Saturday, March 20, 2010

Should I stay?

OR should I go?
Next week I have plane tickets to fly to Temecula to see my sisters competition.
She is a body builder- she rocks- and I really want to see her compete.

I am NOT the person that you would want to sit next to on the plane- but I am trying to be cool about it. I have no hives yet, but I can feel them just waiting to burst out of me. (This is the way my body deals with the stress and worry that I am concealing SO WELL! HA!)

And then my little man, totally out of the blue, asks me this question.
"Mom, can dads become widows?"
I ask- Do you know what a widow is?
"Yes mom, its a woman who's husband has died. But I just wondered if that can happen to men too."
Of course it can. He has a cute little friend from preschool who's mother died while giving birth to her 5th child- it happens- so I explain all this- and he's satisfied!

But me- I am turning into a crazy lady!
Should I stay .......or should I go????????
Yikes! At least my mom will be with me! Although I am pretty sure she will not be sitting next to me on the plane- like I said, NOBODY wants that seat!
Pray for me!!


Pauline said...

GO the only way to overcome fear is to face fear itself. Just think of the fun time you will have and all that you can do and the precious time with your mom and that will get you through the plane ride, they really aren't that bad. Go get a valium to take and then you won't even care. HAHA

The Brown Family said...

Ummm........... helloooooo GOOOOOOOOO ha ha ha! You will be fine, it is such a short flight and mom will be right there with you and if you are really too scared to fly back we can head out early and drive :) I must have you here... MUST MUST MUST!

Chad and Becky said...

Ha! I wish I was coming so I could see you on the plane! I would torment you. Just kidding! LOL! Have a great time and don't look down!