Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Homeless people,

For some reason you are drawn to me- or maybe I am drawn to you.
I offered to buy you lunch at Golden Coral, where a few friends and I were dining, and you turned me down but gladly took $5 to take yourself to Burger King (or took the nearest liquor store). Either way, I am glad to have lifted your spirits. No pun intended.
Just today you were brave enough to approach me while I was sitting in my car at the gas station. You asked if I could take you to your "seester's house in Meeedvale, Utah.) Since I was already in Midvale and the address you had written down was just down the street, I agreed, knowing full well that my phone was somewhere in my car, the battery dead, and I had no way to fight off a full grown man of Mexican descent, who smelled really bad and was holding a metal hanger in his hand. By way of conversation I asked about the hanger. You explained with teary eyes and I have no idea what you said. So for my own peace of mind I decided that the hanger came all the way from Mexico with you- a treasured family heirloom, and you are anxious to give it to your seester, whom you will be greeting in just a few moments. That's my story.
The look on your face when we pulled up to your sisters home and she opened the door was priceless! I will never forget that smile! I am glad to have helped you today!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Pay backs and Temptations

The lesson of the week- Pay backs are AWESOME!
Last year in Kindergarten there was a little person that could be rude and a little mean. Fast forward to first grade- as I was picking Jayce up on Tuesday I was approached by several of his class mates. Apparently someone had thrown up in class, and they were anxious to tell every one they could tell. Jayce didn't say anything about it so when I asked him he grinned form ear-to-ear and said "Yep- pay backs are AWESOME!" Someone threw up on that mean little persons desk and chair. The conversation continued as I tried to explain to Jayce that he too can be rude and a little mean sometimes, and he wouldn't have appreciated this type of pay back...... somehow it went from that to how AWESOME it would be to have someone throw a pie in his face as a pay back.............. I think I am giving up on this one for today!

And temptations. Baylie is 16- she should be facing all sorts of temptations, but I fear that it is her mother that is being tempted! There was that day a few weeks ago that i was tempted to punch her right in the face! I put myself in time-out, I read from the good book, I prayed, and I hummed my favorite tune. I was still tempted to punch her right in the face! It took a few days- but I have overcome this temptation for now- only to be faced with another. Baylie has suddenly become superstitious. She has not washed her game jersey or her game socks- they must remain smelly and sweaty throughout the season. This obviously brings good luck to her and the poor girls that have to smell her. She really stinks! Her soccer bag is unbearably smelly! Her socks stand up on their own! I have been tempted daily to throw that smelly mess into the wash! I have never wanted to do laundry so badly! There is only one more game and then the stink can go away!