Thursday, August 14, 2008


Here is the Fowlks Family!

Jordan and Whitney married just past 1 year, have happily purchased a new home and a new car recently! They are very happy!

Kelcey is 17 and 11 months today and looking forward to completing school at Echelon Edge Academy for cosmotology and getting into Esthetics. (AND hopefully getting s JOB!!)

Baylie is 13 1/2 and a great student and soccer player (GO MURRAY MAX!)and has been coined the "SILENT GENIUS" by a school teacher.

Jayce is currently the family entertainment- thats what happens when your 4 and every other person in the house is a teenager or OLD! He loves Harry Potter and Spidey and Power Rangers- he also has an invisible friend named Pablo- I should say he has two invisible friends- Casper comes around to cause trouble every now and then too!

Ross is working for Unified Fire Authority as a Captain. Shelli is helping out at CopperCreek Preschool and doing a not so great job on the book work for Allied Vinyl Fence and Gates- (thanks for all the help, shonie!)

Jordan is a paid call guy for Unified Fire and running the day to day business for AVF&G-

Whitney is a CNA at U of U hospital in the after mom has baby center- she sees all the new little babies!!

Jayce would like you to know that he no longer talks to Gingy, Tyron, Uniqua and Austin AND Tasha-They are all lost, or they moved and they lost their map to come to his house! What else can we expect from imaginary friends??

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