Thursday, August 14, 2008

Everyone is sick....AGAIN!

Excluding Baylie and Ross, we are one sick family! This time I did get Jayce to the Doctor within the two day time frame and he is on TAMI FLU- for the influenza- its like energizer bunny fluid- hes going and going and going- and I am POOPED! Kelcey has walking pneumonia- which is a two day "doctor excused" break from school- why do they they do this to moms- doctors should know that two days off for her is TONS of work for me! She's resting, unless she is "out with friends" which she seems to feel fine doing- unless shes resting, of course- there's no in between. Cant clean up her dishes because she is resting, cant move of the couch- shes resting- But when those friends call- shes fine!

We have spent the last few days with HARRY POTTER! Isn't he cute? He seriously wears these Harry Potter glasses everywhere! He believes he is a wizard- and he casts all kinds of spells on us all day long! Very creative young man! I am invisible right now and I am loving it! I tend to ask questions when spells are being cast, and Harry is pretty confident in his abilities- and always reassures me with calmly stating, " Don't worry mom, I have everything under control!!"

Now that's comforting!!

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