Thursday, August 25, 2011

Theme song

There's 81 days of summer vacation and school came along just to end it.
So the annual problem for MY generation is finding a sweet way to say it!--
Like maybe....

Time to get up
hurry get dressed
your clothes are right here by your bed

no cartoons today, just do what I say
you are eating breakfast instead.

Brush your teeth and hair
then run back down stairs
but first get your shoes from your room.

Backpack, lunch and keys-
please keep up with me-
we have to leave home very soon.

Drop them off at school
work and then car pool
soccer and homework and bed

Is it possible
to squeeze PTA
and Presidency meetings in there?

As you can see
there's a whole of stuff to do
now that the kids are back in class

So stick with me cause this busy mom
is gonna do it all (because I have no choice)
that's right
stick with with me cause this busy mom
is gonna so it all!
MMMMMMOOOOOOOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM, can I have another drink of water????????????

Monday, August 15, 2011

A new job.......

And we are calling it a "Permanent-Temporary Position." Mainly because I want/need flexible hours so I can raise my little guy- and be at all the soccer games annoying my teen!
So I wont be returning to my first love- working with children, SAD! But on the other hand, working with adults can be just like working with children!
I have been doing this job since June- but the intention was to cover for a woman that had a baby- she would come back- and I would return to tutoring. Today they offered me a position with company- and I accepted!
I am working with UNIFIED FIRE AUTHORITY in the EMERGENCY OPERATIONS Center. It is a job that I love and I have very humbling moments! The records that I review have taught me this:

Men and Women and often teens really do get so drunk that they fall down the stairs or walk into walls, or drive into trees or parked semis or homes. Sometimes they hit other vehicles, or pedestrians.

Women of all ages, including the very young ones, are raped and assaulted and left feeling worthless and unloved.

Suicide doesn't care how old you are- or what gender you are. It happens way too often in our state. Women generally chose medication, teens choose Listerine or Bleach or other handy substances, and men go for the more violent sources such as hanging or guns or high windows. No matter how they do it- the results are devastating to the families. Most shocking to me is the # of attempted suicides each day and the fact that many of them are elderly people.

Abuse of children and the elderly is a reality! This just leaves me shaking my head!

And sometimes when you are simply enjoying life- biking, jogging, boarding, walking, driving to dance class, taking your family to dinner, going to visit grandma- you get in the way of someone who is drinking, drugging and driving. It is so unfair!

So, like I said- it can be a very somber/sad/emotional work- but I am up for the challenge!

Monday, August 8, 2011


I has been three years since the Fowlks Family has been out in our trailer. Why three years? I guess the reasons are many- one is soccer. Training, conditioning, tournaments- we have been dedicated to soccer! And work. Ross just hasn't had the time to take off during the summer for a vacation- between work and golf tournaments, mixed in with our soccer= no time!
This year we have gone out twice. The first was an eventful trip to South Willow- west of Tooele. No power, no hook-ups (which meant no potty, no running water) but that wasn't the worst of it. A flat tire on the truck- a spare that is the wrong size and nearly flat as well, and not a gas station in sight, no cell service-- the list goes on. We were happy to cut that trip short, although we took some great hikes and saw a rattlesnake and plenty of cows!
This past weekend we decided to go to Crystal Hot Springs. When we called to make reservations we were led to believe that the campground was empty- not a lot going on there- the slides are not working and one pool is out of service. Perfect! So we head out on Friday after soccer. The park was no where near empty- HOLY PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! Tents on every inch of grass available and trailers in every spot available, WOWSA! We woke each morning to the sound of babies screaming- toddlers squealing and teens laughing. (Family Reunions Everywhere!)
The kids hated the mineral pools- they were crowded and dirty. Baylie watched movies and played games- almost never leaving the trailer- and then there is Jayce! My MR. People person. Sometimes I feel that Heavenly Father sent him to me just to bring me out of my shell a little! I am not a people person- I do not talk to strangers- I actually try to avoid people most of the time- seeing the crowded campground was like a little piece of heaven on earth for my Jayce. He knew all the neighbors, and their neighbors, and their neighbors. He knew every dogs name. What fun he had! I always enjoy watching my family when we are away from home- or out of our ordinary world. Jayce could make friends with a fly- or a piece of dirt- or a gummy bear that he called "little buddy" for four days! I am glad we got to get out in the trailer for a few days before summer ends. I am hating the thought of school starting up again- I just love having the family home!