Monday, December 1, 2008

My Thanksgiving Belly

No one is complaining yet about their Thanksgiving Belly- So I will be the first!
It hurts! I was asked to bring the simplest pies possible- I didnt even make my own pie crust- I bought the pre-made, frozen kind. So simple- But I can mess up just about anything! I placed them in the oven on a cookie sheet, just as instructed, with the most beautiful fork poked designs ever, and I washed a sink full of dishes (which for me leads to a very wet front!) while they baked for 10 minutes. I pulled them out and stuck my big belly right on that 425* cookie sheet! Thats one sweet burn and I believe this one will leave a scar!!
Jordan said-" Thats what happens when you start getting fat!!" I love that kid but sometimes I still have the urge to spank his butt!


The Olson Gang! said...

Question..... does he only know that from experience???? :) JUST KIDDING!!!! I'd spank his butt too!! You have ABSOLUTELY NO FAT anywhere on your bones!!! SHEESH!!!! I must say -I'm grateful it was not I - I would have puffed right up like a roasted marshmallow.....maybe I'd have a nice tan like you though....but TAN FAT.... NOT PRETTY!!! No fat on your bod - but I surely hope it stops hurting soon! Burns are the worst!!! And how do you avoid getting water from the shower on that? OOOCCHHHHHH!!!!!!

Keep us posted!!!

AND you know I'm just kidding about the "BOYS" right?

Josh & Leslie Warner said...

Remember its not fat, its mussel.

The Brown Family said...

I was so proud that I was the first to see it when the blister burst. I love how you came running downstairs just to show me, he he he! You rock!

Shontell's right, no fat on your bod babe... your just gonna have to accept that... like it or not!

Love you

Fowlks Family Fun! said...

Just an update on the belly burn- It still hurts! Showers are very uncomfortable- so I just havent showered since Thanksgiving! HEEHEE- Not really! But I now have a very lovely red welt around the burn- making it about 4 times the size it was- I believe its infected! I am quite uncomfortable in pants- I am seriously concidering nudity until I heal!!

Megan said...

first off what Belly?! second off ... ouch! that burn looks nasty and painful. i surely hope it ceases to cause you pain :( by the way you looked so cute last night at the christmas party!

Pauline said...

That looks very painful!!!!! And who ever said that mom's can't spank there smartalicie sons?
(I think that is how it is spelled)