Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's a BOX!

Valentine's Day finally crept closer and closer- so late Saturday I set my mind to doing the thing that i had put off for at least a month- decorate Jayce's Valentine Box.
It's not that its a terrible project- its really just that I didn't want to drag the junk out and do it.
As we talked about it on Friday (I was working myself up for the FUN!) Jayce said "Don't worry mom, I already know that I need a shoe basket to make the valentine basket."
Its a BOX Jayce-a shoe BOX. It will be a valentine BOX. Only, of course you know that wasn't the end of that conversation- the difference between baskets and boxes can go on and on and on.
And into the next day-- jeez, kid. Its a BOX already!
We finally decided on a rocket for the the valentine basket (I gave up) and it turned out to be a very nice looking rocket!
So Sunday as we are talking about getting the Valentine Basket to school with limited damage- he says to Ross- "Dad. You should probably just leave early in the morning because me and mom already know how to handle the Valentine Case. We don't want you to break it."
Oh, so now its a Valentine Case? What happened to the basket? Really?
At the end of the day I guess I just cant get worked up over the small stuff. I can, however, get a very big head ache. Do you have any idea how long I listened to the chatter about boxes and baskets? GRRRR!