Thursday, August 14, 2008

Memorial Day!

I always have mixed feelings on this day! Oh, how I miss those that are gone- My sweet 5 year brother, Grandma's and Grandpa's on every side, Uncles, cousins and a brother-in-law--
All are so missed! But I LOVE this song-"I Believe!" I hope you will take a second to hear it out- Its beautiful and I know we have those loved ones near us always!

And then to lighten your mood- I have added some favorite MEMORIES!! SHONTELL, I cant think of you without bursting into a horrible, off tune Carpenters tune!! (You know I really can sing- HAHA!! Its just horribly off tune because I know you love it that way!!) Kerryne,"your gonna miss this" is my memories for you! I actually am the one missing you and your family!! And the song always gets me!! Wish you were here!!

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