Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Birthday Boy!

He's 45 now! He insisted on 45 candles (or was that Jayce and Jordan?) Well, I do remember Jayce saying that he hoped the house would burn down because of all the candles so we can go live in the apartments with Jonathon- Sounds fun- kinda?!?
So the big guy got some new runners and the entire "Indiana Jones" collection! Jayce felt certain "That dad will really enjoy those movies!" Jayce sure likes them- He has been playing Indiana Jones for the past two days, he even had me crochet a long string to keep in his pocket so he can pull it out like a whip. He was impressed with my crocheting too:) I wonder if Ross pretends like he's Indiana Jones when no one is looking?? Happy Birthday OLD MAN! We love you!

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