Monday, January 11, 2010

A girl can dream..............

Just chill for a few seconds.........wait for the music to start-

Is it playing?

Now imagine yourself lying on a private beach, nothing but sunshine for days and days,
no job, no house to clean, no fighting kids.

AHHHH! That's just the kind of break I am in need of!

So, for my upcoming anniversary- 24 years with my sweetie- this is my dream, my little fantasy- Ross is playing the ukulele and singing sweet tunes about love- I am eating fresh coconut and soaking up the sun- AHHHHHHHHHH!

A girl can dream!

The reality is that IF we are lucky we will drive to St George where Ross will spend most of his time hitting balls at the golf course and I will be listening to Bay and Jayce fighting over some stupid game or movie-



The Olson Gang! said...


Oh of course you can dream!!!!! Don't let anyone pop your bubble!!!! I'll dream for you that your dreams come true!!!! YOU DESERVE IT!!!! JUST DO IT!!!!! Hey!!! I have an idea..... maybe you and I should PLAN that DREAM and make it come true by our 30th anniversaries!!!!! ..... ok - my 30th (cuz it's closer) and your 28th! DEAL!?!?!?! Let's plan it!!!! Can you just see Ross & Todd - playing ukulele's in their grass skirts...............ok, forget the grass skirts! Overalls? LOL!!!! Where should we go???

The Brown Family said...

Dream away! By the way that is one of my favorite songs... it makes me so happy inside.

Maybe you could drag some sand into your bathroom, hook yourself up with some bubble bath, throw the sand all over the place, get a coconut, cut it open and fill it with Diet coke an umbrella and a straw.... fresh fruit and an ocean CD :) I might do that myself :) Oh... then you can make Ross (your personal cabana boy) CLEAN IT UP! YESSSS!

Becky Gray said...

I love the dream!!! let me know if I can help make it come true for you. Bays can stay at our house... Sounds like Hawaii is calling you!

Pauline said...

That does sound really good, could you take the plane ride? I am ready as well for a nice beach but with the lack of work going on right now I will have to look just sit and look at a picture of a beach and dream that I am there. Its good to dream (i guess):/

The Isoms said...

Send Jayce my way when your here! Then it will be just you and Bay... sounds nice huh?