Saturday, October 22, 2011


Now I have grout!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I just have to tell someone
This just might be the best week ever. I have waited forever- for over two years for this. My sweet husband got it in his head OVER two years ago to pull the tile out of the kids bathroom and make some repairs. And that was as far as he went. So for OVER two years I have been gently reminding him that it sure would be nice if we had that bathroom finished. I did what I could (painted and put up a nice shower curtain to hide the bathtub mess- and all the tools and tile things that are sitting in the tub)- and I waited
and waited
and waited:(

He had this whole week off work- I was working- and mentioned that it sure would be nice if he started working on the bathroom- but when Thursday came around and he still had not started, I gave up hope.
Let me just say that we haven't suffered. Ross put in a very, very nice master bathroom with the addition. We all love it- its probably the best room in the house- so we haven't suffered without the use of this tub- BUT it sure would nice to have it done,
IT HAS TILE- HURRAY- and he even finished the window tile in the dining room. (I have been waiting for somewhere near 8 years for that) HAPPY DAY


Monday, October 3, 2011

Travel, Homecoming, Soccer and PINK!

We took a quick trip to San Diego the weekend before Ross had meetings in Anaheim. Great plan- we would drive to San Diego Friday- spend Saturday and Sunday seeing the sights and then take Ross to the car rental and leave him to head into Anaheim. The Kids and I were to stay the night in San Diego and drive home Monday morning.
Just a background- I LOVE SAN DIEGO! I beg and BEG and BEG for Ross to apply for jobs there so we can move- and live happily ever after in my dream city!
Since this trip I have changed my mind!! Completely!
We chose the ARMY/NAVY/AIRFORCE/MARINE Family and friends weekend- and there were people crawling all over the place! Shelli and crowds just don't mix! We did eat at our favorite place in Old Town and went to the newly upgraded "Mormon Battalion" museum that is ran by the sister missionaries. WONDERFUL!
The tide pools were awesome- one of our favorite things to do in California is see the tide pools.
We attempted to spend Sunday in Coronado- mostly just so Ross could get a kick out of driving Shelli across that awful bridge. I love the little island- but again it was crawling with crowds- THE ART FESTIVAL- of course! We could not find a place to park- when we finally did find parking it was a $15.00 per hour stall! WOWZA! But we had great crepes and watched the people look at their artsy stuff! We stopped for fuel and - believe it or not -the gas station was out- OUT! NO FUEL! What the heck? So I was envisioning having to walk across that bridge to get fuel- and walk back-
Luckily we made it! WHEW! We decided to drive to Anaheim and stay with Ross there. Good choice for us- he had an amazing room!

Next weekend- Homecoming! Baylie was invited by some dude named Tyson (I think)- He is a soccer player and invited her by supplying a pretty awesome soccer ball, bag and note! Smart boy! She said yes- bought the first dress she saw and some glitzy shoes- allowed me to straighten her hair and put some make-up on her, and she was off! She is the easiest going girl I know!! And BEAUTIFUL!

Then there was the Senior Soccer Game! Lots of PICTURES! So sad! She cried- they all cried! This group of girls have played together since 3rd grade! They are like family! She will miss them and we will miss the parents! We have gained some really great friends through hours upon hours of soccer! LOVE THEM!

AND for our sweet Des- A PINK FAMILY NIGHT!
I wish I had taken pictures of Ross and Jordan tying the shirts- they did a great job- Paisley and I sprayed them. And then we all took pictures for Des! We LOVE YOU DES!!