Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Jayce turns 8 today.
We love this little boy. He is talented. Loves to talk. Loves to read. Loves to learn. And he loves to write his own music and sing. Here is of his latest for your viewing pleasure- ENJOY

Saturday, November 19, 2011

In case you havent heard

Jordan and Whitney are expecting twins in May. We don't know the gender yet- but I am voting for GIRLS! (its a mothers curse- from me to my son who has little to no patients with anything GIRL) But in his defense- he is dang cute with his all girl 2 year old, Paisley.
My camera died, the charger is no where to be found- and I have the cutest video of Paisley telling me that the babies will be named "sweetie" and "the other baby".
That was what I really wanted to share with you- that cute video. Oh well.

And since I am grandma bragging- let me tell you about my sweet Chloie- I am convinced that this little girl is just an angel in disguise. She is just as sweet as she can be, ADORABLE if you want to know the truth, calm, quiet, happy, beautiful.
Kelcey, Chloie and I went to see Breaking Dawn- and honestly she was the best little thing in the movie. Sat on grandmas lap and reached over occasionally to pat mommies face and grin.
So in this situation, the mothers curse has really back fired. Kelcey was my colicy baby, the one that never stopped crying, ever, for 9 months straight. (Thankfully a wise sister in law introduced us to Mylecon Drops at that time and she stopped crying (WHEW) and began talking, and talking and talking.) I always wanted her to have many, many babies just like her.
I still want her to have many, many babies just like her- just with out the colic:)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Name IS.....

Jayce- at home, that is the only name I have ever been called- unless I am in BIG trouble- and mom calls me Timothy Jayce- thats usually bad news! So imagine how surprised my mom was when she joined my in Primary class a few months ago and heard the teacher refer to me as Timothy- several times-and when she told the teacher that I go by Jayce- the teacher says "Really? He has asked us to call him Timothy."
and then when school started, mom popped into class and Mrs. Page asks mom- "when did you start calling him T.J.?" and mom thinks "now thats a good question- we have always called him Jayce."
And we still do- and probably always will call him Jayce- unless he is in BIG BIG trouble- and then it will be TIMOTHY JAYCE!
I guess you can call him whatever you want to call him- and I can think of a few things that I would like to call him- but I wont-
We chose his name carefully! My father and my brother are both TIMOTHY- dad goes by Tim (or grumpy grandpa, or grandpa Duke as Jayce likes to call him) My brother went by Shane (being named Timothy Shane) and we wanted Jayce to share this name with two great men- but we also love the name Jayce. So its Jayce, buddy- not TJ not T Jayce not timmy or timothy or timmy jayce or timmy J, tim jay- or whatever else you come up with-
This boy is something else!!!!!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


Now I have grout!!

Saturday, October 15, 2011


I just have to tell someone
This just might be the best week ever. I have waited forever- for over two years for this. My sweet husband got it in his head OVER two years ago to pull the tile out of the kids bathroom and make some repairs. And that was as far as he went. So for OVER two years I have been gently reminding him that it sure would be nice if we had that bathroom finished. I did what I could (painted and put up a nice shower curtain to hide the bathtub mess- and all the tools and tile things that are sitting in the tub)- and I waited
and waited
and waited:(

He had this whole week off work- I was working- and mentioned that it sure would be nice if he started working on the bathroom- but when Thursday came around and he still had not started, I gave up hope.
Let me just say that we haven't suffered. Ross put in a very, very nice master bathroom with the addition. We all love it- its probably the best room in the house- so we haven't suffered without the use of this tub- BUT it sure would nice to have it done,
IT HAS TILE- HURRAY- and he even finished the window tile in the dining room. (I have been waiting for somewhere near 8 years for that) HAPPY DAY


Monday, October 3, 2011

Travel, Homecoming, Soccer and PINK!

We took a quick trip to San Diego the weekend before Ross had meetings in Anaheim. Great plan- we would drive to San Diego Friday- spend Saturday and Sunday seeing the sights and then take Ross to the car rental and leave him to head into Anaheim. The Kids and I were to stay the night in San Diego and drive home Monday morning.
Just a background- I LOVE SAN DIEGO! I beg and BEG and BEG for Ross to apply for jobs there so we can move- and live happily ever after in my dream city!
Since this trip I have changed my mind!! Completely!
We chose the ARMY/NAVY/AIRFORCE/MARINE Family and friends weekend- and there were people crawling all over the place! Shelli and crowds just don't mix! We did eat at our favorite place in Old Town and went to the newly upgraded "Mormon Battalion" museum that is ran by the sister missionaries. WONDERFUL!
The tide pools were awesome- one of our favorite things to do in California is see the tide pools.
We attempted to spend Sunday in Coronado- mostly just so Ross could get a kick out of driving Shelli across that awful bridge. I love the little island- but again it was crawling with crowds- THE ART FESTIVAL- of course! We could not find a place to park- when we finally did find parking it was a $15.00 per hour stall! WOWZA! But we had great crepes and watched the people look at their artsy stuff! We stopped for fuel and - believe it or not -the gas station was out- OUT! NO FUEL! What the heck? So I was envisioning having to walk across that bridge to get fuel- and walk back-
Luckily we made it! WHEW! We decided to drive to Anaheim and stay with Ross there. Good choice for us- he had an amazing room!

Next weekend- Homecoming! Baylie was invited by some dude named Tyson (I think)- He is a soccer player and invited her by supplying a pretty awesome soccer ball, bag and note! Smart boy! She said yes- bought the first dress she saw and some glitzy shoes- allowed me to straighten her hair and put some make-up on her, and she was off! She is the easiest going girl I know!! And BEAUTIFUL!

Then there was the Senior Soccer Game! Lots of PICTURES! So sad! She cried- they all cried! This group of girls have played together since 3rd grade! They are like family! She will miss them and we will miss the parents! We have gained some really great friends through hours upon hours of soccer! LOVE THEM!

AND for our sweet Des- A PINK FAMILY NIGHT!
I wish I had taken pictures of Ross and Jordan tying the shirts- they did a great job- Paisley and I sprayed them. And then we all took pictures for Des! We LOVE YOU DES!!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Inside of Today!

It's Jayce language- If you are doing something to today then you will be doing it "inside of today." If you did something yesterday then you were doing that something "inside of yesterday" If you are going to do something tomorrow- you will do it "inside of the next day"- which is short for tomorrow!
I love it when he asks "What will we be doing inside of today?" It reminds me that I have this day- a full 24 hours- to do something. Its a funny little saying, but really makes me want to do something great "Inside of everyday"

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Theme song

There's 81 days of summer vacation and school came along just to end it.
So the annual problem for MY generation is finding a sweet way to say it!--
Like maybe....

Time to get up
hurry get dressed
your clothes are right here by your bed

no cartoons today, just do what I say
you are eating breakfast instead.

Brush your teeth and hair
then run back down stairs
but first get your shoes from your room.

Backpack, lunch and keys-
please keep up with me-
we have to leave home very soon.

Drop them off at school
work and then car pool
soccer and homework and bed

Is it possible
to squeeze PTA
and Presidency meetings in there?

As you can see
there's a whole of stuff to do
now that the kids are back in class

So stick with me cause this busy mom
is gonna do it all (because I have no choice)
that's right
stick with with me cause this busy mom
is gonna so it all!
MMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, can I have another drink of water????????????

Monday, August 15, 2011

A new job.......

And we are calling it a "Permanent-Temporary Position." Mainly because I want/need flexible hours so I can raise my little guy- and be at all the soccer games annoying my teen!
So I wont be returning to my first love- working with children, SAD! But on the other hand, working with adults can be just like working with children!
I have been doing this job since June- but the intention was to cover for a woman that had a baby- she would come back- and I would return to tutoring. Today they offered me a position with company- and I accepted!
I am working with UNIFIED FIRE AUTHORITY in the EMERGENCY OPERATIONS Center. It is a job that I love and I have very humbling moments! The records that I review have taught me this:

Men and Women and often teens really do get so drunk that they fall down the stairs or walk into walls, or drive into trees or parked semis or homes. Sometimes they hit other vehicles, or pedestrians.

Women of all ages, including the very young ones, are raped and assaulted and left feeling worthless and unloved.

Suicide doesn't care how old you are- or what gender you are. It happens way too often in our state. Women generally chose medication, teens choose Listerine or Bleach or other handy substances, and men go for the more violent sources such as hanging or guns or high windows. No matter how they do it- the results are devastating to the families. Most shocking to me is the # of attempted suicides each day and the fact that many of them are elderly people.

Abuse of children and the elderly is a reality! This just leaves me shaking my head!

And sometimes when you are simply enjoying life- biking, jogging, boarding, walking, driving to dance class, taking your family to dinner, going to visit grandma- you get in the way of someone who is drinking, drugging and driving. It is so unfair!

So, like I said- it can be a very somber/sad/emotional work- but I am up for the challenge!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I has been three years since the Fowlks Family has been out in our trailer. Why three years? I guess the reasons are many- one is soccer. Training, conditioning, tournaments- we have been dedicated to soccer! And work. Ross just hasn't had the time to take off during the summer for a vacation- between work and golf tournaments, mixed in with our soccer= no time!
This year we have gone out twice. The first was an eventful trip to South Willow- west of Tooele. No power, no hook-ups (which meant no potty, no running water) but that wasn't the worst of it. A flat tire on the truck- a spare that is the wrong size and nearly flat as well, and not a gas station in sight, no cell service-- the list goes on. We were happy to cut that trip short, although we took some great hikes and saw a rattlesnake and plenty of cows!
This past weekend we decided to go to Crystal Hot Springs. When we called to make reservations we were led to believe that the campground was empty- not a lot going on there- the slides are not working and one pool is out of service. Perfect! So we head out on Friday after soccer. The park was no where near empty- HOLY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! Tents on every inch of grass available and trailers in every spot available, WOWSA! We woke each morning to the sound of babies screaming- toddlers squealing and teens laughing. (Family Reunions Everywhere!)
The kids hated the mineral pools- they were crowded and dirty. Baylie watched movies and played games- almost never leaving the trailer- and then there is Jayce! My MR. People person. Sometimes I feel that Heavenly Father sent him to me just to bring me out of my shell a little! I am not a people person- I do not talk to strangers- I actually try to avoid people most of the time- seeing the crowded campground was like a little piece of heaven on earth for my Jayce. He knew all the neighbors, and their neighbors, and their neighbors. He knew every dogs name. What fun he had! I always enjoy watching my family when we are away from home- or out of our ordinary world. Jayce could make friends with a fly- or a piece of dirt- or a gummy bear that he called "little buddy" for four days! I am glad we got to get out in the trailer for a few days before summer ends. I am hating the thought of school starting up again- I just love having the family home!

Monday, July 11, 2011

A little case of BLACKMAIL!

This very morning my son has dressed himself in black basketball shorts- which are not really short on his short legs- they look more like floody pants, and with that a tan shirt that he wore yesterday and probably the day before- everything that has been anywhere near his mouth in the past few days is also on the front of his shirt, and with that his favorite knee length socks, tan plaid shoes AND his long sleeve brown church shirt- AND he did his own hair! YIKES! The kid looks part GANGSTA, part sissy boy and I don't even know where to go with the hair- Its a Mohawk that is pushed forward- so the point is on his forehead. Let me take a second to THANK Baylie for introducing this great hair style and for telling him all the high school kids wear their hair like this. The boy and I have argued all morning about the outfit and hair. He won- it is his body and he is old enough to dress himself- and it is not immodest-in fact in his eyes its freakin awesome- so I was working up a huge poster to hang on his back that said "My mom DID NOT dress me" He liked that which made me mad- so I tried going with "My DAD dressed me" which would be perfect because Jayce has to go into work with me today- that leaves the door wide open for some serious Ross harassing. But Jayce liked that idea too-So, I opted for blogging about him! My blog has been pretty boring since he banned me from telling the world about his funny life. Of course I told him that if he would change his clothes and fix his hair I wouldn't blog about it- that was a no-go, so here it is!
But I have to admit that I don't feel any better about it- I still have to take him to work with me- I am a little bit embarrassed by that. Maybe I will just slap a sticky note on his back that says "I DRESSED MYSELF- AND I DO MY OWN HAIR"

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Things that go bump in the night--

or, in this case- they eat small children and kick butt!

1) Baylie has lost her amazing appetite. Right now she is just eating like a normal person, and this seems to really bothering Jayce. He had a nightmare that Baylie ate all of his toys and she still was not full so she began eating him. She started with his feet-- Yuck! But he was visibly shaken by the whole thing- so I hope when Bay gets her appetite back, she craves normal food- not in the form of humans!

2) My sweet, precious sister is having some rough times! I am one of those family members that believes that if I worry and stress enough over everything- it will somehow make everything better.
Generally speaking, I do not handle stress very well. (I can't believe I just admitted that.) In particularly hard times I have been known to get a very stiff, sore neck which is always accompanied by a migraine and some serious vomiting. That's just the way I roll! But as I get older I have tried to worry less, laugh more- and sometimes it works.
Back to my sweet, precious sister. (Someone) is hurting her, badly! So I took matters into my own hands (or into my own dreams:) and I kicked (someones) butt! I hope he is in as much pain as I am in! Its been nearly a week since I had that stupid dream and I still have terrible back pain!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

My battle with PANTYHOSE!

And this time- I think I won!
I have owned pantyhose in the past. Sure its been a few years, but I've tried them all- the Sheer To Waist, Control Top, Ultimate Control Top, No Nonsense- in beige, black, off white, white, nude, suntan.
I abandoned them a few years back. I just got tired of the expense of replacing them. In the winter I wear my boots with my knee highs and in the summer I wear (GASP) my own skin! I had not really spent a lot of time stressing over this until recently when the subject came up in a Presidency Meeting.
The R.S. handbook does not state that we must wear pantyhose to church. Some cultures and countries don't even know what pantyhose are. The women that I am serving with in the Stake Relief Society seemed to feel that it is a complete disgrace that women do not wear them to church. I was speechless! I don't wear them. Am a wicked person because I don't love pantyhose? It really got me thinking about how I dress. The next day I stopped and bought a pair of pantyhose on my way home from work. I didn't love that these women that I adore would think less of me because I don't wear the silly things! I was determined to wear them to our Leadership Meeting- just so they could see that I am a good lady.
I put them on- I took them off- I cried- I put them on again- I really dislike them- I took them off- I did not wear them to the meeting! Couldn't do it!
Maybe they noticed- maybe they didn't.
But what I learned that night is that I care way too much about what other people think! Period! I do!
But should I care so much about what others think of me that I will change who I am?

In the end I guess I am just not ready to change me!
I am not a pantyhose wearer!
Pantyhose will not make me love and care for my family, friends and ward members any more than I already do!
Pantyhose will not change my testimony of my Savior, or my love for the scriptures. Pantyhose will not make my prayers more sincere.
I am okay without them!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Smash and Grab!

That's what they call it when someone smashes in your window on your car and grabs your purse! Interesting that they have a name for this- like its an everyday occurrence. The police officer was completely calm about the entire incident, as if it was no big deal that someone now has my credit cards, debit cards, drivers license and social security card. He didn't bat an eyelash when I complained that they had my temple recommend, my favorite lip gloss and the bag of beads that I had just purchased the night before- not to mention my hand lotion and the bag of change that would have bought me a diet coke- and my cute little bag stuffed full of......stuff. Not to mention the two un-cashed pay checks and the $15 bucks cash....... and that purse- I never purse shop- ever! I finally broke down at Christmas time and bought me a cute silver bag with a little bling- spent like twenty bucks on that thing- and now some punk teenager gang dude is probably strutting around with my cute purse on his shoulder. GRRR! The officer seemed to be shocked that the Smash and Grabber didn't take my scriptures and my church bag. He kept asking me "Now why do you think they left these two bags?" Sir- I am thinking the Smash and Grabber was not all that interested in the church stuff- and must not of wanted to educated himself either, since he left Baylie's Algebra book- Oh well. Enjoy my cute purse. I found a bargain bag for $3.80 at Shopko- It suits me just fine. Got myself a new window in the car, some new lip gloss. Life is good!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Martin Luther King

"Mom, Mrs. Birch told us that Martin Luther King was assassinated.
Why would she lie to us?"

I explain that she was telling them the truth- he was really assassinated.

"Doesn't that mean he was killed- so he is dead?"

Yes Jayce- it was a long time ago and he is dead.

"Well, now I think your lying because I just saw him walking down the street with a missionary."

Hallelujah! Martin Luther King has returned from the dead and is serving his mission right here in Murray!- Good grief!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

It's a BOX!

Valentine's Day finally crept closer and closer- so late Saturday I set my mind to doing the thing that i had put off for at least a month- decorate Jayce's Valentine Box.
It's not that its a terrible project- its really just that I didn't want to drag the junk out and do it.
As we talked about it on Friday (I was working myself up for the FUN!) Jayce said "Don't worry mom, I already know that I need a shoe basket to make the valentine basket."
Its a BOX Jayce-a shoe BOX. It will be a valentine BOX. Only, of course you know that wasn't the end of that conversation- the difference between baskets and boxes can go on and on and on.
And into the next day-- jeez, kid. Its a BOX already!
We finally decided on a rocket for the the valentine basket (I gave up) and it turned out to be a very nice looking rocket!
So Sunday as we are talking about getting the Valentine Basket to school with limited damage- he says to Ross- "Dad. You should probably just leave early in the morning because me and mom already know how to handle the Valentine Case. We don't want you to break it."
Oh, so now its a Valentine Case? What happened to the basket? Really?
At the end of the day I guess I just cant get worked up over the small stuff. I can, however, get a very big head ache. Do you have any idea how long I listened to the chatter about boxes and baskets? GRRRR!

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Hi Mrs Fowlks,

This is Principle Dean over at the elementary. I am just calling to let you know that i had Jayce here in my office today for a little chat. It seem that he took his potato chips from lunch with him to his library time and proceeded to crush them onto the carpet. I had him go to the library and apologize to Mrs. Campbell. He then had another moment, when he was asked to put something away during class, he yelled out at Mrs Van, telling her that he was going to put it away, but not with a very kind voice. He spent his first recess today on the bench outside. Like I said, we had a great chat and I think he will do better next week."
Funny thing is that when I asked Jayce about this his story was completely identical to Mr. Deans- little stink!