Monday, December 8, 2008

Lunch and BABIES!

Today Jayce and I had the privilege of taking my dear friend Jamey Mulvey to lunch. We went to Chick-Fil-A. We invited Kelcey, Kerryne, Peyton and Pajha as well. It was fairly un-eventful. Kelcey left early to go to work. Kerryne left to meet a friend at the mall. Jamey and I watched the kids play in the play land. Pajha needs a potty break (this is her second in an short time period) so Jamey watches the boys, I take the potty girl. We get into the bathroom and she instantly lies on the floor and crawls under the obviously occupied bathroom stall door, and begins a conversation with the lady in the stall! I was embarrassed, the lady was embarrassed- but Pajha was fine. The little girl with the lady was her friend- they had known each other for all of 5 minutes- so whats the big deal!
Then as we are leaving Pajha grabs Jameys hand and asks "Do you have a baby in your tummy?" Jamey laughs and says "no". Pajha cant drop it there- she then says "well you should get one in there so it can grow"- Jamey still laughs, Maybe she is hoping this will end if she doesn't respond. No such luck! Pajha then tells her "I know how to get a baby in there. My mom told me. You just need a Futon. Futons make babies. Do you have a Futon?" Poor Jamey! And I am wondering WHAT her mommy is teaching her!?! (Just Kidding Kerryne- I know they have minds of their own!) BUT as we drop Jamey off at home Pajha rips off her seat belt and announces she is going into Jameys house to see if there is a futon so she can SHOW her that babies are in them!
Oh MY! Pajha cried when she didn't get to escort Jamey into her house!
So please watch out for those futons ladies! (Unless you want a baby!)


*ShaRisE* said...

ok that is hilarious!! and your life i have o say is not boring one bit! lol

Becky Gray said...

Hi, I'm a blog stalker. I found you from Joanne's blog. Hope you don't mind me checking in on you. I love your family. Cute pictures!

Pauline said...

I agree with Sharise you do not have a boring life. I guess that is good!

The Brown Family said...

My life is embarrassing sometimes.... she is one in a million that is for sure. I don't know how I make it through each day sometimes... :) And the whole Futon thing, I am still confused about. Maybe I should have a chat with Bjay about that. Poor Jamey!