Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Birthday!

Jayce turns 8 today.
We love this little boy. He is talented. Loves to talk. Loves to read. Loves to learn. And he loves to write his own music and sing. Here is of his latest for your viewing pleasure- ENJOY

Saturday, November 19, 2011

In case you havent heard

Jordan and Whitney are expecting twins in May. We don't know the gender yet- but I am voting for GIRLS! (its a mothers curse- from me to my son who has little to no patients with anything GIRL) But in his defense- he is dang cute with his all girl 2 year old, Paisley.
My camera died, the charger is no where to be found- and I have the cutest video of Paisley telling me that the babies will be named "sweetie" and "the other baby".
That was what I really wanted to share with you- that cute video. Oh well.

And since I am grandma bragging- let me tell you about my sweet Chloie- I am convinced that this little girl is just an angel in disguise. She is just as sweet as she can be, ADORABLE if you want to know the truth, calm, quiet, happy, beautiful.
Kelcey, Chloie and I went to see Breaking Dawn- and honestly she was the best little thing in the movie. Sat on grandmas lap and reached over occasionally to pat mommies face and grin.
So in this situation, the mothers curse has really back fired. Kelcey was my colicy baby, the one that never stopped crying, ever, for 9 months straight. (Thankfully a wise sister in law introduced us to Mylecon Drops at that time and she stopped crying (WHEW) and began talking, and talking and talking.) I always wanted her to have many, many babies just like her.
I still want her to have many, many babies just like her- just with out the colic:)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Name IS.....

Jayce- at home, that is the only name I have ever been called- unless I am in BIG trouble- and mom calls me Timothy Jayce- thats usually bad news! So imagine how surprised my mom was when she joined my in Primary class a few months ago and heard the teacher refer to me as Timothy- several times-and when she told the teacher that I go by Jayce- the teacher says "Really? He has asked us to call him Timothy."
and then when school started, mom popped into class and Mrs. Page asks mom- "when did you start calling him T.J.?" and mom thinks "now thats a good question- we have always called him Jayce."
And we still do- and probably always will call him Jayce- unless he is in BIG BIG trouble- and then it will be TIMOTHY JAYCE!
I guess you can call him whatever you want to call him- and I can think of a few things that I would like to call him- but I wont-
We chose his name carefully! My father and my brother are both TIMOTHY- dad goes by Tim (or grumpy grandpa, or grandpa Duke as Jayce likes to call him) My brother went by Shane (being named Timothy Shane) and we wanted Jayce to share this name with two great men- but we also love the name Jayce. So its Jayce, buddy- not TJ not T Jayce not timmy or timothy or timmy jayce or timmy J, tim jay- or whatever else you come up with-
This boy is something else!!!!!