Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My FUNNY Life!!

Funny #1
This takes the cake! This summer I have had the JOY of spending time with my nieces and nephews a few days a week. There's my sister LeAnnes son, Kohen, who is 4, and my brother and sister-in-law's children, Morrison and Merrick, who are 7, Wellya, who is also 7, and Fania who just turned 5. Occassionally they are all here on the same day and its like a great big PARTY!
We had a party day last Tuesday. I returned from the gymn to find a full house. Baylie volunteered to take them all outside for a few minutes so I could get a quick shower. I did not lock the door- BIG MISTAKE!! The kids all love to play in my bathroom. They had chosen an Indiana Jones Theme for the day- so lots of sword fights and such were in the works when they came crashing into my bathroom just as I step out of the shower. HELLO!! MEET YOUR NAKED AUNT SHELLI!
Embarrasing for me- they didnt seem to mind, as they contiued their sword fights as if I were not even there!
Baylie laughed her buns off! Thanks for the help Bay!!

Funny #2
This is just as good as the first but happened a few weeks before and I am still recovering from the event- so I am a little sensitive about it all! But the story must be told!
We were enjoying a BBQ with the cheif and a few captains from the fire dept. one evening. Every one had a great time and we were preparing to leave. Ross went into the cheifs home to use the potty, and I went looking for him, knowing he was inside. It was very dark outside!! VERY DARK!!Okay, maybe it wasnt that dark!) So I was walking toward the light inside the house when CRASH!!- It sounded like a gun had been fired right next to my ear. Horrible! But it was no gun! Just my face hitting the glass door! It hurt! I left a very great impression of my nose and forhead smeared on the glass and I have a darn good bruised up finger as well. (I was holding a cup of ice water which exploded upon impact, thus the gun firing sound, and drenched me in water!) Why do I do these things at the worst times??
If I had been home alone and ran into the glass door- no big deal. Nobody would know! But here I am in front of the people Ross works with-- Stupid me!
Jordan is now working on a fence for the cheif- and he was proud to show Jordan the face print that his mother left on his door. Think they could wash that off sometime real soon!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Baylies Birthday!

Baylie turned 14 on Saturday, June 7,08. We began the day bright and early- Baylie LOVES IHOP so we took her to breakfast before Kelcey left for school. For her party, she invited Brittany Larsen, MaKenzy Gray, Mackenzie Allred(we call them Gray and Red- just to keep the MaKenzies straight), Lauren Groves and Marie. We had Pizza and then went to Gateway for a movie. We watched KUNG FU PANDA. It is a very entertaining show! Jayce even sat through the entire film. Then we returned home for ice cream, cake and pictures. Baylie had a great day!

Spring Fun!

Jayce and I have been home from Preschool for the first week and we survived. Kohen has come to play and Allora has also come to play! We have had a good time outside!

Memorial Day!

I always have mixed feelings on this day! Oh, how I miss those that are gone- My sweet 5 year brother, Grandma's and Grandpa's on every side, Uncles, cousins and a brother-in-law--
All are so missed! But I LOVE this song-"I Believe!" I hope you will take a second to hear it out- Its beautiful and I know we have those loved ones near us always!

And then to lighten your mood- I have added some favorite MEMORIES!! SHONTELL, I cant think of you without bursting into a horrible, off tune Carpenters tune!! (You know I really can sing- HAHA!! Its just horribly off tune because I know you love it that way!!) Kerryne,"your gonna miss this" is my memories for you! I actually am the one missing you and your family!! And the song always gets me!! Wish you were here!!

Preschool GRADUATE!

Graduation is a bit sad for me this year! I have grown so attached to these cute kids!
Next year will be the same group- minus a few that move into Kindergarten--
so it will be fun to spend another year with them! Jayce loves school and will
be very bored on Tuesday and Thursday without it! I think I actually will be bored as well- but, ya know, I do enjoy cleaning house and so I guess I know what I will do with my spare time!!

Soccer Tournament

Rain seems to be the only weather we have lately! And soccer stops for nothing!!
So we were able to get a few pictures during the tournament. The Team did well- and
won a game on Thursday- a shut-out, which gives us a few bonus points in tournament standings, then came Saturdays 8:00 AM game, which means that the players show up NO LATER than 7:30 AM- and the games were all in Kaysville. Imagine the Fowlks Family leaving the house about 7:10ish and hitting the freeway, Ross at the wheel-
Yes, that would be a ticket! So NO we did not make it for the 7:30 cut off- but we were there by 7:45, ticket and all!!

The team played two games on Saturday- winning one, one lost! And the began agian on Mondays RAINING morning! Now IF we win this game- we will play at least one more game today in the drizzle- possibly two more games- and if we dont win, we are free to go home for the rest of memorial day! -So we didnt feel terrible when we lost the first game- we were very wet and some girls- Baylie in particular, very muddy! It was time to go home!!


As many of you know- Jayce is quite a character! He has many imaginary friends- Pablo, Casper and Tyrone are a few regulars! He has been blessed with an outstanding couple as Primary Teachers! They are cool enough to know who Pablo is- and to enjoy Casper and Tyrone as well- and to teach him some amazing things! I know that all Primary teachers are great- but I cant help but brag on Brother Franko and Sister Jodi! Months ago they talked to the class about feeding their bodies food and water to keep them strong- and how its also important that we feed our spirits with scriptures and uplifting music so that our spirits can be strong. He has been committed to this since the day he learned it and often you will find us reading scripture to him and singing about his favorite prophets. Well, last night his toe itched all night. He gets some very dry patches of skin on his body that itch and we rubbed cream on the toes time after time to comfort him and nothing seemed to work. Needless to say, it ended up being a long, long night! Lucky for us, by morning he had figured out why his toes itched so badly all night long- HIS SPIRIT WAS HUNGRY! All it took was a few great scripture stories to calm the itching toes and all was right with the world of Jayce!!


Baylie had a few friends over one night. The girl on the left was a girl we had not met before- really the first time that she had hung out with the two MaKenzies and Baylie- so Jayce walks into the room and the girl on the left (sorry, I cant remember her name) looks at him and says "hey Jayce, what are you doing here??- He says- "well, this is where I live today!" (I would love to know where he lives on the other days!) SO we are asking how she knows Jayce and she says she met him at a soccer game. Makes sence since we spend most of our spare time at soccer games- I just had no idea that he had so many friends- they are pretty good buddies!


Hillcrest Jr High has a monster concert every year. All of the choirs participate. Normally baylie and her girls choir are required to wear their "uniform" which is a long fancy black dress and nice dress shoes- not really Baylies favorite attire- but the monster concert is different. They wear jeans and t shirts and they really sing some fun songs- mostly all without accompaniment- beautiful! Jayce didnt want to go- the monster thing was scarey- but he was jammin and had a great time!


Thanks to Calliou (which is a tv show on KBYU)- Jayce has decided to be a robot! He had a great time! I thought I would add a few pictures of some of the good times we have around home! Like the two girls getting along- now that doesnt happen at our house very often! SNOW BALL FIGHTS which happened alot this winter- what a winter!! Bubble baths and sweet naps!! AHHHH- Those are the best!


Whitney and myself were all registered to run a 5K. Unfortunately, Ross was invited to go golfing with the fire dept big whigs! It was a "I just cant say no" thing- so he went golfing. Jordan was testing that morning for Salt Lake Cities Fire dept, and, as luck would have it- Myself and Jayce and Baylie have been having some fun in the tummy area- mostly sitting on the toilets- so running just didnt sound like a great idea! So- Whitney took a friend and her sister and they had a great time at the race. For those of you who don't know- this is a breast cancer foundation (susan Kohmen) and a worthy cause. We have a good friend who is a radiologist and treats cancer patients so we join her team each year. At the end there is a "Survivors Parade" that is very moving! So, Mothers Day came- Jayce was still not feeling great- but we were dumb enough to take him to church anyway- and about half way through he RAN as fast as he could to the bathroom, but didn't quite make it in time- still he locked himself in a stall in the mens room and YELLED for MOM and DAD until Ross went in to rescue him! Poor boy! He did have time, however, to fill out a cute paper about his mom- He thinks I am thirty- which I'll take- sounds a lot better than almost 42.My favorite thing to do is clean the house- I guess I need to stop having so much FUN while I clean! My eyes are black- who knew? and I love to color- my secret is out!! Its always fun to hear what kids think of us!!Later when we drove to the Christensen's, Jayce barfed in the car- gotta love that smell!!- I nearly barfed myself while trying to clean it up- lucky for me I am married to a medic- he loves that kind of thing!! So the visits with moms were cut short. Kelcey wrote a beautiful poem for me that I will share with you- It is touching and she actually worked on this for many days- impressive!!Oh- and Kelcey is dating a young man that we really like. His name is Preston, he lives in Ogden, is a commercial real estate agent, working out of Centerville, and attending Westminster College- with some sort of pilot- commercial pilot maybe?- degree in the works. He is 21- an old man for our 18 year old, but he seems to be a good guy!I would love to fill you in on the life of Baylie Nakole- but, I am the most embarrassing mother in the state of and I am simply not responded to these days other than grunts! She is alive and as we all know, she could easily live in her bedroom for months with no concern for food or beverage- she has a good supply in the "Baylie Cafe'" so there are few things to worry about for her. She has recently had soccer tryouts for the competitive team she has played on for four years (SHE MADE THE TEAM!!-) and High School Soccer tryouts are coming up in the next few weeks. I hear that Jordan and Whitney have there own Blogsite now- so someday when shes over I will have her link it with mine so you can all see how they are doing. My mom is naive and clueless but knows everything I'm thinking without even asking. My mom is: the rock n' roll chick of the Relief Society,the cheerleader of our family, and the rock in my life.My mom is Wonder Woman.She fixes cuts and bruises, mends broken hearts,plays with our imaginary friends, encourages and lectures, disciplines and consoles.My mom is there for me no matter what.My mom is amazing.She does everything and doesn't ask for anything in return.No one even comes close to you! Thank You for being my mom.The only thing I can say to that is- I really didn't know the friends were imaginary!!Thanks Kelc! This means a lot to me!!I have some beautiful Roses to go along with the outdoor garden statues from Ross and the kids and some really great rooster plaques and a clock for my kitchen from Jordan and Whitney- AND Jordan even hugged me today- that made my day right there!! I have a great family!

Birthday GIRL!

Kelcey wasnt feeling great on her birthday- We took her to Training Table at her request and she ended up in the bathroom the whole time. Her birthday party was put off several times, basically because she thinks her mom is lame for planning it- BUT- she had a great time and she even told me THANK YOU!! WOW!! Its a miracle! We played survival games for the things kelcey NEEDS to survivr in life- she chose the subjects- Food, music, fashion and money. She won a case of mac and cheese- the only food she eats lately, and some gift cards to her favorite clothes stores, her friends and family wrote some great songs for her and they won her $40.00 (thats in addition to the $200 we gave her for her birthday.) The tribes were divided into "family" and "friends". It was fun! (Thank You Shontell for the fun ideas!!)

Everyone is sick....AGAIN!

Excluding Baylie and Ross, we are one sick family! This time I did get Jayce to the Doctor within the two day time frame and he is on TAMI FLU- for the influenza- its like energizer bunny fluid- hes going and going and going- and I am POOPED! Kelcey has walking pneumonia- which is a two day "doctor excused" break from school- why do they they do this to moms- doctors should know that two days off for her is TONS of work for me! She's resting, unless she is "out with friends" which she seems to feel fine doing- unless shes resting, of course- there's no in between. Cant clean up her dishes because she is resting, cant move of the couch- shes resting- But when those friends call- shes fine!

We have spent the last few days with HARRY POTTER! Isn't he cute? He seriously wears these Harry Potter glasses everywhere! He believes he is a wizard- and he casts all kinds of spells on us all day long! Very creative young man! I am invisible right now and I am loving it! I tend to ask questions when spells are being cast, and Harry is pretty confident in his abilities- and always reassures me with calmly stating, " Don't worry mom, I have everything under control!!"

Now that's comforting!!

When can you come?

Jayce has only one concern today- when can Payton and Pahja come to my house?
We hope soon!
We had a great time at the Olsons, snuggling Gracie and eating great food.
Jayce played Minute Man with BryLeigh. I am still unsure of what Minute Man is- I think I will have to sign up for a lesson in that game! Jayce says that him and Bry's have plans to play again soon! They used a "white wood" for thier flying car and "black for the time computer."
We had to leave because Jayce had to get home to do his homework!

(Shonie, I hope your cute sisters-in-law know that I really dont make him do homework- He just likes to talk big!

The reality of life today is that Baylie has had INFLUENZA A- (did you know they test for this and can actually treat it with medication when it is caught within the first 2 days?) WHO KNEW- not me, so I waited too many days and then it had to just ride its course. She ultimately missed 7 days if school- doctors orders- and has a gob of homework to do to catch herself up! So we are all doing homework today! (And she has been declared free of the virus since early last week! YES!)

Jordan and Whitney went to nice sunny Vegas to see the Nascar races. They should be returning tonight and we hope they had a great time.

Kelcey is inching even closer to the BIG 18! FREEDOM! (She thinks)
Anyone have a great idea for a party?
And Ross and I went to the gymn together for the first time in years- I have been running with Baylie and her soccer team- Ross hasn't been working out much- so I kicked his butt, had to leave him in my dust!!
He will soon be outrunning me- so I am taking this opportunity to BRAG now!!


Here is the Fowlks Family!

Jordan and Whitney married just past 1 year, have happily purchased a new home and a new car recently! They are very happy!

Kelcey is 17 and 11 months today and looking forward to completing school at Echelon Edge Academy for cosmotology and getting into Esthetics. (AND hopefully getting s JOB!!)

Baylie is 13 1/2 and a great student and soccer player (GO MURRAY MAX!)and has been coined the "SILENT GENIUS" by a school teacher.

Jayce is currently the family entertainment- thats what happens when your 4 and every other person in the house is a teenager or OLD! He loves Harry Potter and Spidey and Power Rangers- he also has an invisible friend named Pablo- I should say he has two invisible friends- Casper comes around to cause trouble every now and then too!

Ross is working for Unified Fire Authority as a Captain. Shelli is helping out at CopperCreek Preschool and doing a not so great job on the book work for Allied Vinyl Fence and Gates- (thanks for all the help, shonie!)

Jordan is a paid call guy for Unified Fire and running the day to day business for AVF&G-

Whitney is a CNA at U of U hospital in the after mom has baby center- she sees all the new little babies!!

Jayce would like you to know that he no longer talks to Gingy, Tyron, Uniqua and Austin AND Tasha-They are all lost, or they moved and they lost their map to come to his house! What else can we expect from imaginary friends??