Thursday, November 13, 2008

Organized Chaos!

Thats the best way to describe our home right now.
Okay- maybe it is not so organized- but definately chaos!
Just to give you an example of the daily going ons-
Today I came into the office to find Kerryne standing on a chair acting like she is driving and Jayce and Pajha are both talking with their "outside voices" AND Jayce is hitting Kerryne on the legs. I CLAPPED my hands and said "GET DOWN!"
So of course Kerryne jumps down like a scolded child.
What I meant to say was "Stop hitting your aunt"- it just came out all wrong. SERIOUSLY!
Later, Kerryne and I were talking and Jayce comes in and announces that he has brushed his teeth again for about the 30th time today and I said "glad"
thats it- just "glad"
-- Maybe I am going crazy!!!


Des said...

Sounds fun! We will be joining you with our own organized chaos when Chad and Danette stay with us for a week over Thanksgiving. I can't wait to have them here. :)

CBChristensen said...

Hey, I want a ride on the computer chair! I know about CHAOS! It makes life more interesting right? Or does it?

The Brown Family said...

Yup that is is just glad that I am here and that you are letting us stick around still... and glad seems to be a good word to use. You really are the best for putting up with us. I am having a blast with you guys... even though you yell at me to get down from stuff :)