Thursday, October 28, 2010

Dear Homeless people,

For some reason you are drawn to me- or maybe I am drawn to you.
I offered to buy you lunch at Golden Coral, where a few friends and I were dining, and you turned me down but gladly took $5 to take yourself to Burger King (or took the nearest liquor store). Either way, I am glad to have lifted your spirits. No pun intended.
Just today you were brave enough to approach me while I was sitting in my car at the gas station. You asked if I could take you to your "seester's house in Meeedvale, Utah.) Since I was already in Midvale and the address you had written down was just down the street, I agreed, knowing full well that my phone was somewhere in my car, the battery dead, and I had no way to fight off a full grown man of Mexican descent, who smelled really bad and was holding a metal hanger in his hand. By way of conversation I asked about the hanger. You explained with teary eyes and I have no idea what you said. So for my own peace of mind I decided that the hanger came all the way from Mexico with you- a treasured family heirloom, and you are anxious to give it to your seester, whom you will be greeting in just a few moments. That's my story.
The look on your face when we pulled up to your sisters home and she opened the door was priceless! I will never forget that smile! I am glad to have helped you today!


Wendy said...

Holy smokes! You are incredibly brave. And your story of that hanger made me laugh right out loud. Hahaha! You are a good lady.

Melissa E Photography said...

you are amazing!

alisonwonderland said...

You are (still) my hero, Shelli!

Rach said...

Ditto to Wendy and Melissa - Brave and amazing!

The Brown Family said...

CRAZY... BRAVE... or just outta your dang mind... I am not sure which one you are but what a fun post, glad he didn't get you with his family heirloom and you are still alive to tell us about it ;)

The Olson Gang! said...

ok seester...... ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR MIND????? HONESTLY!!! You are about as big as a "FLEA"... and honestly I think a FLEA can do more harm to a "stinky" man - than you could.... :) You know I love you right! VERY MUCH SO!!!! I'm so VERY grateful that you made it to your home to WRITE about it - BUT.... ahem! I being your ELDER SEESTER am here to tell you... DO NOT EVER DO THAT AGAIN!

You are all that and MUCH MUCH more to me! You're my SEESTER! And I would very much appreciate our next visit to be face to face in person - breathing - laughing - and hugging.... not in a mortuary! I'm just sayin'! DO YOU HEAR ME SEESTER!!!! DO..... NOT.... DO..... THAT (or anything of the near likings) again.... My heart is pounding oh so hard right now.... I just kept a prayer in my heart that I'd reach the end of your story and you would say ... "Sheesh! What a dream that was!".... (deep breath).... I LOVE YOU! and I'm getting too old for you to do this to me... so please - keep your doors locked - windows rolled up - and NEVER STOP IN MEEEDVALE again! :)
I'm so glad you are safe!!! you are aren't you??? I can't find you... I've left you messages EVERYWHERE!!! Hopefully you get this one!