Saturday, September 27, 2008

Life is GOOD!

News in the Fowlks family is all good this week!
Cameron, who is my baby brother (26) moved in a week ago and he seems to be tolerating the Fowlks' rather well! We are enjoying him!
Kelcey has had 6 cavities filled and will be getting her wisdom teeth pulled next week- stinks for her, but she will be happy to have it all finished. She has about 6 weeks left of cosmotology school and is loving her job at Sally Beauty Supply.
Baylie had only great reports from teachers this week at Parent-Teacher Conference!All A's and they love her!
Jayce has had a bit of a rough week- seems that he has his fathers temper!! Lucky me! When he isnt feeling well it is a bit scarey! So this week we have been fighting the sore throat, stuffy nose, cant sleep virus! I have been head butted a few times and have the bruises to prove it- DANG he has a hard head!
but its all part of being a mom!!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


We have a "good news" minute every Sunday at church. I never have good news of my own to share--Cant we have a "bad News" minute- or hour-- or however long it takes??
I know the idea is to focus on the good things that happen during the week, so I am trying to do this and wouldn't ya know it I thought of TWO items of GOOD NEWS!!
My sweet brother Chad married the beautiful Becky three years ago. She has a son who is 11 and in the 6th grade named Cameron. Cam wanted from the very beginning to be adopted, and it took awhile, but on Thursday in a little Provo Court house, Cameron was adopted by Chad!! YEAH!
And secondly, my sister and dear friend Kerryne and her two children, Payton 7. and Pajha 4, will be moving into our house on October 28. Bjay, my brother-in-law, is going to Korea for a few months and we will be happy to have her and the children back in Utah. (They have lived in Cyprus which is a little island in the Mediterranean Sea near Turkey for a few years.)

Sunday, September 7, 2008

St. George- HERE WE COME!!

Its been a LONG summer- so for part of our Olsen-Fowlks-Barnson (and who ever else we can talk into joining us) tradition, we headed to St.George for the Labor day weekend.We left later Friday night, and about 3 minutes into the drive Jayce began "are we there yet"--- It seemed like we would never get there!

The kids all loved the pool. Ross and Todd had a good time too! Diving became the sport of the weekend- and let me tell ya- the girls could do some pretty great belly flops! I believe it was Todd that challenged Ross to dive into the pool with his life saving devices in place. For Ross and Todd this would be an intertube around the belly and several noodles to balance the head and feet. Ross took the challenge- and the intertube exploded- not pretty! Plus it was not even his intertube- so now he owes somebody a tube!!
Any free time, away from the pool, was spent playing cards, eating, playing cards, eating, and a little shopping at the outlets! The shopping was worth it, because Shontell bought a swimsuit AND we got her into the pool- that was a first!! She even has a bit of a sunburn on her "Celestial" Skin!
As the weekend wound down and we prepared to head home I realized that I wish we could have more time like this together with the people that we love! Just time to chat and relax and laugh! I cherish these moments and look forward to next year!!