove Award" in Jr High this year. You might wonder what the Clove Award is. Well, its EXCELLENCE in Physical Education. This is not surprising with Baylie- Of course PE is her favorite class-- she does maintain a really great grade point average, so PE isn't the only class she gets A's in---- but the Clove award also came with a $100.00 bill! What the heck??? Where was this award when I was in Jr High?? PE was the only class I received A's in- and I would have loved some cash for that accomplishment!
Congrats Baylie! We are proud of you!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Murray Max!

Baylie has played for several years with this group of girls. They have had their hard times- when they have been at the bottom of the standings with no hope of moving up- and they have had their great times! This season has been one of their best! They have moved up in the divisions- they were playing more competitive teams- they are playing longer half's- they have had injuries- they have been pushed, shoved and knocked to the ground. Baylie is sporting a fine limp herself this season! But they worked through it, practiced hard, and had a great season!
This picture was taken after their last tournament. They took second place! Nice work ladies!!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Don't mind if I do...........

and other embarrassing moments in the life of Jayce's mom.

1- No pictures so use your imagination on this one!
At the baseball diamond is a large gray electrical box that children often sit on or stand on or jump off of- Imagine this box is a nice, comfy pillow and Jayce is a cat, stroking the pillow (box) preparing to lay down and relax. Jayce has this dreamy face on, loving the pillow (box) for the comfort it will soon provide. Mom is watching and so is another lady--- When the stroking is finished he loudly states "Well, I don't mind if I do!!!" And then climbs up onto the pillow(box) and snuggles right in!
The lady looks at me and said "That little boy is weird!" She did not know that the boy was mine- and what could I say??- He is a little weird!

2- At the Grocery store- the checkers seem to think that Jayce does the shopping and that I am just his caretaker- sometimes I think I am actually invisible, as they talk to him more often than they speak to me! This shopping day Jayce immediately asks the checkers name- its Robyn- "I'm Jayce" Blah, blah blah----- Then Miss Robyn asks- "Jayce, did you find everything you needed today?"
Me-- silently thinking, Robyn, WHY did you ask HIM that question--- DO YOU SEE ME?? I am the adult here!!!
Jayce scratches his head to think, and then says "Well, I am kind of itchy and I think I need a flee collar- do you sell any of those?" Miss Robyn will certainly send someone to look for him. Jayce said- "No, I usually buy them at the pet store- so we'll just go there."
Just so you know- he does not have flees!

3- To a nice gentleman who was getting out of his truck which was pulling a horse trailer- "Hey, are you taking your horse to the horse pound??" The man was nice enough to ignore him!!

4- We were drawing pictures of ourselves in preschool- to show how much we have grown this year. Miss Karen traced the child and Miss Shelli helped with the papers- laying them out- getting crayons- and then rolling them up afterward to be placed in the cubbies. Jayce was finished and when I saw his I was shocked, but I thought I would keep my cool and roll that thing up just as fast as I could, before Miss Karen see's it! I am rolling like a mad woman and Miss Karen says "Miss Shelli, who's paper is that?" Oh, its Jayce's! LAUGHTER!! Of course it is! Jayce says, "Miss Karen, I colored my dots, but I am too tired to finish so I can do it at home!" (see picture at right- I haven't let him finish at home- I am afraid of what he will draw next!)

4- On our way to preschool today- its graduation day and we are excited and dressed up for the celebration- Jayce is blowing his nose- its a good 30 minute drive- and finally works out a nice size boogie! He says "Mom I need a Kleenex here" --sweet, I have nothing, so he has to wait until we get there- I look back and the boogie is sitting on his pant leg, near his knee. After 5 minutes or so he informs me that he no longer needs a tissue. Why- where did that boogie go? "I put it back!"
This time I had a camera handy- What a kid!! Picture at right is the boogie after it was put back in!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Dear Primary Presidency and Teachers of the Jefferson ward

Last year Jayce had this cute "Sunbeam" size Book of Mormon that he faithfully took to Primary. One Sunday the sweet Sunbeam teachers suggested that we leave the book at home, as it was creating distractions during lessons. The Book of Mormon now sits on a shelf in the family room, to be used only during FHE and scripture reading- and it is still creating distractions during lessons.
Two weeks ago we retrieved Jayce from Primary- and he was missing his tie. I chased the teachers down- they were escaping to the parking lot- and asked if they had his tie! Sure enough they had it and they shared this with me- "The tie was stuck to his ear!" What? Yes- he clipped the tie to his ear and it REALLY, really hurt.
That darn tie is now causing problems in Primary.
This last Sunday we opted out of the tie. Like the Book of Mormon, it will sit on a shelf and be used during special teaching moments---- for now.
So bookless, tieless- we take our Jayce to Primary. We think we have it under control!
When we pick him up, his shirt is on backwards. Apparently the shirt made several rotations during the lesson.- I am waiting for you to contact me and ask that he leave his shirt at home because it is causing distractions during the lessons- and then what- lets face it ladies- even if I send him NAKED- he will find something to play with and-- um, lets not go there!!
I LOVE you ladies, who so patiently and joyfully care for our little ones at church!
I am so grateful for you, for your time, your energy, your wonderful lessons!
Thank You for loving our little man Jayce-
I will gladly come and sit with him if you think it will help!!

Friday, May 15, 2009

I need your address if:

1- If you are related to us and: (if your not- skip #1 and go to #2)
*You live in California
*You live in Texas (Danette I have yours!)
*You are a Utah county dweller (Becky, Chad- PLEASE!)
*You are the cutest cowgirl cattle driver Circleville has ever seen!
*You are the brother of that cowgirl!
*You don't trust me to have the correct address- Desirae, this might include you since your Christmas card was returned to me- Its probably safe to say that nobody should trust me to be organized in the address dept!-

2- If you are our friend and
*You are certain you have given me your address every year for as long as you have known me- What can I say- I feel like a walking disaster right now!

3- If you are a ward member- past or present and
*You are certain that I will not be able to locate the ward or stake list any time soon!
*You ditched the Jefferson crowd and went to the Liberty side- or the Heritage side-
*You have moved to Davis county- or Utah County- or down the street -or to another city- or Texas or- wherever it is that you went!

I am working on getting the wedding announcements out. I promise I will not ask for your addresses again for.......................... at least 6 months-
Thank You for your help!! You are the best!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

I've got the blues.........

Jayce isn't feeling well today. When I ask him whats hurting he says "nothing, I think I just have the blues!" Silly boy- I think I know just what to do about that- Chocolate and soda! Works for me!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Todays Funny

Thursdays soccer game was in Ogden- and we WON!! YEAH! The funniest thing happened there! When our girls score, the parents have a large can full of coins that we shake and make quite a ruckus with- and then we pass it down the line and every parent adds a quarter. This in turn pays for the end of the season "party" for the soccer team- and they have had some great ones!
Jayce LOVES to take the coin can down the line of parents- being the social kid that he is- this gives him "chat-time" with every adult and child within his mothers comfort zone.
As he took the coin can down and visited, he looked at the final 3 parents and then turned around- not giving them a chance to put their coins in the can- I stopped him and asked him why he skipped them and he said
"Mom, those people look like they don't have any money!"
We all laughed!! One of the mothers is a school teacher and she was correcting papers- working for a living- and he did not want to take money from her- the other couple has a daughter that has been fighting asthma during the games and Jayce said they should go to the doctor with their money-- (They go to the doctor PLENTY-- ) Its so funny how children see things!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Space Room

Jayce's room is finally completed- except for the steering wheel that he is begging for- tough to drive a space ship without the steering wheel- but here are some pictures! Ross worked really hard to get this just the way Jayce wanted it- and that in turn created a few very JEALOUS siblings! Jordan, Kelcey and Baylie have all mentioned how they had wanted something similar and never got it! Poor kids!

Monday, May 4, 2009

My summer job!

Off and on we talk about me getting a job at night when Ross is home with the little one. I had not realized that this was a concern to Jayce. Apparently he has been "nervous"- that's his word, not mine- about me leaving at night to work. So he woke up bright and bushy tailed last week, and SO happy to announce that he had a plan for my summer job!

I will be helping him build SNOW CONES to sell to the neighbors.

What can I say? I am so glad that I finally have a job. I sure hope the neighbors plan to buy A LOT of snow cones!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't leave Kelcey in charge!

I don't like leaving the kids, so I avoid it as much as possible, but this week I needed a break and Ross had been in Wendover for the Firefighters Union convention- so, he enticed me to join him for one night- good food, TV to myself for a few hours.
Jordan and Whitney were coming to stay with Baylie and Jayce.

I talked myself into NOT calling and checking on them every 15 minutes! I wanted to- but I didn't. I made it to Sat. morning- and then I called, because I needed Baylie up and getting ready for the soccer game. Kelcey answers. She says that Jordan and Whitney never showed up, so Baylie and her have taken care of everything- Jayce and Baylie are still asleep (it was 9:30- so I am thinking they had a really late night) and she has everything under control- no worries!

Well, I am worried and kind of angry that Jordan never showed, so I call him. The conversation went like this- "Jordan, Kelcey said you did not show up last night."
jordan "Oh, really? Then I wonder how Baylie and Jayce made it out to my house?"
me "Baylie and Jayce are with you?" jordan "Yes, where does Kelcey think they are?"

That's a good question! So I call Kelcey again and ask her to get Baylie up for soccer right away.

About ten minutes later we still have not heard from Kelcey, so Ross calls to see how everything is going. Kelcey has freaked out. They are not in Baylies room- where she swears she saw them last night!?!? and they are not in my room. They are not at the neighbors or at grandmas or aunt Suzies. She cannot find them! She even called Jordan and he played along- had no idea where they could be!

We let her sweat for a good long time then we all had a good laugh! And now you know why I don't leave Kelcey in charge!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The BIG day is...

June 27th. This is when Ben and Kelcey have chosen to get married. It seems like a really soon thing- I think we will have to get busy with the planning right away!
We hope our family and friends will keep the date free- that has really been Kelcey's only concern- getting her family and friends from far and wide to the SL valley on this great day! They will be married in the Salt Lake Temple and are planning the reception in her Grandparents yard that evening!
Wish us luck!

Monday, April 20, 2009

And the winners are

1- Becky Gray
2- Shontell Olson
3- Lori Metcalf

I am a little sad that I could not get the rest of you to play along-- are you afraid of what I might make for you?? There are 2 spots available and I am really, really excited to start crafting, or baking-- or whatever-- just for you- so, come on! Join the fun!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

How to be a Mean Mother...

While Ross and I were building our home we resided with Ross's parents. My Mother in law had the privileged of hearing how "MEAN" I am on a daily basis. At that time our little darlings were 7, 4 and a newborn. Obviously the 7 and 4 year old were the two voicing their feelings about my meanness- and I would just bet the newborn was egging it on in her own way. So my Mother in law bought this cute saying for me and I wanted to share it with you- just in case your kids think your mean also!

A mean mother never allows candy or sweets to take the place of a well balanced meal.
(I totally failed on this one!)

A mean mother insists on knowing where her children are at all times, who their friends are, and what they do.
(This is Baylie's current gripe about her mother-)

A mean mother breaks the Child Labor Law by making her children work- washing dishes, making beds, learning to cook and doing other cruel and unpleasant chores.
(Some days I am a lot meaner than other days! Today I forced Jayce to clean up the plastic eggs that he threw in the living room, along with the jelly beans that were once inside them- it was cruel and unpleasant- but I know he will think twice before he does that again.)

A mean mother makes life miserable for her children by insisting that they always tell the truth.
(And sometimes only a mother knows when they are fibbing!- I don't mind calling them out on that!)

A mean mother will smile with secret delight and pride when she hears her own grandchildren call their parents "mean."
(I cant wait!!!)

What the world needs now are more "mean Mothers... and Fathers."
Author Unknown

Saturday, April 11, 2009

The first five people.....

The funnest tag ever! Here's how it works: The first five people to leave me a comment get something made by me just for them. It can be anything I want, I get to choose. It can be silly or serious, edible or not, but don't plan on anything alive. There are a few rules involved (aren't there always?):

1- I make no guarantees that you will like what I make!
2- What I create will be just for you.
3- It will be done sometime this year (Don't expect grand things if it takes a long time. I'm just lazy!).
4- You have no clue what it's going to be. (The choice is mine! --insert evil laugh here--)
5- I reserve the right to do something extremely strange and/or silly.

The catch is that you must re-post this on your blog and offer the same to the first 5 people who do the same on your blog. The first 5 people to do so and leave a comment telling me they've posted on their blog win a hand made, super creative, possibly lovely whatever in the heck I decide! Be sure to post a picture of what you win when you get it!


I need a toothpick for my little nuts!

I am still laughing!
A few weeks ago when we were slicing avocados, he asked if he could keep the "nut"- so I told him how my mom used to put toothpicks in the seed and set it in water- to grow a plant. That was the last of that. Then out of nowhere he remembers and -well- now you know the story!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Our First

Happy Birthday Jordan.
He was born on April 9 1987
he was due on March 26 (yes thats Kelceys birthday)
I was a very stubborn lady back then and determined to have a natural childbirth so I was against being induced- so I have only myself to blame for his tardiness.
But I followed through with the plan- went into labor and they broke my water at 2:00 PM- he was born at 2:13 PM- it was a breeze! We left the hospital at 8:00 that night- just 6 hours later and never looked back-
-except for the many times we have returned for stitches, and a broken thumb (right on the growth plate so have him hold his thumbs up for you sometime, one is smaller than the other) a zillion bouts of strep throat and tonsils and adenoid surgery -
He was always a very quiet kid. He rarely ever complained.

Here are five things I love about Jordan
1) He adores his dad. They are great friends and probably talk to each other at least once a day.
2) He passes out at the sight of his own blood- he can handle seeing yours or mine- just not his!
3)He has two dogs that he treats like children, Molly and Nakita.
4) He loves to snowboard and three-wheel and four wheel and 2 wheel and- probably anything with wheels and speed would make him happy!
5) He has a very sensitive and quiet nature- he would not want anyone to know that, but its true and that's what makes him a really great person!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You don't have to ask me........

what to do!
As Jayce gets "older" he is becoming more and more independent.
And he has his daddy's temper- that's for sure!
So last night I was giving him some advise about pouring A-1 sauce on his chicken- full bottle- freshly opened- and the mom in me can just see two thirds of the bottle on his plate- He ignores me pretty well- its a new skill that he is quite proud of- but I was persistent so he turned to me and yelled "YOU DON"T HAVE TO ASK ME WHAT TO DO! GOSHHHHHH!"
Fine then- I won't ask him what to do- but I will probably tell him what to do a lot more often, now that I know how much it bugs him!

Monday, April 6, 2009


Its official! Kelcey is engaged to Ben Andrus!
The wedding is set for July 3- yep, thats coming up here pretty dang quick-
She is very, very happy and the ring is a beauty! I will post a picture tonight but had to let you know- we have been waiting for this for weeks-
On April first Kelcey woke up to a Ring box near her head- with a lovely note inside saying APRIL FOOLS! She was ticked! When he finally gave her the real thing he just set it on our kitchen counter- thats it- just set it there. She opened it, said yes and the rest is history.
Ben will fit in just fine with the boys in this household- a great tease, but can use some work on the romance side!

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

So, I know you all have heard about the people who have been abducted and had their kidneys removed by black-market organ thieves.

My thighs were stolen from me during the night a few years ago. I went to sleep and woke up with someone else's thighs! It was just that quick. the replacements had the texture of cooked oatmeal. Whose thighs were these and what happened to mine? I spent the entire summer looking for my thighs. Finally, hot and angry, I resigned myself to living out my life in jeans. And then the thieves struck again!

My butt was next. I knew it was the same gang, because they took pains to match my new rear-end to the thighs they had stuck me with earlier. But my new butt was attached at least three inches lower than my original! I realized I'd have to give up my jeans in favor of long skirts.

Two years ago, I realized my arms had been switched as well. On morning I was fixing my hair and was horrified to see the flesh of my upper arm swing to and fro with the motion of the hairbrush. This was really getting scary! My body was being replaced one section at a time.

What could they do to me next?

Well, all of a sudden, my poor neck suddenly disappeared and was replaced with a turkey neck. That was when I decided to tell my story. Women of the world, wake up and smell the coffee! Those "plastic" surgeons are using REAL replacement body parts! Stolen from you and me! The next time someone you know has something "lifted", look again - was it lifted from you?

THIS IS NOT A HOAX! This is happening to women everywhere, every night.


P.S. Last year I thought someone has stolen my boobs. I was lying in bed and they were gone! But when I jumped out of bed, I was relieved to see that they had just been hiding in my armpits as I slept. Now I keep them hidden in my waistband.

Lately, I've noticed that these same thieves are getting into my closet and they are shrinking my clothes!
HOW DO THEY DO IT!?!?!?!?!

Be sure to warn all your lady friends... They are bound to be hit by these thieves!"

I thought this was funny and we could all use a laugh!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Great News!!

Its a GIRL!
Jordan and Whitney had their ultra sound and she was anything but modest!!
I hate to have to say "I told you so"- But I did tell him that it would be a she!!
Grandmas just know these things!
I am so HAPPY for them, and for us- can't wait to meet this little girl.

Another Great News moment- Kelcey passed her state boards on Monday! We are so happy- this has been a big worry for her- and she was awesome!

As for the other good news- the ring is in the mail- he designed and ordered and we are waiting, and waiting......... come on Ben! GEESH!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Happy Birthday

Hope its a great day!
Ben asked Ross if he could talk to him last night- Ross said "Do I need my shotgun?"
Ben answered "Yes, I would like to go rabbit hunting on Saturday."
I think he is going to fit in just perfectly!
We already love him and he makes Kelcey so happy!
Thats all I can say right now- the rest will have to wait until its really officially official!
Love you Kelcey-

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Shelli needs- Ross needs

Ok... you google your name and needs (shelli needs) and write down the first 10 web sites that are listed. It is a good laugh.

Shelli needs:
1- 7 Caged Tigers
2- Real Estate
3- Hells Bells (know where I can get them??)
4- a face lift (thanks- now can you help me convince Ross)
5- Insurance
6- to leave for work
7- new laundry (whats wrong with my old laundry?)
8- intervention and treatment (I am sure this relates to my facebook addiction)
9- help buying (maybe the real estate?)
10- a moving van

Ross needs...
1-time to fix past foibles (OH REALLY?)
2-A fro-pick (I think he has one in one of those boxes from the 80's)
3- to come out of the closet (really, there is nothing in there for you- GET OUT!)
4- some puzzle solving skills
5- to calm down (I second that!)
6- your prayers (PLEASE)
8-to go back to school
9- to give up now
10- a chippy job- (golfer, wood chipper, chip eater?)

I stole this from Becky- and it was very funny!
You should try it!

Dragon Breath

Jayce has foot nails, leg pits, leg bows, and puts on leg sleeves instead of pants- so I was not too surprised when he woke up last week with Dragon Breath- After all we have been watching Harry Potter non-stop for the last 30 days- dragons breath sounded like a very normal thing. Dragons breath made him tired and grouchy- and the fire in his belly hurt. I thought he was taking the imagination a bit far- and then I woke up with dragon breath!
Dragons Breath makes your throat burn- not really sore- but it burns- and it makes you feel SO tired- I even fell asleep during the Temple dedication-right in my chair- and the fire in my belly was rotten, and it makes you feel pretty grumpy, hence the rotten Monday. I think we have kicked that dragon throat for now, And I hope it stays away from you!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My Husbands Wife...............

Really needs a break!
Today I am venting! I do not like Monday- Its the day that I re-do everything that I did on Saturday-- Why cant the house just stay clean?? To top it off- today has been worse than a normally bad Monday- and its only 11:00-
I begin with waking Kelcey- because she HAS to be to work by 9:00- so 7:45 I am telling her to get up. I take Bay to school- wake Kelcey again- get a good workout in- wake Kelcey again, it is now 9! I get a shower- step out and here's Kelcey- she needs her Social Sec card and Birth Certificate-NOW- I ask- can I get dressed? Please? Preferably without an audience?? Long story short- it is now MY fault that she is an hour late for work and I have personally ruined her life because I cant seem to locate what she needs.- My naturally "curly everywhere you dont want it curly" hair has dried in this funky kind of do- I have cried my make-up off- my contacts are all weird- and I am just tired of everyone! I need a break!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

And then she crossed the line!

So- I had to put some tough love into action!
This was the worst day and the best day- really!
She made choices that were effecting our home and her siblings- she decided that she knew what was best for herself- so I kicked her out! I was not proud of that- BUT I knew it had to happen. She could choose to go live with the very people that were providing her with the "fun" life that she felt she wanted- OR she could choose to straighten up and be part of this home! Totally her choice! It took her a few days- but before she was welcome back into our home, she had made some decisions that will effect the rest of her life!
I know it has not been easy. She had to give up all of her friends, buckle down in school and get a job! I am proud to say that she has done this and more and that I am so proud of her! It was a long tough road! I have learned so much from her and I am thrilled to have her as my daughter!
I have a feeling about the 19th birthday! I think it will be the birthday that she will remember forever! Happy Birthday Kelcey! We love you!

The DARK ages

WARNING- you are now entering the DARK DAYS of Kelcey.
Jr High had its good moments- Kelcey learned to play the flute. She also went back to piano lessons and seemed to be happy. She sang in the school choir.
On the other hand she was becoming friends with some questionable characters and pushing her abilities to make her own choices to new limits.
Jr High ended- high school began.
My princess was lost- abducted by aliens maybe! I could only hope that she would return unharmed- safe and sound-
The mother in me began to question agency- I love it for myself, but I hate it for my children. Yes, she knew right from wrong, but she obviously wished to make choices that would simply make her life more difficult than it needed to be.
I cant tell you what went through her head- but I can speak from a parents point of view. I gained a very deep love for our Heavenly Father during this time. I learned for myself how difficult it is to watch your child struggle and suffer. I learned that no matter how much you want to help them, no matter how much you love them, they can and will and must make their own choices. They will suffer from some of those choices. I spent a great deal of time praying for her and mostly, just kept my heart open to accept her and love her always- no matter what!

0 to 12- in a few short minutes

We obviously chose the name Kelcey for our little princess, with the middle name of Kae (which is the middle name of my favorite aunt!)
A few things that are of importance to note right away are
1) I had always believed that parents could mold a child, personalities were developed over time with love and patience!
2)I was WRONG!
This little girl came fully loaded with her own personality. She is the reason that I own every child rearing book that was published in the early 90's- and then a handful more to get me through the teenage years!
Two very good words to describe her are INDEPENDENT and INTENSE!
She self potty trained before she was 2, and she could talk a mile a minute long before that. She went from a screaming baby to a talking toddler overnight and there never seemed to be a break. She adored her Uncle Mike (Graham) and I would cherish the days when he would stop by. She had his ear and mine got a much needed break. She has always been strong willed and voiced her opinions regularly. One such opinion was that her father had "no sense of fashion!" and she reminded him of this often from about age 2 on. Fashion to her was lime green jelly shoes, which she wore ALWAYS- including to bed- and leggings with lace at the bottom and whatever beautiful dress she could find. And then, of course, there were the accessories, which was always something shiny, glittery, and colorful!
We moved to Murray when she was 4. Our ward had few children and she became the girl who bore her testimony every fast Sunday, relishing in the adult attention, and often she would sing in Sacrament meeting.
At the age of 5 she had mastered "eye rolling" and "dirty looks" and often made her kindergarten teacher cry. Poor Mrs. Bailey! First grade brought on her first fight over a boy, which still makes her angry when she talks about it! 2nd grade she decided that she no longer loved dance lessons and would not continue with them, and she began piano lessons- and then eventually Karate lessons in 3rd grade- and then soccer in 4th grade- She developed reading skills early on and has always loved to be buried in a book. She also has a great love for writing and loves expressing her opinions through her letters. The Tooth Fairy once received a strong rebuking from Kelcey through a letter- No one was safe!
But somehow we managed to get the little princess through Elementary and into Jr High. And we had learned a great deal about our little one in the process.
She does not like to be told what to do- EVER! So if I were to say "Hurry Kel, so we are not late" she would purposely come to a dead stop and take her time- just to show me that I would not be telling her what to do. She does not like rules. One thing that is very clear is that the next few years are not going to be filled with fun!

Monday, March 9, 2009


Not now, silly! 19 Years ago! Okay so its old news, BUT Since Kelcey was born in March I decided to devote my blog to her this month. This will be a month of a mom remembering Kelcey. It should be fun. Prepare yourself for DRAMA!
Lets start at the beginning shall we?
Back in those days ultra sounds were not so great, so we didn't know we were having a girl- but I knew, the way a mom knows- good old intuition!
She was born on march 26 1990 weighing in at 6 LBS and 6 oz- 18 inches long
She had a great head of hair- dark black- stood straight up! And Grandma Duke instantly coined her the "Indian Baby" She also had colic, and regular bouts of croup! Most of our pictures of her in the early days are of a screaming baby- and a mommy holding her (I was screaming on the inside!)- A complete mommies girl. She cried for everyone but me!
Just for the fun of it (and because I found her baby book- yeah me!) Here's a look at the names we had picked out for our little one.

Jayce or Jase or Jasteon

Kelcey, Kelsee or Kelsie

Thats the exact list- weird that I think I have to give myself spelling options-
But still a bit interesting. We have only just begun. Pics and more to come on the life of Kelcey!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

You only buy the CHEAP stuff

That is Jayce's latest opinion of his parents.
Maybe we should sell him--- for CHEAP!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

What was I scared of......

A tribute to Dr. Seuss

I was walking in the night
And I saw nothing scary.
For I have never been afraid
Of anything. Not Very.

My favorite story says it all
Reflects the way I feel-
The scary things seem small
and sometimes they aren't real..

For example, Baylie rode the bus
from school to home today
The first time in 14(and a half) years
that she has traveled home this way

The second day she missed that bus
then had to call her dad
he wasn't really happy,
be he wasn't really mad.

Then strange things have been happening
when I stay up too late at night
The printer makes some screaching noise
and gives me a real fright

Then there is this man voice
that sometimes I can hear
I cant quite make the words out
but it instills a little fear

I have never admitted to that last thing
my kids would have me committed--TODAY!
But once my sister heard it too,
And what was I to say?

I have heard a male voice speaking,
from somewhere in the house.
Usually near the kitchen,
and I know its not my spouse!!

That's what I am scared of!!

It seems interesting that the land that we live on
goes back generations on the Fowlks side.
Ross's Great Grandfather was the
original owner of the land and the family
claims to have seen Grandpa Joe around now and then.
Simply looking after his family- watching over them
now and then. I have always hoped that Grandpa Joe
would not take a liking to Shelli- because she is a
bit of a CHICKEN! and I really do not like the idea
seeing ghosts!- Hearing them?? Well- I do not like
that idea either- but it has happened- maybe once
every few months and it is never a loud, frightening
voice- really a very calm and reassuring voice.
Sometimes I have thought that Jordan must
be here- so I have gone into the kitchen to greet
him, only to find myself alone. Weird, but
now that I have vented, I think this is okay-
in fact, maybe it is even awesome! To think
that there is possibly an ancestor just looking
about, seeing that all is well with his family,
maybe even saying "Hello"- that's cool. I can live
with that! (I think, for now!)