Saturday, January 30, 2010

My favorite....

Life seems so busy suddenly. I feel like I am running in too many different directions and I really dislike feeling rushed through each day. It's not that there is a lot going on- sometimes the rush is just me wanting to get everything finished, put in its place, picked up, wiped off, folded, ironed, dusted-
So I have made a deal with myself. I am going to have "My favorite" moments at least once a week. and it will not be - "My favorite moment this week was when I got the ink stain off Ross's shirt" or something lame like that- because, although that is exciting, it is not really something that I need to remember, or something that makes me particularly happy- The moments will be worthwhile---

So this week, my favorite moments are these:
1) When I woke up Thursday with the sore throat that hasn't gone away for months and Jayce said "Mom, you smell like disease." It made me cry because I felt like disease and then I spend the day in bed. I felt better Friday!

2)Baylie hasn't been feeling well. I took her to the Doctor 2 weeks ago and they said its a virus. It could last 10 to 14 days. She just was not getting better- I thought she was being lazy and she needed to just get up and get busy and then she would feel better- so to prove my point I decided to take her to the Doctor again and have them tell her that she should be feeling better- They said "She has pneumonia." I feel stupid. Sometimes I need to feel stupid!

3) Ross, Jayce and I were returning from shopping on Saturday and as we pull into the circle we see Mike, Ross's brother, out getting his mail. Ross said "Hey, should I hit him?" (I am pretty sure he was joking) And Jayce says "Don't you dare run over my favorite uncle. I talk to him every day. He is the only best friend uncle I have."
I don't think he talks to him every day- but it just made me feel so very grateful for the family that I am surrounded by.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Raising a Super hero................

Jayce and I took a look at his baby book today.
At 2:21 PM on November 26, 2003, I had a new little boy to raise.
By 10:00 that evening, I had a very sick little baby, and it was very possible that he would not live through the night.
This is when the first IV was placed in his little foot and he spent the night under the "lights", fighting off jaundice. The jaundice we could handle. Its treatable. It was the questionable blood counts that were frightening. My pediatrician is in Texas for the Thanksgiving break, so the "on-call" pediatrician recommends feedings every 2 hours with supplements. So like clock work I walk to the nursery every two hours and feed my baby the bottle that they have warmed to the perfect temperature and added the supplements for me- I can hold him while he eats then its back in the baker for my boy.
On Friday, the day I hoped to take him home, we learn that he is not maintaining a normal blood-sugar level, and the bili continues to rise. Saturday, the same. No improvement. Sunday, same story, with no hope for answers any time soon.
Monday, our pediatrician returns. Bless him! He takes a stab in the dark and orders x-rays on the babies chest and belly. The spots he finds in the intestinal track are not normal, so he consults with an Intestinal Specialist and gets the baby on the medication that will treat the infection that is lingering in his little body. 48 hours without feedings, 48 hours of IV's and needles and foul smelling medications.
He begins to improve and we are able to leave the hospital with our child 9 days after his birth- first stop- Primary Childrens Hospital. Quick out patient surgery for a pic line so he can continue the meds at home. He gets his first cherry Popsicle. That's what they give 9 day old babies after surgery- wakes them up. Then the home nurse visits and instructs a frantic mom. Another blessing, to have a paramedic for a husband, because I could not get myself to administer the meds. A trip to the hospital every day for the next 7 days to have blood drawn from his already sore heels. What an adventure. A look at this book always reminds me how blessed we are. I am so thankful for miracles!
Jayce, however, does not think this is a miracle- this was "a SUPER HERO intervention". The original IV was to replace the people blood with Super Hero fluid. Sometimes the fluid makes a baby body tired and then the doctors think they are sick. Also, the Super Hero isn't used to baby food so the nurses sneak the stuff in so that moms don't realize that they are really feeding the baby super hero potions. The super hero will die if the mom doesn't let the nurses do it, so they sneak. The lights that our super hero lay under for countless hours are not really lights at all- they are magnetic bone re-placers, taking the bone from the tiny body and replacing it with a "magnetic structure" and it takes time! The x-rays ordered by the doctor- not x-rays at all. That's when they put the x-ray vision into his brain. The only really strange thing is that they normally don't give "super hero" babies to moms that have wrinkles- this is quite puzzling to him.

So when his "magnetic structure" slams into the wall, because of the magnetic pull (hey, it happens!) I can calmly look away. This is normal "super hero" behavior. He cant help it. He has to learn to live with it.
When his laser eyes see things that don't exist in my world- I just shrug my shoulders and smile.
There's a lot I don't know about Super Hero's. What I do know is this- When I walk into the room and my little man is kneeling down, head bowed, asking his Heavenly Father to help him to be strong- That's when I know for sure I am raising a Super Hero!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Dreams really do come true!

While I was jogging on the treadmill yesterday, Ross grabbed Jayces little electric toy guitar (kinda like a ukulele) and strummed away while singing a lovely love song.

If I use my imagination, this could kinda be like jogging on the beach, out in the sun, with my sweetie singing sweet tunes of love-


No, not really. But I am glad we got the ukulele and singing part out of the way- a few minutes of that was enough for me. Now, all we need is some sunshine!!

Monday, January 11, 2010

A girl can dream..............

Just chill for a few seconds.........wait for the music to start-

Is it playing?

Now imagine yourself lying on a private beach, nothing but sunshine for days and days,
no job, no house to clean, no fighting kids.

AHHHH! That's just the kind of break I am in need of!

So, for my upcoming anniversary- 24 years with my sweetie- this is my dream, my little fantasy- Ross is playing the ukulele and singing sweet tunes about love- I am eating fresh coconut and soaking up the sun- AHHHHHHHHHH!

A girl can dream!

The reality is that IF we are lucky we will drive to St George where Ross will spend most of his time hitting balls at the golf course and I will be listening to Bay and Jayce fighting over some stupid game or movie-


Thursday, January 7, 2010

Happy New Year!

I love the beginning of a "New Year"- the fresh start feel is awesome- but really, I just LOVE having the kids home and the "nothing-to-do" feeling. The kids are content-
Ross has had two full weeks home- with his phone attached to his ear- but physically present for the holiday's.

Our Christmas Family Tradition is to open Christmas PJ's on Christmas Eve- everyone changes into their jammies and we decorate cookies for Santa and then watch a movie together. On Christmas morning we have breakfast with Grandma and Grandpa Fowlks and open gifts- I am embarrassed to admit that Grandma and Grandpa woke us up at 8:30 Christmas morning-- we enjoyed our Christmas Eve celebrations so much that we went to bed WAY late and the kids were in no hurray to get up! I love these traditions, but I can see that this will change over the years to come- two of our children have their own families now and will want to form their own traditions. It is exciting and sad all at the same time to see your family grow and change- I have really, really great kids! They have chosen really, really great spouses. AND I have the CUTEST grand baby in the entire world!- We have many blessings, but all that really matters is the love we have for our families!

So- from my family to yours- we hope your year is filled with love and happiness!