Saturday, March 20, 2010

Should I stay?

OR should I go?
Next week I have plane tickets to fly to Temecula to see my sisters competition.
She is a body builder- she rocks- and I really want to see her compete.

I am NOT the person that you would want to sit next to on the plane- but I am trying to be cool about it. I have no hives yet, but I can feel them just waiting to burst out of me. (This is the way my body deals with the stress and worry that I am concealing SO WELL! HA!)

And then my little man, totally out of the blue, asks me this question.
"Mom, can dads become widows?"
I ask- Do you know what a widow is?
"Yes mom, its a woman who's husband has died. But I just wondered if that can happen to men too."
Of course it can. He has a cute little friend from preschool who's mother died while giving birth to her 5th child- it happens- so I explain all this- and he's satisfied!

But me- I am turning into a crazy lady!
Should I stay .......or should I go????????
Yikes! At least my mom will be with me! Although I am pretty sure she will not be sitting next to me on the plane- like I said, NOBODY wants that seat!
Pray for me!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

GIRLS RULE!............

and drool!
Jayce just loves Paisley. I think this is so funny- she just screams and pinches his face so hard!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Made in China......

We see these little stickers on almost everything we buy. Is everything made in China??
Sure seems like it and I was dumb enough to say so in front of my boy- He fixed my thinking by "reminding" me that HE was NOT made in China- He was made in heaven.
Really? I asked. "Yes mom. I was really made in Heaven! And the thing is that when you get born to earth then Heavenly Father has to bring you here. He has earthly camouflage that keeps Him from being seen when he delivers us. That's all I can remember about being born- except that its a good thing he has the Holy Ghost to help Him, because its a really difficult job to do alone."
I love these conversations! Its the best part of being a mom- these sweet conversations with the little ones!

Monday, March 1, 2010

The stinkin college fund.............

This post isn't so much about college as it is High School.
I am not an authority on high school- I am only a mom to four kids, two of which have been high school-ers and one currently in high school- and the other- well, we have 10 years to save for him :)
So I would think that after the first one we would have learned that we need a "high school fund" along with the college savings. We have no excuses that are worthwhile. Maybe just keeping up with life is a good enough reason to "forget" how expensive high school can be. And then again each child is so different- let me tell you!
Our oldest cost us a fortune in speeding tickets and insurance. He was proud of himself if he had a D- in any class at any time.(So no GOOD GRADE discount for the Fowlks Family!) It was all we could do to keep the reigns on this kid. I am proud of how he turned out! You've probably heard me say it before- but having a grand-daughter was the greatest reason for letting him live through those terrible teens! But a close second is seeing him working and enjoying a great career, and he has a perfect wife!
The second teen was different in the path she took- and her driving skills were, HMMM, not better, but different as well. She was the wrecking queen. We finally found a car that she could wreck without doing much damage to the vehicles involved- one of those nice granny boat cars! Her expense was the cosmetology courses- Ross calls that his $10,000 hair cut! But again we are proud of her (First of all for finally finishing!) and secondly for sticking to a career that she loves, and she has a perfect hubby! (I hope I am getting some mother in law points:)
So our Baylie enters high school and it is entirely different than the past two.
She is not driving yet- so there's that to look forward to- but she is so education minded- AP classes and STRESSED about getting all the classes that she needs for college. She told me she wants 6 more years of High School so she can complete all the courses that she wants to take- many will give her college credits- and they COST! She has by far been our most expensive student and I have no doubt that she will be heading straight to college when high school ends- which brings me back to that stinkin college fund! YIKES!