Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Heaven HELPED me!

And today I really needed it!
I had to pray before I voted- I am so uninformed and I dont know who is the best person for for the job- but its done.
The rest of the day was full of family and fun. My sister Kerryne and her two kids are living with us for awhile, so Jayce is on excitement overload! I had plans to spend the day with Kohen and Pajha and Jayce. My brother Cameron also lives with us and had the day off. While Kerryne and I and the kids were gone to get Bay and Peyton from school, some kids came to the house to play with me! Imagine that- nobody has came to the door and asked to play with me for years! Cameron answered the door and had no idea who these kids were and why they would want to play with me. Turns out it was my nieces and nephews from Ross's side- so they came and joined the fun! Morrison, Merrick, Wellya, Fania and Allora. Thats 8 friends- if you count Jayce- Then Kelcey comes home and she is wanting to go car shopping. She has a hard time saving money so she has been giving me the cash and I have been saving it for her. I put it in a special place. Then she found that special place so I had to put it in another special place. She wants it NOW! I cannot remember where that special place is- BLAST IT! I search and search- I have friends over- I dont want to search anymore right now, but Kelcey is crying and upset- How could I do this to her???
So I go upstairs and shut myself in my closet and say a prayer- I need some serious help. I am loosing my mind and my "friends" are in need of some intelligent supervision- The real issue is that Kelcey needs her savings and I am personally resposible for loosing a large amount of cash-- Please help me remember where it is! And this amazing thing happened! I knew- I saw that special place- I knew before I had even finished praying! I calmly walked out of my closet and went to that special place and took the cash out and handed it to Kelcey- she was shocked- she thought this would be like the christmas shoes I bought her 7 years ago and still have not found.
I have had prayer answered before but never so easily and so sweetly! All I had to do was ask! I am a lucky lady!

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lori said...

I wish my prayers were answered that quickly last week when I lost my keys. I guess the Lord wanted me to go day with out them so I would learn a lesson and not let Carter not play with them. Or to keep my house clean. But I'm glad you found Kelcey's money.