Saturday, April 25, 2009

Don't leave Kelcey in charge!

I don't like leaving the kids, so I avoid it as much as possible, but this week I needed a break and Ross had been in Wendover for the Firefighters Union convention- so, he enticed me to join him for one night- good food, TV to myself for a few hours.
Jordan and Whitney were coming to stay with Baylie and Jayce.

I talked myself into NOT calling and checking on them every 15 minutes! I wanted to- but I didn't. I made it to Sat. morning- and then I called, because I needed Baylie up and getting ready for the soccer game. Kelcey answers. She says that Jordan and Whitney never showed up, so Baylie and her have taken care of everything- Jayce and Baylie are still asleep (it was 9:30- so I am thinking they had a really late night) and she has everything under control- no worries!

Well, I am worried and kind of angry that Jordan never showed, so I call him. The conversation went like this- "Jordan, Kelcey said you did not show up last night."
jordan "Oh, really? Then I wonder how Baylie and Jayce made it out to my house?"
me "Baylie and Jayce are with you?" jordan "Yes, where does Kelcey think they are?"

That's a good question! So I call Kelcey again and ask her to get Baylie up for soccer right away.

About ten minutes later we still have not heard from Kelcey, so Ross calls to see how everything is going. Kelcey has freaked out. They are not in Baylies room- where she swears she saw them last night!?!? and they are not in my room. They are not at the neighbors or at grandmas or aunt Suzies. She cannot find them! She even called Jordan and he played along- had no idea where they could be!

We let her sweat for a good long time then we all had a good laugh! And now you know why I don't leave Kelcey in charge!


Wendy said...

Holy smokes! I would have freaked out. But I think it is extra funny that you played everything out. You are one funny mama.

The Brown Family said...

LOLOLOLOL!!! That is the funniest most classic Kelcey story EVER! Gotta love her, and I am so glad that the kids really weren't missing. Poor girl had the scare of her life!

Kelcey Kae Fowlks (soon to be ANDRUS!) said...

K WHOA! I get that I'm a horrible person for not being totally awake after talking to my future mother-in-law about MY wedding, but seriously you CANNOT expect me to be all together here right now!

Becky Gray said...

Rob and I are both laughing... That is so funny. Poor Kelcey I would have been freaking out too!! I'm glad Bailey made it to the soccer game. :)

Megan said...

hahahahha your such a mean mom! just kidding. i totally would have had fun with that one after i had gotten over FREAKING out lol. glad everyone was okay and taken care of haha.