Thursday, November 20, 2008


I am crazy!
I am just babbling at the walls!
Nobody listens!
My husband even walks out of the room when I start talking!
The children are called by a combined phrase of names that do not necessarily exist-
BayKel KelBay PayJayce JayPey - I have even heard Kerryne call Satan-- actually wanting Peyton! So maybe its a good thing that nobody listens!
The feeling is similar to the Christmas morning feeling! The kids are overjoyed- total excitement overload! The house is a disaster- with no hope of being straightened in the near future- the adults are exhausted due to the endless energy of the children!
Somehow I think we will manage to truly enjoy the time we have together and when they all leave it will be the after Christmas feeling- the bummer, so sad, why did it have to end feeling!
For now- babbling at the walls is beginning to feel rather normal! When I do escape home alone- I become dangerously silly! I went to Maceys to pick up some groceries- all by myself- I felt so lucky! Grandma and Grandpa had invited Jayce to play with them at their house and everyone else was gone- so I am at Maceys with my grocery cart and I am singing in my head one of our new pre-school songs- Skip around the rosie- and I find myself skipping with my cart down the isle. I would have been very embarrassed had there been an audience- but the only spectator was a cute little old man who smiled and seemed to understand! Still- I think I will avoid the public alone! When you sing and skip and babble with children- you seem normal! Alone- that's a different story!


The Brown Family said...

I am not sure if I even dare go in public with you... you might embarass me. Maybe it is a good thing that we switch off with the kids, that way no one has to pretend like we don't know each other. Hee heee heeee! Love you

Des said...

Hang in there! I get that way when I'm alone and I don't have the chaos at my house. Okay, I do have some chaos, but not as much as you guys! Call me when you want to skip down the isles of Macey's again. I will be there in a heartbeat.

The Olson Gang! said...

Just a bit of insight....
I KNOW for a fact that Macey's has really good security cameras AND the security enjoy watching tapings... over and over and over....
But don't worry - they will only show it in corporate meetings a few times... ok - maybe for a long time - but hey! YOU MADE SOMEONES DAY!!! That is all that matters!!! Ok - SEVERAL someone's days!!! LOL!!!
You make me smile too!! And you make my day all the time!!