Saturday, January 30, 2010

My favorite....

Life seems so busy suddenly. I feel like I am running in too many different directions and I really dislike feeling rushed through each day. It's not that there is a lot going on- sometimes the rush is just me wanting to get everything finished, put in its place, picked up, wiped off, folded, ironed, dusted-
So I have made a deal with myself. I am going to have "My favorite" moments at least once a week. and it will not be - "My favorite moment this week was when I got the ink stain off Ross's shirt" or something lame like that- because, although that is exciting, it is not really something that I need to remember, or something that makes me particularly happy- The moments will be worthwhile---

So this week, my favorite moments are these:
1) When I woke up Thursday with the sore throat that hasn't gone away for months and Jayce said "Mom, you smell like disease." It made me cry because I felt like disease and then I spend the day in bed. I felt better Friday!

2)Baylie hasn't been feeling well. I took her to the Doctor 2 weeks ago and they said its a virus. It could last 10 to 14 days. She just was not getting better- I thought she was being lazy and she needed to just get up and get busy and then she would feel better- so to prove my point I decided to take her to the Doctor again and have them tell her that she should be feeling better- They said "She has pneumonia." I feel stupid. Sometimes I need to feel stupid!

3) Ross, Jayce and I were returning from shopping on Saturday and as we pull into the circle we see Mike, Ross's brother, out getting his mail. Ross said "Hey, should I hit him?" (I am pretty sure he was joking) And Jayce says "Don't you dare run over my favorite uncle. I talk to him every day. He is the only best friend uncle I have."
I don't think he talks to him every day- but it just made me feel so very grateful for the family that I am surrounded by.


The Olson Gang! said...

Have I told you how much I NEED your blog daily!!! I just can't get enough! AND.... why do you get all the fun???? Hmmm - I see something wrong with this picture .... :)

I'm so sorry you woke with Mr Frog... We've been battling him for a couple weeks here too... wish he'd just make up his mind!

And... would you mind if I send Todd over there?? He and Bay can have a great time together - I'm pretty sure he has pneumonia too.... but of course - He's FINE! GRRR!!!! I'm packing his bags now... I'll drop him off....

and of course... where is Jayce when I need him... ???? I've been RAN OVER!! And I surely could have used him... I guess he was pre-occupied saving UNCLE MIKE!! But... I think it is my TURN!!! :) Would you ask if he has time to save me?

And... we need to get your book out! I'll be your publisher... are you ready? I LOVE YA!!!!

Becky Gray said...

I'm sorry to hear about Baylie... Kenzie has been sick this past weekend too... I just love your blog, it always makes me smile. :)