Thursday, February 11, 2010

This weeks favorites......

Jayce has an "arch nemesis" - I don't love that he has someone in his little world that he dis-likes, and realistically I think he likes her but he doesn't like it when she gets on his "best friend" Ella's nerves- so he calls her his arch nemesis. I never hear the name- just "Mom, my arch nemesis was really bossy today." "My arch nemesis was on the slide so we had to play on the grass." "We were running until our arch nemesis came over, then we stopped." Remember when we were in Kindergarten and we just said "I don't like you"- and left it at that. Did we even know this word "arch nemesis?"

And the fun doesn't stop there- today after we picked up Baylie from school he says, "AHH, now that felt good." What felt good- "I just gave myself a wedgie in the back. I think I will do it in the front too." Then we hear "OUCH- That didn't feel so good. But its okay." Then he was silent for the rest of the ride. Bay and I try hard to not react too much to his weirdness- we don't want to encourage it- so neither of us said anything- I take that back- I did ask Bay if she enjoys giving herself wedgies also- but other than that- silence. When he got out of the car he spent a few minutes in the garage rearranging the unders and he hasn't done it again so I hoped he learned a valuable lesson today!

And Baylie- well this week alone we have forked out $145.00 to register her for the High school La Cross team. Does she even know how to play La Cross?? I have no idea. But I do know that she better LOVE it. Because after the registration fees came the "stick" and "goggle" purchase- another $145 bucks for the cheap-ohs. They threw the mouth guard and ball in for free- which was really nice because I could not have paid a dollar for the ball and 1.99 for the mouth guard. Seriously.

And then there's the lego's up his nose- well- I will save that one for later cuz I have to run back to the school to get my favorite La Cross player!


Wendy said...

Don't you love how the "freebies" cost next to nothing? I took Jacob's watch in to get the batter replaced...the guy threw in a free cleaning of the band. Well, I surely could not have paid the extra $2 for that!

Rach said...

Jacob has a crush on Ella. He says they play together every day.