Wednesday, December 24, 2008


Jayce has discovered my new mop. He thinks this is a very COOL mop. He asked "Mom, where did you find this mop?" I found it at Costco- "oh"- And I detect the disappointment in his little face at the mention of Costco. You see- Costco does not sell baby brothers, and he really, really needs me to buy him one. But he perks up and runs off, returning with his Harry Potter robe and his wizard hat on and a spell in mind! "Mom, where did you put that mop 3000." Costco is no longer the worst place in town- my little wizard is full of joy as he rides his "mop 3000!" (If only the mop 3000 came with a super buff dude to carry Jayce around so he can feel that he is really flying!)
Elation hit the house on Christmas Eve- when Jordan and Whitney announced that they are expecting! I AM GOING TO BE A GRANDMA!!!!!! I am so very happy!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Happy Anniversary Jordan and Whitney!

Married two years now- and still going strong!
Thanks Whitney for being the PERFECT daughter-in-law!
ANd Jordan- you know we love you! You are a great brother-
and an awesome son!
Happy Anniversary!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

A lie....... and a Secret!

The lie was mine! It was little and undamaging but led to a conversation that I am still thinking about. It happened when I was pulling out of my garage and ran into Kelcey's cute little Reno that was behind me. GRRRR! I wish she wouldn't park behind me- does she expect me to look first or what?!? So i bumped her car- no damage was done and she was forced to come out and move. Baylie was already in the car with me- so fully aware of the situation- she says "did you tell her that you hit her car?" No Baylie- lets just not tell her- it didn't hurt anything. Baylie laughs and says- "You know what- I will just write this in my journal- because its funny- and when I die, will you read it- and make sure everyone laughs- because I don't want anyone crying at my funeral." I am just not sure what to think about this conversation. But I am taking care of my lie now- no funeral happening here! Geesh- Baylie!

The Secret part- I watched a show called The Secret Millionaire last night and I cried for an hour! I was impressed with the GOOD that people can do when they literally have nothing! I can't tell you all about it- you should see it for yourself!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lunch and BABIES!

Today Jayce and I had the privilege of taking my dear friend Jamey Mulvey to lunch. We went to Chick-Fil-A. We invited Kelcey, Kerryne, Peyton and Pajha as well. It was fairly un-eventful. Kelcey left early to go to work. Kerryne left to meet a friend at the mall. Jamey and I watched the kids play in the play land. Pajha needs a potty break (this is her second in an short time period) so Jamey watches the boys, I take the potty girl. We get into the bathroom and she instantly lies on the floor and crawls under the obviously occupied bathroom stall door, and begins a conversation with the lady in the stall! I was embarrassed, the lady was embarrassed- but Pajha was fine. The little girl with the lady was her friend- they had known each other for all of 5 minutes- so whats the big deal!
Then as we are leaving Pajha grabs Jameys hand and asks "Do you have a baby in your tummy?" Jamey laughs and says "no". Pajha cant drop it there- she then says "well you should get one in there so it can grow"- Jamey still laughs, Maybe she is hoping this will end if she doesn't respond. No such luck! Pajha then tells her "I know how to get a baby in there. My mom told me. You just need a Futon. Futons make babies. Do you have a Futon?" Poor Jamey! And I am wondering WHAT her mommy is teaching her!?! (Just Kidding Kerryne- I know they have minds of their own!) BUT as we drop Jamey off at home Pajha rips off her seat belt and announces she is going into Jameys house to see if there is a futon so she can SHOW her that babies are in them!
Oh MY! Pajha cried when she didn't get to escort Jamey into her house!
So please watch out for those futons ladies! (Unless you want a baby!)

Sunday, December 7, 2008

No surprises here!

We have almost completed Christmas shopping. One thing that Ross and I decided we would get for the family this year is a Wii. Nobody asked for it but we have heard good things about the fitness wii and the sports wii -so maybe it is something we can all enjoy.
Last night Jordan picked up Jayce to play with him for awhile. Ross and I used this chance to bring Christmas in and get it wrapped and stored. I didnt get to wrap the Wii- Ross beat me to it-
Jordan brings Jayce home. Baylie, Jordan Jayce and Ross and I are sitting in the front room and somehow the Wii comes up- Jordan has played a few games on it and enjoyed them. I turn to Ross and say- does our Wii have that? (WHY DO I DO THESE THINGS?)
He did not respond. But my sweet Baylie caught on quite quickly and now she knows- we are getting a Wii! Luckily Jayce has not a clue as to what a Wii is- so he can still be surprised!

Monday, December 1, 2008

My Thanksgiving Belly

No one is complaining yet about their Thanksgiving Belly- So I will be the first!
It hurts! I was asked to bring the simplest pies possible- I didnt even make my own pie crust- I bought the pre-made, frozen kind. So simple- But I can mess up just about anything! I placed them in the oven on a cookie sheet, just as instructed, with the most beautiful fork poked designs ever, and I washed a sink full of dishes (which for me leads to a very wet front!) while they baked for 10 minutes. I pulled them out and stuck my big belly right on that 425* cookie sheet! Thats one sweet burn and I believe this one will leave a scar!!
Jordan said-" Thats what happens when you start getting fat!!" I love that kid but sometimes I still have the urge to spank his butt!