Monday, March 1, 2010

The stinkin college fund.............

This post isn't so much about college as it is High School.
I am not an authority on high school- I am only a mom to four kids, two of which have been high school-ers and one currently in high school- and the other- well, we have 10 years to save for him :)
So I would think that after the first one we would have learned that we need a "high school fund" along with the college savings. We have no excuses that are worthwhile. Maybe just keeping up with life is a good enough reason to "forget" how expensive high school can be. And then again each child is so different- let me tell you!
Our oldest cost us a fortune in speeding tickets and insurance. He was proud of himself if he had a D- in any class at any time.(So no GOOD GRADE discount for the Fowlks Family!) It was all we could do to keep the reigns on this kid. I am proud of how he turned out! You've probably heard me say it before- but having a grand-daughter was the greatest reason for letting him live through those terrible teens! But a close second is seeing him working and enjoying a great career, and he has a perfect wife!
The second teen was different in the path she took- and her driving skills were, HMMM, not better, but different as well. She was the wrecking queen. We finally found a car that she could wreck without doing much damage to the vehicles involved- one of those nice granny boat cars! Her expense was the cosmetology courses- Ross calls that his $10,000 hair cut! But again we are proud of her (First of all for finally finishing!) and secondly for sticking to a career that she loves, and she has a perfect hubby! (I hope I am getting some mother in law points:)
So our Baylie enters high school and it is entirely different than the past two.
She is not driving yet- so there's that to look forward to- but she is so education minded- AP classes and STRESSED about getting all the classes that she needs for college. She told me she wants 6 more years of High School so she can complete all the courses that she wants to take- many will give her college credits- and they COST! She has by far been our most expensive student and I have no doubt that she will be heading straight to college when high school ends- which brings me back to that stinkin college fund! YIKES!

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Sally said...

So funny how they've all taken different paths. I wonder how much college will be when your Jayce and my Tyler get there. YIKES!