Thursday, August 14, 2008


Whitney and myself were all registered to run a 5K. Unfortunately, Ross was invited to go golfing with the fire dept big whigs! It was a "I just cant say no" thing- so he went golfing. Jordan was testing that morning for Salt Lake Cities Fire dept, and, as luck would have it- Myself and Jayce and Baylie have been having some fun in the tummy area- mostly sitting on the toilets- so running just didnt sound like a great idea! So- Whitney took a friend and her sister and they had a great time at the race. For those of you who don't know- this is a breast cancer foundation (susan Kohmen) and a worthy cause. We have a good friend who is a radiologist and treats cancer patients so we join her team each year. At the end there is a "Survivors Parade" that is very moving! So, Mothers Day came- Jayce was still not feeling great- but we were dumb enough to take him to church anyway- and about half way through he RAN as fast as he could to the bathroom, but didn't quite make it in time- still he locked himself in a stall in the mens room and YELLED for MOM and DAD until Ross went in to rescue him! Poor boy! He did have time, however, to fill out a cute paper about his mom- He thinks I am thirty- which I'll take- sounds a lot better than almost 42.My favorite thing to do is clean the house- I guess I need to stop having so much FUN while I clean! My eyes are black- who knew? and I love to color- my secret is out!! Its always fun to hear what kids think of us!!Later when we drove to the Christensen's, Jayce barfed in the car- gotta love that smell!!- I nearly barfed myself while trying to clean it up- lucky for me I am married to a medic- he loves that kind of thing!! So the visits with moms were cut short. Kelcey wrote a beautiful poem for me that I will share with you- It is touching and she actually worked on this for many days- impressive!!Oh- and Kelcey is dating a young man that we really like. His name is Preston, he lives in Ogden, is a commercial real estate agent, working out of Centerville, and attending Westminster College- with some sort of pilot- commercial pilot maybe?- degree in the works. He is 21- an old man for our 18 year old, but he seems to be a good guy!I would love to fill you in on the life of Baylie Nakole- but, I am the most embarrassing mother in the state of and I am simply not responded to these days other than grunts! She is alive and as we all know, she could easily live in her bedroom for months with no concern for food or beverage- she has a good supply in the "Baylie Cafe'" so there are few things to worry about for her. She has recently had soccer tryouts for the competitive team she has played on for four years (SHE MADE THE TEAM!!-) and High School Soccer tryouts are coming up in the next few weeks. I hear that Jordan and Whitney have there own Blogsite now- so someday when shes over I will have her link it with mine so you can all see how they are doing. My mom is naive and clueless but knows everything I'm thinking without even asking. My mom is: the rock n' roll chick of the Relief Society,the cheerleader of our family, and the rock in my life.My mom is Wonder Woman.She fixes cuts and bruises, mends broken hearts,plays with our imaginary friends, encourages and lectures, disciplines and consoles.My mom is there for me no matter what.My mom is amazing.She does everything and doesn't ask for anything in return.No one even comes close to you! Thank You for being my mom.The only thing I can say to that is- I really didn't know the friends were imaginary!!Thanks Kelc! This means a lot to me!!I have some beautiful Roses to go along with the outdoor garden statues from Ross and the kids and some really great rooster plaques and a clock for my kitchen from Jordan and Whitney- AND Jordan even hugged me today- that made my day right there!! I have a great family!

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