Monday, April 11, 2011

Smash and Grab!

That's what they call it when someone smashes in your window on your car and grabs your purse! Interesting that they have a name for this- like its an everyday occurrence. The police officer was completely calm about the entire incident, as if it was no big deal that someone now has my credit cards, debit cards, drivers license and social security card. He didn't bat an eyelash when I complained that they had my temple recommend, my favorite lip gloss and the bag of beads that I had just purchased the night before- not to mention my hand lotion and the bag of change that would have bought me a diet coke- and my cute little bag stuffed full of......stuff. Not to mention the two un-cashed pay checks and the $15 bucks cash....... and that purse- I never purse shop- ever! I finally broke down at Christmas time and bought me a cute silver bag with a little bling- spent like twenty bucks on that thing- and now some punk teenager gang dude is probably strutting around with my cute purse on his shoulder. GRRR! The officer seemed to be shocked that the Smash and Grabber didn't take my scriptures and my church bag. He kept asking me "Now why do you think they left these two bags?" Sir- I am thinking the Smash and Grabber was not all that interested in the church stuff- and must not of wanted to educated himself either, since he left Baylie's Algebra book- Oh well. Enjoy my cute purse. I found a bargain bag for $3.80 at Shopko- It suits me just fine. Got myself a new window in the car, some new lip gloss. Life is good!


Pauline said...

I am sorry that happened. This crazy world it going to **** in a handbasket. Hope you got your cards all cancelle before there was any action taken on them. Good luck!!!!!!

Des said...

uggh! I hate that! It is so frustrating and you feel so violated. We had the same thing happen to us when we were living in our townhome and it made me so mad! I am glad you found another cute purse though. And who knows- maybe the thief noticed your church bag and scriptures and is having second thoughts now....;)