Friday, November 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Jayce!

Jayce turned "5"!
The day began for him with Pajha and Kelcey jumping on the bed to wake him up! Pajha proudly announced that Jayce grew during the night! He is so much bigger now because he is 5!
We sang to him at pre-school, and had a few friends and Ross's family over for pizza, cake and ice cream! Jayce wanted everyone to know that you dont officially turn 5 until you have blown out the candles! Thats good information to have! In that case I should be about 25- since I havent blown out any candles for a few years!

Thanksgiving was great also! The Christensen side got together for family pictures. This is quite an experience when mom and dad have eight kids and those eight kids have husbands/wives and kids of their own and some of those kids have spouses and kids of their own! It was crazy but worth it! Thank You Shontell for getting that arranged for us!- Dinner was nice also! I decided when the food was ready to let those hungry men go ahead of me- I thought it was a good choice! It turns out that I should have shoved my way to the front of that line! The sweet potatoes were gone- the stuffing was gone- - Drat! I learned a lesson- Dont feed the men first!!!
I was forced to eat veggies and fruit salad and great pasta salad (yum!)- and to make up for the fat I might of lost by not having the stuffing and yams- I ate 1/2 of a pie by myself!! That'll show 'em!

On the GOOD NEWS side of things- KELCEY IS A GRADUATE!! She finally finished cosmotology! She will take her state test in January! Good Job Kel!

Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am crazy!
I am just babbling at the walls!
Nobody listens!
My husband even walks out of the room when I start talking!
The children are called by a combined phrase of names that do not necessarily exist-
BayKel KelBay PayJayce JayPey - I have even heard Kerryne call Satan-- actually wanting Peyton! So maybe its a good thing that nobody listens!
The feeling is similar to the Christmas morning feeling! The kids are overjoyed- total excitement overload! The house is a disaster- with no hope of being straightened in the near future- the adults are exhausted due to the endless energy of the children!
Somehow I think we will manage to truly enjoy the time we have together and when they all leave it will be the after Christmas feeling- the bummer, so sad, why did it have to end feeling!
For now- babbling at the walls is beginning to feel rather normal! When I do escape home alone- I become dangerously silly! I went to Maceys to pick up some groceries- all by myself- I felt so lucky! Grandma and Grandpa had invited Jayce to play with them at their house and everyone else was gone- so I am at Maceys with my grocery cart and I am singing in my head one of our new pre-school songs- Skip around the rosie- and I find myself skipping with my cart down the isle. I would have been very embarrassed had there been an audience- but the only spectator was a cute little old man who smiled and seemed to understand! Still- I think I will avoid the public alone! When you sing and skip and babble with children- you seem normal! Alone- that's a different story!

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Organized Chaos!

Thats the best way to describe our home right now.
Okay- maybe it is not so organized- but definately chaos!
Just to give you an example of the daily going ons-
Today I came into the office to find Kerryne standing on a chair acting like she is driving and Jayce and Pajha are both talking with their "outside voices" AND Jayce is hitting Kerryne on the legs. I CLAPPED my hands and said "GET DOWN!"
So of course Kerryne jumps down like a scolded child.
What I meant to say was "Stop hitting your aunt"- it just came out all wrong. SERIOUSLY!
Later, Kerryne and I were talking and Jayce comes in and announces that he has brushed his teeth again for about the 30th time today and I said "glad"
thats it- just "glad"
-- Maybe I am going crazy!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heaven HELPED me!

And today I really needed it!
I had to pray before I voted- I am so uninformed and I dont know who is the best person for for the job- but its done.
The rest of the day was full of family and fun. My sister Kerryne and her two kids are living with us for awhile, so Jayce is on excitement overload! I had plans to spend the day with Kohen and Pajha and Jayce. My brother Cameron also lives with us and had the day off. While Kerryne and I and the kids were gone to get Bay and Peyton from school, some kids came to the house to play with me! Imagine that- nobody has came to the door and asked to play with me for years! Cameron answered the door and had no idea who these kids were and why they would want to play with me. Turns out it was my nieces and nephews from Ross's side- so they came and joined the fun! Morrison, Merrick, Wellya, Fania and Allora. Thats 8 friends- if you count Jayce- Then Kelcey comes home and she is wanting to go car shopping. She has a hard time saving money so she has been giving me the cash and I have been saving it for her. I put it in a special place. Then she found that special place so I had to put it in another special place. She wants it NOW! I cannot remember where that special place is- BLAST IT! I search and search- I have friends over- I dont want to search anymore right now, but Kelcey is crying and upset- How could I do this to her???
So I go upstairs and shut myself in my closet and say a prayer- I need some serious help. I am loosing my mind and my "friends" are in need of some intelligent supervision- The real issue is that Kelcey needs her savings and I am personally resposible for loosing a large amount of cash-- Please help me remember where it is! And this amazing thing happened! I knew- I saw that special place- I knew before I had even finished praying! I calmly walked out of my closet and went to that special place and took the cash out and handed it to Kelcey- she was shocked- she thought this would be like the christmas shoes I bought her 7 years ago and still have not found.
I have had prayer answered before but never so easily and so sweetly! All I had to do was ask! I am a lucky lady!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Where We Were

40 years ago: I was 2 years old living in the same area I live in now. Possibly even attending the same ward. My parents lived in a small duplex on Jefferson Street. I had an older sister Shontell and another sister on the way.

20 years ago: I was a 22 year old mother of one cute little boy, Jordan. We had a small home in Sandy. I was in the Primary Presidency and was really learning alot and loving our ward. I was also coming to terms with the possibility of not being able to have another child and undergoing surgical procedures to remove scar tissue- cysts- whatever else could be found that should not be there. I was a lucky lady to have been able to have any children at all- I never dreamt that I would have 4!
Ross was searching for his dream career. He worked for the family business but also went to school at night. He would have been working on becoming an EMT at this time which eventually lead to his career as a Fireman.

10 years ago: I had 3 children- Jordan who was 11, Kelcey 8, Baylie 4. We have FINALLY finished our home in murray and Ross was probably cooking up plans for some addition. I was still serving in the Primary- Different ward- Primary is and was a really great place to be. Ross would have been in the bishopric- soon to be High Council and then Stake Young Mens Pres. I was also called to the Stake Primary Presidency about the same time. It was a busy life for this family. We worked super hard at doing all the "RIGHT" things- Family Night- scripture study- famliy prayer twice a day- meetings coming out of our ears- soccer, basketball, dance class, baseball- Now when I see the cute young families going through a similar time in their lives I just smile to myself and think- BEEN THERE! I am officially too old to do that again! It was wonderful! We have great memories- and we learned so many wonderful lessons! Work wise- Ross had been a Paramedic for about 4 years and went from his 24 hour on shift- 24 hours off- to working days and teaching Paramedic courses- Home every night- What is a woman to do with a man who stays home every night. The kids and I had a schedule- a routine- "I" was the boss-- things were a bit touchy for awhile, but we worked it out. I let Ross think he's in charge.

5 Years ago: THE SHOCK OF MY LIFE!!!
I had been working at Liberty Elementary tutoring. I loved my job! I loved that I had the same schedule that my children had. Baylie is 9-Kelcey 13- Jordan 16. I have one child in each school-elementary, Jr high and High school. Life is sweet! I had not been feeling well for a few weeks, that turned in not feeling well for a month- I call my doctor who has been really great through years and years of female problems and he says "lets do a quick blood test to start with then go from there"
I go in for the blood test- And I get the phone call the next day- Mrs. Fowlks Your test was positive- I ask "Positive for what?" Oh, mam- you are pregnant. I instantly started to cry. I had suffered miscarriages, I had hurt for years from "knowing" that there was a little boy waiting to join our family- AND I HAD GIVEN UP YEARS AND YEARS AGO! I had moved on- I was done! This could NOT be happening to me! I had been "Medically Induced" into menopause- This was a miracle that was unexpected and at that moment it was too much for me to handle! I cried alot! But it all worked out just fine! Jayce was born- He will be 5 in 23 days! And we cannot imagine life without him! What a blessing!
I am also serving on the State PTA board. Its alot of meetings! And a great way to be informed and involved in- well- everything!

3 Years ago: Jordan was 18 and Graduating from High School! Yeah! Kelcey was 15 and giving us all kinds of heck! GRR! Baylie was 11. Playing soccer for a competiton team and loving life! Jayce was 2- fun age! Fun times. Honestly- I never thought that I would say this but I loved life right then! Jordan always had a group of boys over that were "my boys" and they were messy and they ate everything in sight and I complained constantly about them- but oh how I loved them and I miss those days! Jordan was dating Whitney Earl and we were so grateful that he had found a really special girl to spend time with! Kelcey could be trying- and honestly I prayed so much for her- and for me- it takes such love and patience and forgiveness and hope and faith to raise children! And I am so glad that I have her! She has taught me much!
Still on the State PTA Board- still alot of meetings and a great way to be informed and involved-

1 year ago: Jordan was a married man and looking to purchase his first home. We love Whitney. Kelcey was attending cosmotology at Echelon Edge part time and still being a stinker about high school. Baylie is in Jr high- 13 years old. Still playing soccer and doing very well in school. Jayce is 3- I am working at Copper Creek Preschool twice a week. This works well for me. I can have Jayce with me and we both get out of the house. I am in the Relief Society Presidency- something I went into kicking and screaming- its just not "me"- But its becoming very, very dear to me! I love the women in our ward! I learn so much from them and I am so incredibly blessed to be serving them! Still on the state PTA board- I am informed and involved and I have met the best people and had great experiences- but I think this will be my last year!

Today: I LOVE going to the gymn- so I am so happy that I got there today! I still work at the preschool-3 days a week now! Baylie has a soccer game tonight- its indoor- and they call it Footsal! Kelcey is looking for a new car- any one want a 1987 Thunderbird?? Its a Classic! She has 40 hours of cosmotology left- but she'll skip class for the silliest reasons! Ross is working days again and will possibly stay days until he retires. I still let him think he is the boss! I am still in the Relief Society and loving it!

Tommorrow: I plan on VOTING! And then Jayce and I are playing with my Niece, Pajha and Nephews, Peyton and Kohen for the day.

Next Year: Maybe I will be a Grandma????? No- Jordan would not like me to think that!
Jayce will be in Kindergarten and Baylie will start High School- How wierd is that? I guess I will be doing PTA/ room mom all over agian!