Sunday, April 24, 2011

My battle with PANTYHOSE!

And this time- I think I won!
I have owned pantyhose in the past. Sure its been a few years, but I've tried them all- the Sheer To Waist, Control Top, Ultimate Control Top, No Nonsense- in beige, black, off white, white, nude, suntan.
I abandoned them a few years back. I just got tired of the expense of replacing them. In the winter I wear my boots with my knee highs and in the summer I wear (GASP) my own skin! I had not really spent a lot of time stressing over this until recently when the subject came up in a Presidency Meeting.
The R.S. handbook does not state that we must wear pantyhose to church. Some cultures and countries don't even know what pantyhose are. The women that I am serving with in the Stake Relief Society seemed to feel that it is a complete disgrace that women do not wear them to church. I was speechless! I don't wear them. Am a wicked person because I don't love pantyhose? It really got me thinking about how I dress. The next day I stopped and bought a pair of pantyhose on my way home from work. I didn't love that these women that I adore would think less of me because I don't wear the silly things! I was determined to wear them to our Leadership Meeting- just so they could see that I am a good lady.
I put them on- I took them off- I cried- I put them on again- I really dislike them- I took them off- I did not wear them to the meeting! Couldn't do it!
Maybe they noticed- maybe they didn't.
But what I learned that night is that I care way too much about what other people think! Period! I do!
But should I care so much about what others think of me that I will change who I am?

In the end I guess I am just not ready to change me!
I am not a pantyhose wearer!
Pantyhose will not make me love and care for my family, friends and ward members any more than I already do!
Pantyhose will not change my testimony of my Savior, or my love for the scriptures. Pantyhose will not make my prayers more sincere.
I am okay without them!


The Brown Family said...

In Cali there was this lady who completely lost it in Relief Society about how disgusting us women are because we don't wear pantyhose. I like tights.. but only because they keep me warm and hide my veins and cellulite and all other not so pretty things but yes there are some people who believe strongly that those who don't wear them are SINNERS. Gosh... I can't believe my sister is a sinner ;) Love you... he he he

Des said...

I am not a pantyhose wearer either and I never will be. They make me uncomfortable and it distracts me in church. I really feel like it doesn't matter if you wear pantyhose or not. It is not a sin to not wear pantyhose. You can look nice and appropriately dressed for church without wearing pantyhose. I think people worry too much about how others look and judge too harshly. I know I get upset when I see people wearing flip flops to church because I feel that they are inappropriate to wear to church- but it has also been mentioned in conference that we shouldn't dress like we are going to the beach- anyway, it is that person's choice. It is not my responsibility- or anyone else's for that matter- to judge someone by what they wear to church. It's unfortunate that we get so hung up on little things like pantyhose and flip flops instead of getting to know who that person is. So you are not alone in the "no-pantyhose" world. We can stick together. :)